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076 - Keaton.png
076 - Keaton.png146 viewsdavogones
10keaton2pq.pngKeaton167 viewskao
Fuyukaze.JPGFuyu no Kaze159 viewsFuyu no Kaze means Winterwind in Japanese. However, some just call her Fuyukaze, or Kaze when in normal Keaton form or Fuyu in normal human form.

People often mistake her for a male Keaton when she's in her normal Keaton form. And she's one of the rare silver Keatons who isn't like all of the other ones. She turns into her human form around males and lures them to their death by talking them into getting closer to her. However, when Link runs into her he almost gets killed but stops her and they fight. She loses to him and since that happened, her soul now belongs to Link since she's one of the rare Keatons.
5 commentsSage of Ice
icon_keaton_big.gifkeaton icon261 viewskeaton5 commentscerasly
Iken.jpgThe blind Keaton108 viewsYup, you read the title right. This is Iken, the blind Keaton. Iken was born blind and was never been able to see anything and had to use his other senses to get around. However, this big time trouble maker, made a very bad deal with a Hell demon Goddess, and was given a third eye, but, he's only able to see black, white and gray. He was banned from his own home and began to travel around... Of how he meets the other will be kept a secret. ^^Sage of Ice
keaton.gif287 viewsKeaton Mask (yellow drop shadow).
Keaton.gif188 viewsIron Knuckle
keaton.jpg567 viewsKeaton mask.
Keaton.jpg+_What's this?_+194 viewsMy first animal picture that ever came out GOOD! But yes... This is a picture of a Keaton about to paw a red fairy, wondering what it was. |3 Don't ask why I drew this... I just did since I was bored. 3 commentsSage of Ice
keaton.jpg733 viewsThe Keaton Mask, which can summon Keaton the ghost fox.Ricky
Keaton.JPGA Keaton137 viewsWhenever I draw those little grass bush/patch things from OoT and MM, I do it like that because I can be a lazy person.Dragon of Great Bay
keaton2.gif305 viewsThe Keaton mask.
keatonthefox.jpgKeaton112 viewsWhaha... a Keaton. I luv these things to death. So cute. The shading on his back looks crappy though.Black_Mare
Keaton_1_by_Keaton_Chan1.pngKeaton174 viewsThe first thing I did on Photoshop. >__o1 commentsKeaton the Yellow Fox
keaton_card.jpgKeaton Pokemon Card367 viewsjust a bit of fun i had with the templates from Pokemon Zeo.8 commentscerasly
keaton_mask.gif420 viewsThe Keaton mask.
Keaton_s do talk ;p.JPG
Keaton_s do talk ;p.JPGKeatons Do Talk, Zelda144 viewsUhm. I Didn't really think of this. I just did it o_O2 commentsTenshi Oni
Keaton_Sheik.JPGKeaton Sheik131 viewsI drew this in the preparing room with my friend Eve while we were costume people for the school play. People really didn't need that much help with their costumes so me and Eve had a lot of time on out hands. I think this turned out pretty good.1 commentsDragon of Great Bay
Linkfox.JPGKeaton Mask427 viewsMy little sister was playing Majora's Mask and I thought it would be cool if the Keaton mask was a transformation mask. So here's Keaton Link. Went a little crazy with the highlights. You can still see the binding of my sketchbook over on the left. Pah.7 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Lon_Lon_Milk_by_Keaton_Chan1.jpgLon Lon Milk292 viewsDon't drink Lon Lon's spiked...5 commentsKeaton the Yellow Fox
Magenta.JPGMagenta121 viewsI am going thru a Keaton phase. I think the Keatons shoud be more colors besides yellow so i did a Majenta one. Dragon of Great Bay
Shadow and Link.JPG
Shadow and Link.JPGNew friends?147 viewsTrue fanart has arrived. ^_^ This is a drawing of Link meeting my Keaton demon Shadow. Notice that Shadow is a fox demon, but related to the Keatons from MM. It took me a while to get Link's hair done in a side view way >< But it turned out okay, no? I wish I had my inking pen so I can ink it and color it to make it look better.

If your wondering what Shadow looks like (as in color ways) here- Silver hair, icy sapphire blue eyes, lightish skin color, silver fox ears with black tips, four silver fox tails with black tips. Outfit- A long black Japanese kunoichi with silver outlines and belt with a icy blue dragon going aound on it (I didn't draw the dragon on her dress, gomen (sorry) XD), and bandages on both arms and feet.

Shadow is (c) to me.
2 commentsSage of Ice
Wind__Breaker__or_Wind_Waker_Maggy-chan_s_way_picture_8D.jpgTLoZ: Wind Breaker48 viewsWhat is this? This is the title for something really silly: The Legend of Zelda Wind Breaker :3 What is this story about? Basically, its like a manga for Wind Waker... however, this pokes fun at the game. :D and Vaati's in it. Yeah, I don't care if he wasn't in Wind Waker. He's a Wind Mage, basically.
I've changed things around. I replaced that nasty old boat with a Keaton that can actually help Link other than crossing the ocean. Tetra, Aryll, and some other minor characters stay basically the same, but Link is hilariously stupid. No offense to people who like him, that's just how he is in the comics. Don't like it? Then don't read it.
5 commentsVaati_Lover
Ya_know_ya_re_pushin_yer_luck_by_dan_heron.jpgYa know ya’re pushin’ yer luck669 viewsCuchi cuchi cu?
Uh… no…
Ah, Dizi and Numi, who doesn’t love these gals? ^^
Dizi is a Fox and Numi is a Keaton. These Gerudos are just opposite poles in almost everything. Just look at the piccu and you can get an idea of their personalities.
Dizi, as you can guess, doesn’t do funny, so Numi takes care of being the mischievous one. Sometimes, she puts so much of her in being mischievous that Dizi wants to dig an hole and wait for the chaos to end ^-^;;; But, despite her girlfriend’s bubbly personality, Dizi loves her with all her soul.
Btw, Dizi usually wears a more “harem” type of outfit (short vest, transparent harem pants), but when she’s out of the desert she likes leather X3
1 commentsdan heron
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