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green1.jpgGreen158 viewsThis is a pic of Green from my fanfic Siblings. She is supposed to be sitting on a pile of crates near a Kakariko village home. Soon, I'll work on this on photoshop.4 commentsjade2824
gsg-daniela-kakariko.jpgKakariko Village1513 viewsSources: Scanned and contributed by Daniela, from the Official German A Link to the Past Player's Guide!Melora
Hyrule Field by Kakariko.jpg
Hyrule Field by Kakariko.jpgHyrule Field by Kakariko260 viewsThis is another landscape that I made in Photoshop. This is just outside of Kakariko Village in Ocarina of Time.2 commentsArt1st4786
kakariko.it5064 views1 commentsdavogones
Kakariko.jpg163 viewsFrom
kakariko01.jpg126 views
kakariko02.jpg88 views
kakariko03.jpg136 views
kakariko04.jpg107 views
kakariko05.jpg108 views
kakariko06.jpg91 views
kakariko07.jpg99 views
kakariko08.jpg149 views
kakariko09.jpg117 views
kakariko10.jpg123 views
kakariko11.jpg169 views
kakarikovillage.jpg1139 viewslord-of-shadow
kari.PNGKari64 viewsTADA! Since chapter four of my fic is up, I shall show you the stranger beneath the cloak! It's Kari, whom you will learn mos of the backstory of in chapter four. She's a zombie, RAWR!
Kari, art (c) hauu13
Anyone want a request? I haven't any ideas for any other pics...
9 commentshauu13
LinkFire.jpgLink watches while Kakariko burns356 viewsThis is my old Link portrait that I finally took the time to color well. You can really see the difference.7 commentsHero_of_Light
phikari copy.jpg
phikari copy.jpgShe's ok1465 viewsThis pic is a gift for my friend Pata Hikari from ffnet. This is a scene from one of the final chapters.
The Gerudo is Kasuto and the one in the Sheika outfit is Zelda, no Sheik (although, she can change from Zelda to Sheik with a simple spell that really turns her into a Sheika boy, both physical and mentally). Kasuto kicked the badguy's butt and litherally sent him into oblivion but due to the extrem effort she put to use her magic she fainted.

She's ok, just very tired so Zelda takes her to the castle to take care of her X3
18 commentsdan heron
RenKari.jpgKari and Ren (Quick Sketch)126 viewsI had nothing to do and so I wondered what should Kari and Ren should look like in my fanfic from LoZ:DA. The symbol above Ren is a symbol of a sister and a brother working together. Ren is the oldest and Kari is the youngest. Kari loves to play tag as you read in LoZ:DA. Sometimes she can be annoying to her brother Ren, as for Ren is just an ordinary brother that protects the youngests in the family and always has interests in other girl fairies.Divine_Link
well 1.JPG
well 1.JPGThe well157 viewsdid you know that the well in kakariko has a name? it's called the Well of Three Features. those features are: "Dark! Narrow! Scary!" (i'd have to agree with that)
well, i couldn't do a very good background. proD isn't good at textures (the grass, wall, and stones are all clouds and sky, with really weird colors). also, the wood thingy over it shouldn't be so light. but the actual well part of the well is pretty good, i think. i actually spent a few hours on this one--most of my pics take less than half an hour.
4 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
windmill.jpg1976 viewsThe Kakariko Village windmill.2 comments
z3-kakariko1.mid897 views2 commentsdavogones
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