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Between_Kidnappings.jpgBetween Kidnappings328 viewsIt's Princess Zelda, taking a break from getting kidnapped, explaining everything the player doesn't know already, and saving (or at least trying to) Link's butt in the final battle. Colors by O!2 commentsElphaba Boy
dark-link-and-navi.jpgDark link kidnaps navi310 viewsThis situation could be possible in the game, right? ;-) It's would be very good XD7 commentsLinkgirl
Hauu13_sVaati.pngHauu13's Really Good Vaati pic(colored)91 views I colored it just like you asked, in Crayola Colored Pencils, and I hope you like it Hauu13.^^
Vaati (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Hauu13
2 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Kidnapped!.JPGKinapped again242 viewsJust another kidnapping screen shot. It was easy, though. But I think you'll enjoy it just the same!2 commentsHyruleZelda
KidnappedChild.gif238 views
Kidnapper.JPGKidnapping Zelda365 viewsUh-oh! Ganon is kidnapping Zelda! This snapshot was easy to do. Hope you enjoy.7 commentsHyruleZelda
rotdecay.PNGGod of Choas and Decay, my fic's villian139 viewsThe villian of my fic, don't he look terrifying? Drawn 100% in MS Paint.
Here's a little background info on him : Asmodeus was once a normal god, but was banished for his heathen ways of sustaining himself with the death of others. He was banished several hundred years before Hyrule was created. After being banished he tried to regain control of the Land of the Gods by turning Zen into his servant. Using his cunnng and charm he managed to kidnap her, but her brothers Majoran and Draygin managed to rescue her before she was turned into his complete servant (he stilll has slight control over her when she is extremely weak). The Golden Realm was then created not only as a safe place for the Tri-Force, but as a safe place for Zen who would wait there until someone was able to beat her in combat (she was one of the three gaurds of the Tri-Force, meaning Ganondorf had to fight her to get it.)
Asmodeus and art (c) hauu13
Thanks to LRA for helping me with the design of the clothing (if you want me to draw you a pic LRA I'll do it. ^-^).
19 commentshauu13
vaatigood.jpgVaati139 viewsThis took me about an hour and a half to draw. It's a picture of Vaati that I started in my Language Arts hour and then finished at home. I am NOT going to color this, because if I did it would look terrible. But if anyone of you peoples want to color it just tell me.
Vaati (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I'm not going to draw very many pictures like this so don't expect any brilliant masterpiece the next time I post.
18 commentshauu13
wwchibis.jpgWind Waker Chibis151 viewsMy style of drawing chibis. The top row (Aryll after forsaken fortress, Link the conductor of wind, & Zelda) is after their lives changed (meaning after Aryll was kidnapped in Tetra's place). Middle row (Aryll before forsaken fortress, Link in the awesome lobster pjs, & Tetra) was before any one was kidnapped. And the Medli drawing was just drawn 'cuz I wanted to draw her. Medli is saying, "Jammie Dodgers!?!?" just in case you can't read it. I don't blame her for saying that, Jammie Dodgers are good.
Link, Aryll, Zelda, Tetra, & Medli (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
youaremine.jpgYou are mine464 viewsWhen shadow link caught Vio7 commentsLinkgirl
zeldatied0001.jpgSave me Link!421 viewsOh come on, did you really think the King of Evil gave her tea and crumpets when he kidnapped her???? (pencil sketch)11 commentsGirlink
Zelda_s_Break.jpgYes, I'd Like Fries With That.122 viewsThe lineart for "Between Kidnappings." Pretty self-explanatory, I think.1 commentsElphaba Boy
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