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bullets.jpgMD2 Magic Pot380 viewsThe magic pot was a fun little way of creating ammo for the Flame rod. Stats:

Number of Vertices: 56
Number of Skin Vertices: 115
Number of Faces: 116
Number of Frames: 1
Average Size of Triangles: 264

Build Time: 40 min, plus brief skinning
4 commentsKoroks Rock
hand.jpgRough (smoothed) Draft for Gauntlet.483 viewsEver notice how ganon and link have rather similar gauntlets? i'm supposed to be making some stuff in my Independant study with 3DMax, so i figured i'd make one of their gauntlets. I'm not sure whose I'm making, but at this point it doesn't matter. Obviously, this model is still in the works, so if anyone wants to give me some advice, i'm open to it at, as well as here in the gallery. Made in 3DMax, image touched up in photoshop.15 commentsKoroks Rock
Link.jpgLink412 viewsWell, here it is, my design of Link. Im not sure which game this link could fit into, so lets just say he is my own link, from my own game, that I designed, and ill never release. So there. With that said, here are some things id like to share about the design:

Well, first of all, There is the overall look. Hes adult, mature, and definitely made to kick some moblin butt. Some major things added would be the steel armor on the shins, gauntlets, and chest plate and shoulder gaurds. The chainmail makes up for the lack of true armor, and keeps him flexible. Also you can see little pouches here and there at his belt, and even some slash and stratches on his tunic, one of which has been quickly repaired.

Here are some things I would like to point out in detail. First of all, his sword, which is a original design. I don’t have much reason as to why I drew it the way I did, it just kind of came out of my pencil. The same goes with the sheath. As you can see, I made sure they would fit into each other nicely.

Next would be his pack and bomb bag. I always thought since link is a great traveler, and has so much stuff, he would need a pack. So I gave him one. In it he would keep the things that he doesn’t need at the ready all the time, such as potions, jars, cloths, and various other items. The bomb bag is much different then the one seen in the games, and has its inspiration from a mail pouch. Easily accessible, but always at the ready. See my goron weapons design for more on the bombs.

The bow and arrow. Nothing so special here, just put a lot of detail into this stuff to make it unique.

And finally the hookshot. I spent a long time designing this. First of all, its strapped to links gaunlent, which was just a idea that I liked. Now here is how it works. Link points the hookshot at the intended target then presses the inner button on the handle. It releases the spring, which shoots the hook. As the hook hits the target and goes into it, the sensitive tip triggers the hooks that come out from the side of the main blade. They keep the hookshot in place. Then link pulls on the other lever on the handle, which triggers a spring on the opposite side, pulling him closer to the extended blade. When he reaches his destination, he simply slides the button on the side of the blade stem that disables the extra hooks, retrieves the blade, and there ya go.

Well that’s it. I love comments, so tell me what you think and what changes or additions can be made. Thanks…
10 commentsBraxis
Power Bracelets.gif
Power Bracelets.gif191 viewsIron Knuckle
scan.jpgThe love you take is equal to... {LineArt}273 viewsI don't think I'll ever color this, I'm way too lazy. It looks pretty OK as a line-art anyway. Lets wait and see who's the first to notice just what it is this picture is showing, because I wonder if it's really all that obvious.

Lorica and Symphann again cause I luf them.
6 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Sereniti_and_Harmoni.jpgSereniti and Harmoni142 viewsSerenity (On the left, with the buns) and Harmony (On the right, with the short hair) are the guards(-in-training) in my story, A New Life in a Pack. They're triplets, the third is their brother Diligence. ... Odd choice of names, I know. I f you must know where I got their names, I got them from Metroid Prime 2. There are three robots in the Sanctuary Fortress called the Serenity Class drone, the Harmony Class drone, and the Diligence Class drone. I thought, "Wow, those names really go good together... I'll create triplets with those names!"
So, yeah.
2 commentsLinksLove
The Eye of the Storm.jpg
The Eye of the Storm.jpgLink and a green eye373 viewsThat pic of Link was drawn by HZ... (bathroom hacker 4 you newbies) so lets all give a round of applause to him... *claps until hands are bleeding* well that was fun... anyhoo umm i really don't know where i got that eye (i did do the random green stuff in the eye) so sorry if the owner sees it and finds that i never gave credit to them so... here's random credit to whomever wants it. Enjoy14 commentsdude_thats_evil
triplets.JPGPrincess Of Twilight's request-- School uniforms96 viewsI messed up because I'm so terrible at going over thing with pen! I can't get ovre how Link looks kind of like a girl...Well, I did this in colored pencil and the scanner, yet again, brought out how scribbley I color.
I hope you like it, Princees of Twilight.
11 commentsKifan12
Welcome-To-Twilight.pngWelcome to Twilight604 viewsThe title doesn't make a whole lot of sense, considering it's day-time in the drawing- but it's late, I'm sleepy, and that means I just thought it sounded good enough. It is, after all, SLIGHTLY Twilight Princess inspired... I'm not on model at all though *lol* I didn't use any reference and it shows- but hey, I just wanted the *feel* of... whatever it feels like. Lets see, what else.... Oh, it was done on an Oekaki -one of those PaintChat-Like programs, I used a tablet, and it took 138 minutes. I was learning to use the program, it's different than Oekaki's I had worked on in the past, so I had to fiddle around a bit more.4 commentsMelora
Zerudo.JPGZerudo Dragmire204 viewsI was just going through the fanart section and realized it's been eons since I last posted anything, so that's why I'm adding this. I actually didn't have nething new, -this is quite old.
It's a drawing of Zerudo Dragmire, my 1st D&D character. Since I wanted him to be cool, and Zelda games brim with an utter coolness that cannot be denied, I decided to combine some influences from Zelda games into a single character. The result can be seen above.

His name's a hybrid of 'Zora' and 'Gerudo', complemented by Ganondorf's supposed last name. The cape was influenced by the patterns seen on Ganondorf's and other Gerudo's outfits, and I designed the sword's sheath to look a bit like the master Sword's from OOT. Zerudo was supposedly born in a forest region, as can be witnessed by the Kokiri symbols on his armor. I even gave him gauntlets that look like Link's. ;)

Well, seeing as this is the only new piece I have available right now, I guess I'm really gonna have to start drawing again.

Pencil on paper.
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