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bubblinglava.gif120 viewsdavogones
Death_valley.jpgDeath mountains185 viewsMore like Death Valley.
Ok, I'll make this quick. It all started a few months ago when i saw my old death valley pics (the ones that looked like the volcano in Mario 64; they've been deleted now for being bmps), and noticed that someone (RICKY, maybe?) kept suggesting that i add a "glow" to them. I had just learned how to do that, so i started changing some stuff, and after a few hours had something like this. About a month later i came back, made some changes, and went back to school. a couple weeks after that, i wrote a few scripts, and my comp worked on rendering a movie of this for 4-5 days (really). it was 26 MB, i got it down to 6MB, but my trial period for flash ended (KR: Help!!!). anyway, i took one of about 450 frames, converted it to jpeg, stuck it as my wallpaper, and uploaded it.
Yeah, it's Death Valley. That's lava in the bottom. I've gotten better at mist and sunbeams, as you should notice. enjoy. and, of course, COMMENT!!!!
7 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
Lava_Juice.gif197 views1 comments
Lava_Soup.gif161 views
link_and_his_boys.jpglink and frined in...LOZ:FG (a fan game coming soon)152 viewslink,skull kid,gemmy and kafei taking a break at the lava island.1 commentslinkwolf48
moon_vs_sun.jpgMoon vs. Sun761 viewsMe trying to use new trailer pics again. (I really like that wolf by the moon pic, and I'll probably use it like 10 more times) Due to the random appearence of the wolf in the Z'05 trailer, I decided that link had the power of the moon or whatever, so yeah. And he's fighting that lava guy (who turned out horrid, at least his face did) with the sun behind him. Yeah.19 commentsdudeofrandomness
Turn_the_heat_on_by_dan_heron.jpgTurn the heat on532 viewsPseudo anthro. This time, we have Carid and her boy-boy Koshamu. Since they are couple, I wanted similar "monsters" , so they are Dragons from the Legend of Zelda universe.
Carid (the girl) is a Barba dragon. If you don't know them, just think of Volvagia, our lovely subterranean lava dragon. Koshamu is a Gleerok, a lava dragon
As you can see from the pic, Koshamu is TALL, freakishly tall, and very well built. Compared with him, Carid is a tiny and helpless creature… but you guys know that the girl can crush skulls with her bare hands if she wants to XD
3 commentsdan heron
Volvagia.jpgVolvagia Concept Sketch285 viewsHere I am just playing with the volvagia design, seeing what works and whatnot. I only drew the special areas, and the small sketch of volvagia compares his size to link. What I did is add in the spike on the elbow, Crested his brow with jewels, and made his skin more rough and molten-rock like. I also added that spike thing on his tail, just to make it unique and maybe another weapon he could use. The idea is that lava and fire lie just below his skin, so when he stretches, fire seeps out. Anything else I should add before I put him make a final stage design? 6 commentsBraxis
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