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aquamentus.jpgAquamentus259 viewsBeen playing the original LOZ lately and noticed that the boss Aquamentus is lacking in creativity, so I made him better! I know that MariaGemini specifically does Hylianized versions of bosses and I want everyone to know that I'm not trying to copy her, I don't think I've even seen her version of Aquamentus.
I gave him weird legs on purpous, i wanted him to look a little unnatural.
2 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Din_s Pearl.PNG
Din_s Pearl.PNGDin's Pearl239 viewsI was browsing some of my old file thingies, and found this ol' thing... his legs look kind of funky... but yeah I still kinda like it despite it's age10 commentsTeevo
impa.JPGImpa Sprint318 viewsThe legs suck and she is too low to the ground. I like the idea though...2 commentsThat Guy
link.JPGWho were you expecting? Legolas?322 viewsIts Link, in horrible .jpg compression! I shoulda saved it as a .gif, but I didn't. Marvel at my awful CGing skeelz! Pose stolen from SSBM. Thank you Snapshot Mode. Many things wrong, though. His legs are funny and the skirty part of his tunic, and much mooore.5 commentsChibi-Kokiri
link_red.PNGLink and Red (with chicken legs!)96 viewsI did this because I currently have an obsession with chicken legs. (Yumm)Red_Fan
moblin.jpgMoblin383 viewsHere we have your simple moblin warrior. I've been trying to nail one of these for awhile, but I always messed up when I worked on the face and tryed to 'pig' up his legs by making them bow legged. So I just changed all that. The legs are normal, aside from the ninja turtle like hoof feet. I just couldnt get the face looking as grim as I wanted it, so I just put a leather cap on him, which kinda takes any kind of individually of the character, and blends him in with the rest of his crew. Faceless if you will. Nice little touch for the evil war machine that is ganon's minions. I love his sword, I think it fits him perfectly, right down to the skull tiped pummel. Little things make this pic good, such as the skull neckless that you would reconize from wind waker, and the hylain shin-gaurd and gaunlet. It makes it feel like the moblins would just pick stuff off the battlefield, which suits thier characters perfectly. Everything else is just for show, but I like it, and I think it came out swell. Please comment.6 commentsBraxis
sunmidna.JPGSun Midna sketch62 views I dressed Midna as Sun from Mamotte Lollipop. Sun's personality is a lot like Midna's because Sun is cute but can be cruel. You don't see the markings on Midna's legs because she's suposed to be wearing tights. Yeah, I'm so lazy. Comments are welcome, y'know. Don't be afraid of me. I'm only extremely lazy.7 commentsKifan12
takoyaki.PNGTakoyaki358 viewsMan, this has been sitting in my computer for quite sometime XP (since August). Well, it's done now! This is what Shadow's response would be when Red would introduce him to Takoyaki. (Referring to the Omake manga with Red eating Takoyaki-Gufuus XD) I love 'em! They're so cute! X3 Don't worry, they're not a threat. Just gulp them down ^w^

Sorry if I seem to have gone a bit Rayman-ified on Shadow's legs XD Shadow's hair is so big! =O And I may have done some hand sizes wrong ^ ^;

Red and Shadow (and Gufuu) (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
They_arent_pillows_you_know___by_dan_heron.jpgThey arent pillows you know?869 viewsWell, somebody told me that it wasn’t fair that Epona was single, especially since she’s such a sweet girl. Then, I remembered another girl who is in the same position than her. This other girl is a Coatl, or dragon in the Aztec tradition, and she was rescued by Link when she was a newborn. Coatzin (Little Snake) developed feelings for Link, but just like Epona, she could never tell him about them.
You already know about Epona, so I’m gonna tell you a bit about Coatzin.
She’s a water dragon, she looks pretty much like the Aztec dragons: Wingless, but capable of flying; they have feathers instead of hair and usually have only the front legs.
This is her Human form, and as you can see, she’s a bit naïve. Epona is sweet and caring, but that doesn’t mean she’s naïve. I mean, look her body! She has to fight away tons of guys and girls in daily basis “shakeshead”
And yes, she’s very well gifted X3 Unlike little Coatzin who looks pretty much like a little child. That of course, until she takes her dragon form >D
3 commentsdan heron
zendispleased.PNGZenia is displeased122 viewsNo clue who she's mad at, but they must be as tall as her. No clue why she's mad either (shows how much I think things through before I draw!). If you're wondering why she doesn't have her wings its because she can make them draw back into her back and become a tattoo (I might draw it one day). The reason why she can do that is because her holy beast form is a dragon, so she can call upon different body parts, or become a dragon at any time. Drawn 100% in MS Paint.
Zenia (c) hauu13
art (c) hauu13
15 commentshauu13
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