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kiichi.jpgColored Kiichi pop-art sort of thing211 viewsI think I uploaded the black and white pencil shaded thing of this. I screwed around with the un-pencil shaded one which no one but me has ever seen, and it became this. Hooray! I have him a shadow and he has no lines but the big outline. Pretty pretty :D 2 commentsChibi-Kokiri
kk.jpgKiichi and Kouji's water fight218 viewsWhen I was a kid, my brother and I used to love to play with the hose on hot days. Its January, and its not hot. So I drew a cute, summery picture. Kiichi (silver hair) and Kouji (red hair) have just got done playing with eachother. And that frog. Kouji's a little shy, and looks like he was caught off-guard. Kiichi just smiles happily with his arm around his brother's shoulder...

I don't really like how the coloring came out, it looks better if you don't see the full-size image.
5 commentsChibi-Kokiri
scan0003.jpgShojo art = hard242 viewsSooo last night I was bored before bed so I started doodling, and I decided I wanted to do a more shojo looking piece. Most of my art is more shonen influenced (I liked shonen stuff when I was a kid, DBZ, Pokemon, that kind of stuff) so I decided to try the opposite. Of course I didn't try that hard, but here's my 'shojo' art. Its Kiichi and Kouji and some side notes I wrote about how most men in shojo look incredible effeminate and this picture is no exception...4 commentsChibi-Kokiri
scan0012.jpgKiichi and Kouji255 viewsI know their names are spelled different on the picture. But anyway, these are two of my OC's. Their name's are next to them if you don't know which is which. 2 commentsChibi-Kokiri
scan0015~0.jpgKiichi :D296 viewsThis is a little chibi Kiichi I drew in Psychology class. I was screwing around and trying to make up a style for myself, and I got this. I drew his hair in a braid because every time someone sees a picture of Kiichi they either think he's a girl or they say he needs a haircut. I think he's fine how he is :P4 commentsChibi-Kokiri
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