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025 - Monster Lady.png
025 - Monster Lady.png164 views1 commentsdavogones
16147560a9444949330o.jpgLady Beulah60 viewsHey ZL! It's been long time I've been here. Well I've started my fanfic and fanart since I have numerous amounts of free time on my hands. So this Lady Beulah, haven't decided where to put her in my fanfic, this piece actually was came out of boredom one night. What do you think?4 commentsDivine_Link
Cortink.jpgLady of the Forest66 viewsLineart of another character I thought up during my Easter weekend. Her name is Lya Rosethorn, as her last name implies she has passion for roses and she is ordered to guard the power of the Sunlight in Baslong Forest.

Lya Rosethorn Divine_Link
3 commentsDivine_Link
dxn.jpgDark LinkXNeko65 viewsDark Link gets an insane lady for a love intrest! There wasn't any character that I could find that would fit as Dark's partner. Yes, I'm lying. I just like Dark Link sooo much. TEEHEE.
Dark Link (c) nintendo
Neko, art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
Enede_Colored.jpgLady Enede (The Legend of Zelda: Idafan's Relic)338 viewsLady Enede, a dark sorceress from my fanfic, is a member of King Ganon's court and the guardian of his daughter, Princess Syara. She doesn't remember her life before Ganon took her in as a little girl, and taught her the dark arts. (Done in Photoshop CS) 4 commentsHolly Moore
EvilNeedleLady.jpgObbessive Compulsive Fan-Girl Named Vain241 viewsYesh! That is a piccy of me performing voo-doo on Zelda!! XD I have extreme Link obbessions... I AM THE EVIL NEEDLE LADY!!! FEAR MEH!!! I'm holding Linky Poo in my closet at this very moment. *shifty eyes* Heh...4 commentsVain
Lady_Aneko_by_Amy122.jpgLady Aneko125 viewsI so don't like the way her hair is, so I updated her. It'll be a while. Anyway, Aneko is one of Akako's handmaidens, and yes she's a Gerudo, her cousin is Nabooru. Her outfit has been updated as well.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment and vote.
6 commentsAmy122
letter.gif361 viewsLetter to little old lady.
Lya1.jpgLady of the Forest (Colored)68 viewsYay! I finally found my prismacolors and I can start coloring again! ^_^ I might buy myself the 120 colors case today because it's payday! Well I colored this concept first and might color the others at a later time.

Lya Rosethorn Divine_Link
2 commentsDivine_Link
malon and konohamaru.JPG
malon and konohamaru.JPGKonohamaru: "It's warm!"180 viewsOn of a few pics I did for a lady friend who Loves Naruto and Zelda. She loved this one ALOT!!Hylian Blood
MonsterLady.gif201 viewsIron Knuckle
OldLady1.gif568 views
OldLady2.gif476 views
tpfairy.jpgTwilight Pincess Great Fairy60 viewsThank God for long hair! This lady was pretty disturbing, but at least she wasn't as flashy as the OOT great fairies. But, I bet Link was happy when you meet this lady...
Great Fairy (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
zenfancy.jpgLady Zenia172 viewsShe's wearing a dress O.o And her hair is up... Weird.
Color scheme; dress:black, corset thing:red, Gloves:black, shoes:black, necklace:silver Her eyeshadow is silver as well. The design on her necklace is the sign of her group of gods, The Silver Gods. There are three main groups of Gods in my fics; The Golden, The Silver, and The Bronze. Other gods are minor.
Zenia, outfit, sign of The Silver Gods, art (c) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
ZoraCollab-Final-Elfwood.jpgFrom His Scaly Maw172 viewsAt dusk, a creature of the murk in the mire comes birthing, from his scaly maw, a fiery missile. A hand-drawn, digital-work of classic fantasy.

This is a picture of a Zora, aka Zola, aka River Zora. I did this one as a collaboration with Cuccolady from VGF. She did the final lines for the Zora, I added in bits and did the background, colors, & additional shading.
2 commentsPsytronic
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