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D_L__Reflection.pngLink's Reflection314 views I told u the next pic I uploaded would be of Dark Link and Link, so here it is. The idea is credited to my dad. He wanted me to draw a pic of Link looking into Lake Hylia and his reflection was Dark Link. In the top right corner Link looked into the lake and is thinking:
What?! No Way! (Sorry the "h" got screwed up)
Well anyway, I'm working on an OoT pic to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Enjoy!
Dark Link & Link (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
6 commentsPrincess of Twilight
hyrule castle.JPG
hyrule castle.JPGhyrule castle231 viewsthis is hyrule castle. really. it truly is.
ok fine. when i made this i had Hogwarts in mind (please tell me you know what Hogwarts is). so i guess you could argue that it's not a genuine zelda picture. but it reminded me of hyrule castle in TP. have you noticed that in the first scene of the first trailer you can see it on the horizon? i only just noticed that for the first time recently.
also, this does look like how i hope hyrule will be. lakes and mountains in addition to a big fat field in the middle.
oh yeah, i almost forgot. that castle was made by hand with paint. yes. and it looks really stupid without the blurring i did.
please comment.
9 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
LakeHylia.jpg392 viewsFrom
lakehylia.jpg935 viewslord-of-shadow
lakehyliaadult.jpg991 viewslord-of-shadow
Lake_Hylia.jpgShoot at morning light in Lake Hylia255 viewsSeventh drawing... to be honest, I don't really like this one. Link looks extremely odd. Sorry, but I was not very good in poses back in 2003.Ludovic
Lake_Hylia.midLake Hylia513 views1 commentsIron Knuckle
lake_hylia.midLake Hylia1205 views7 commentsIron Knuckle
melora_hyliannight.pngHylian Night388 viewsDone on an Oekaki program; that's like a Japanese Paint/BBS. I had to change the background a little in Photoshop because the sunset made it look like the tree in lake Hylia was on fire. (plesae no fighting/talk/etc.. over pairings, I'm so tired of fighting. It doesn't matter, it's just a picture) Done with an Oekaki- a web-based Japanese Paint/BBS program2 commentsMelora
OldLakeHylia.jpg802 viewsFrom
ruto.pngQuick Ruto217 viewsDid this at the Zeldapower drawboard. ^^ 2 commentscerasly
secret.jpgSecret334 viewsLink and Sheik on Lake Hylia's little island. Link still wonders why Sheik is so familiar, and Sheik thinks "It's still a secret! ^_~"3 commentsMalu CLBS
sheik_nude.jpgmale sheik362 viewseveryone is entitled to their opinion concerning sheik's gender, and here is mine:

sheik is a man. no doubt. if you want proof, look at the official art of sheik ( compared to the official art of zelda ( there is NO way that zelda and sheik are the same person. i think zelda either transforms herself into a man, or takes on the body of a man. zelda's body simply doesn't have hips as narrow as sheik's, shoulders as wide as sheik's, or muscles like sheik's. also, the skin, eye, and hair color completley changes. so, we know the two bodies are completley different. but, you say, "maybe she transforms into another person, but that person could still be female!". if zelda can transform into any person, and she wants to be disguised as a BOY, why would she choose to take the body of another female? the conclusion: sheik is male.

you don't have to agree with me, but there it is...
5 commentscerasly
SS_Lake_Floria_1.png94 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Lake_Floria_2.png88 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Lake_Floria_4.png102 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Lake_Floria_5.png119 viewsflimsykitty
SS_Lake_Floria_6.png120 viewsflimsykitty
twilight realm 4.jpg
twilight realm 4.jpgWeirdness aka the twilight realm196 viewsso, when i was just messing around with making moon-lit lakes, i encountered a glitch. i'm not sure which one it was. so i built on it.
i took full advantage of the glitches in terragen for this pic. it came out weird. it's like those weird portals in the 3rd trailer. weird. so it's like, the twilight realm in the demented, sleep-deprived mind of me.
it's also symbolic in some ways. it could be night, or it could be day, or maybe.... twilight? .......ok fine, that's the only symbolism. unless you count the mist looking like the 3rd bowser's attack in mario 64.......
7 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
Vaati_Bat-Secret_cave.jpgVaati bat41 viewsWhat? You thought Vaati was AFRAID of bats? Well you're absolutely correct. So why, you may very well ask, is he a bat, if he's afraid of them?
that's exactly what Vaati wants to find out. He woke up one day in a dark cave, and he heard wings close to him, so he wondered out of the cave and saw a lake. Hoping a little water would clear his mind, he walked towards the lake and looked into it, and saw a reflection of a bat. He jumped back a bit, then looked at his hands and felt his ears. After being freaked out from becoming a bat, a female bat came and helped him. Hunters tried to attack her and the other bats, but he told them that if they wanted to harm any bat, they'd have to go through him first. The hunters didn't believe him at first, but once he turned an apple to stone, they chuckled nervously and ran off.
Now, this is Vaati in a secret cave that the female bat found years ago.

Vaati is copyright to Nintendo
Bats are copyright to Nature
Art is copyright to me
Steal or claim and you'll die, kay?
4 commentsVaati_Lover
waves&mountains.JPGHyrule field192 viewsyes, hyrule field. I know it's not really much like a field. am i the only one who gets bored with hyrule field being just a plain boring field? lakes, mountains--i can only hope.6 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
zoomy field.JPG
zoomy field.JPGzoomy hyrule field330 viewswow, it's been a long time since i did anything on this site. i've been occupied by a bunch of random things (to borrow the dudes' language). vacation, sleepyness, new hp book (though that only took two days)...yeah, i've been doing a lot of stuff.
so anyway, the picture. just an interesting effect i discovered on terragen (for those who are interested, i just zoomed out). so, it's supposed to be hyrule field, but cool and zoomy, maybe because link's riding a horse fast? anyway, i based it off of the direct-feed videos i got from, the horse battle. i included the river (actually, lake) to be more like it.
the picture is 800x600 for a reason. you don't really get the feel with the preview, you should view it full-size.
8 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
ZoraCollab-Final-Elfwood.jpgFrom His Scaly Maw172 viewsAt dusk, a creature of the murk in the mire comes birthing, from his scaly maw, a fiery missile. A hand-drawn, digital-work of classic fantasy.

This is a picture of a Zora, aka Zola, aka River Zora. I did this one as a collaboration with Cuccolady from VGF. She did the final lines for the Zora, I added in bits and did the background, colors, & additional shading.
2 commentsPsytronic
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