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.gif.GIFSo... Did you Kiss Her?368 viewsA scene from a FanFic called The Legend of Zelda: The Return at

Great story... it's a winner. In fact I'm obsessed with it.
Hunter is an original character of the author. He's not mine.

(hunter is the Sheikah in case you're wondering.)
1994627.jpgJourney of the Lost Memories-Doujin57 viewsI don't like how the drawings came out. I'm re-drawing it right now, the only I'm keeping is the tower, the Prince and Princess kissing and the sleep Princess. The faces are suppose to be blacked out cause I don't want to sit here think of some eye and all that for them. I might re-scan this and just ink this and that's all.

"Stories are told of Princess's being held prisoner in their own castles; some were put to sleep by a witch or a wizard and needed a Prince to break the spell. This one isn't a story, for this. Is real!"

OC's, Storyline, style by: Me
Zelda, Link, Orge Deity, Epona, Midna, and Ganondorf by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
6 commentsAmy122
AkakoandDeity.jpgKissing75 viewsHA! I'LL SHOW YOU WHO'S BOSS UPLOADER! BOOYA!! >}
*sees everyone look at her werid* Umm.....*straches the back of her neck* hehehehe nice day is it? ^^;; *sees them pointing toward the picture* oh...
OH, um...well this is the one that I have been working on for quite sometime. Um, sorry that Akako's hair isn't long like it should be...I wanted Deity's had to be shown...Anyway this is Akako's night dress. She would apparently sleep in this dress at night in her Caslte. And as for Deity? IDK why he's kissing her while she's in her night dress...YOU ladies can figure that out ;)

Akako by: Me
Fierce Deity Link by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Zelda by: Nintendo
8 commentsAmy122
aw_kisssy_kissy.JPG....367 views I can't help it.

And I'm BACK! MUA HA HA!!!!

Neways, this is not my fault. Ask O_F, she'll tell yah. In case yeh don't know, the chicker is Mrien and the dude is Neros. :3 awww, das shooo sweeet.
3 commentsobsessed_zelda_freak
Beso.jpgKiss2322 viewsYeah... I'm a Link & Marin kind of girl.... they are the perfect match for me!!40 commentsMagalink
calis.jpgCalis rough sketch868 viewsCaelifer, aka Calis, is a Numtian (NOT AN ANGEL) who was found by Luz and Asmodeus.
After they find some problems on some towns at the north of Hyrule they come back to live with the rest of the gang in the Forest Temple
She's extremly friendly and loves to give hugs and kisses to everybody X)
7 commentsdan heron
iwishforakiss.PNGI Wish for a Kiss512 views <D He can dream, Red can. Blue's kinda creeped out and is slowly backing away..trying to work out what on earth Red is thinking about.

Red and Blue (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
4 commentsKeitii
Kiss.jpgThe Kiss3008 views57 commentsMagalink
kiss2.jpgZelda kisses Link472 viewsDrawn for valentines day last year. XD don't kill me if you don't like zelda x link ;__;9 commentsChibi-Rinku
kiss_head.JPGKiss on the forehead438 viewsI got this one partly by accident. I'm glad it came up that way, though. You guys will like this, I'm sure.8 commentsHyruleZelda
kittykiss.jpgkitty kisses796 viewsi wuv kitties!!!!22 commentsMichelle K.
link-skiss.jpgLink-sketch233 views10 commentsedind
linkandshadow22.jpglink and shadow321 viewsyeah. if you dont like shounen-ai, then just leave. dont flame, dont bash, and dont be mean.
yes these are both men. yes they are about to kiss.

i like yaoi. there. it's out in the open. everybody knows it. now get over it if it displeases you.

thank you. -_- *bow* that is all.

13 commentsoni-bu
LinkIsStrangled.jpg202 viewsFrom
LinkIsSurrounded.jpg149 viewsFrom
LinkMalonKiss.jpgGit 'er Cowboy!412 viewsHmmm, I wonder if Zelda's psychic connection to Link saw this coming...:) Yeah, that's Link and Malon about to share an intimate kiss...I felt so bad about the last pic where Zelda disses Link, that I had to give him a little retribution...haha Zelda doesnt look too happy....:) Pencil sketch, photoshop....11 commentsGirlink
Links kiss.gif
Links kiss.gifLink's kiss222 viewsalways wounderd in loz2 if link ever showed efection for zelda when she lay sleeping, yeah so he snuck a kiss..he was emberresed, he did no wrong..more pics on the way14 commentsFyrborn
Link_and_Zelda_s_kiss.JPGA kiss1053 viewsI got Link and Zelda to touch their lips together perfectly! I have been trying to do as such for a long time and I finally got it!! I've done Melee snapshots a lot so, I have a lot of
experience! I hope you enjoy this.
7 commentsHyruleZelda
link_cries.jpgLink Cries294 viewsPoor Link is sad to leave home... Awwwww. *hugs and kisses for Link*5 commentscerasly
Link_kiss.jpgLink Kiss119 viewsanother random Link doodle i was drawing while being original :D1 commentsHyrule Chicken
Link_Malon.JPGLink and Malon274 viewsA romantic pic of Link and Malon Snoggin' :)2 commentsjiminycricketX
lrasupultra.jpgLink_Rules_All's character Supultra107 viewsThis was extremely fun to draw (specially the crazy laugh one). Hope she looks at least a little bit like you think she should Link_Rules_All! The two where she's kissing Vio were me thinking "She's an evil woman, so she has to know how to seduce people. And Vio's succumbs so easily to darkness, she should seduce him."
Supultra (c) Link_Rules_All
art (c) hauu13
6 commentshauu13
merryxmas4swords.jpgMerry X-Mas folks106 viewsThe 4 swords people wish you a merry Christmas! Green's had a little too much eggnog and he's being all tipsy. Vio's wearing a Santa-ish outfit, and is staring at Green or the spilled eggnog on the floor. Shadow's wearing reindeer antlers, and he's stopped reading to stare at Vio. Red and Blue are trying to get the star on top of the Christmas tree, but I think Blue's about to drop Red. Vaati and Mohan, one of my original characters, are under mistletoe kissing.
Green, Red, Blue, Shadow, Vio, and Vaati (c) nintendo
Mohan (c) hauu13
art (c) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
MerryXmasLink0001.jpgAll I want for Christmas....183 viewsWell, as I wrote out my rent check today, I realized it is Freakin December already!!! Another year gone....well, happy holidays to everyone, here is Link with a little sprig of mistletoe, if you like kissing, it's a good thing to have this time of year...haha What I REALLY want is the new Zelda game...Looks like that's not gonna happen...:) Pencil sketch, ink, photoshop....5 commentsGirlink
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