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1995670.jpgJourney of the Lost Memories-Doujin Page 191 viewsThis is the newer verison and the better one, I had to use ref on the sleeping princess to Magalink's Sleeping Zelda, and the comic style as in the "Windows" I used ref to Serenitythefreakinfairy on DA. In the second panel that "ball" is suppose to be the spell the young wizard is enchanting. His hand is what I think what would look like if I was looking at him in person and if he was holding the book... Some of my writing got cut off so I had to type it out. Stupid Scanner. >>

"Stories are told of Princess's being held prisoner in their own castles; some were put to sleep by a witch or wizard and needed a Prince to break the spell. This one isn't a story, for this. Is real!"

Also it will read right to left just like tha Jap manga. I do hope everything will look better once I get past all of the Narator talking so the Characters will be able to speak. And I might draw a picture of Akako's mother who's never mentioned in the Fan fic =)

OC's, Storyline, style © by: Me
Zelda, Link, Orge Deity, Epona, Midna, and Ganondorf © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
14 commentsAmy122
4links+shadowfixed.jpgFour Swordsish Variation766 viewsSo I was going to make a picture with the other various ideas that I had for the Link pic (from Magalink) and I put them all together and it just kinda turned into this. Of course, I made it so the links on top were green, red, blue, and purple (corresponding to 4 swords game), and the one at the bottom is supposed to be shadow link. The text was made by me following a GIMP tutorial. I thought it turned out randomly good. Considering it was sort of an accident. I fear that Shadow Link turned out too dark though...on the laptop it looked much brighter than this.55 commentsdudeofrandomness
chickrevised.pngGerudo Sunset546 viewsI had actually made this a while ago, but i was waiting for magalinks permission to post it, then all of a sudden i notice the amazing new gerudo pic that she had made, which puts this in the gutter.
5 commentsdude_thats_evil
df.pngFierce Diety's Flames of...... Fire421 viewsthis was a pic that Magalink drew, (which is why the dude looks real) and i edited it. I hope i didn't ruin it, fire is tricky to draw.15 commentsdude_thats_evil
din_sfire.pngDin's Fire524 viewsThis was another pic that magalink drew, I felt it neccessary to put flames in the background because of Din's Fire, so ya8 commentsdude_thats_evil
Explorar0007.jpgThe sweet little girls ^^ not!1225 viewsWell, would you look at that? The image I used for my second pic for Magalink, now you can see it like an individual pic.

Din, Nayru and Farore, our sweet little girls posing for us.
You know, I'm tired of Nayru always being the meek and quiet sister of the three, that's why mine is a flirt!! XD Farore isn't a little girl, she's a girl ready for adventures and ass kicking any day of the week!! And Din is our lovely, smexy and quiet girl who always get mad with her sisters ^^

I still need to draw Majora and Shalin to finish with the five sisters of the Hyrul.
9 commentsdan heron
kokiris.jpgKokiri Kids3058 views(Admin's Notes-
Magalink deleted her desciption. Because this is essentially a trace, it is in the rules that this link
be included in the description)
59 commentsMagalink
Link&lightning.jpgLink and Random Ligntning that doesn't look like lightning...... *bother*496 viewsOnce again! this was magalink's pic, and i added bg..... well its a cool pic, so i edited it, i felt like being random with the paintbrush, so i made random lines. once i was done making random lines, i thought it looked cool, but then i realized "If only i could change the color without really doing anything". well i knew how to do it, but once again laziness prevails14 commentsdude_thats_evil
link&marin.jpgArt Trade for MagaLink370 viewsThis was an Art Trade done for lovely MagaLink...showing Marin and Link from "Link's Awakening"15 commentsRICKY
MidnaEaster.pngHappy Easter!^^250 viewsI was inspired by all the Midna pictures that were recentley uplodaded(Kifan's and Magalink"s) umm yeah..I hope you all have a good Easter!^^ The Twilight in the BG looked a lot better before I scanned it but this isn't my regular computer/scanner so thats what happened..oh well.^^'
Midna (C) Nintedno
Art (C) Me.
10 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Midna_True_Form.jpgThe Twilight Princess1282 viewsMy ¨true form¨ Midna drawing to go to the Zelda one :D
Again, background is an edited image taken from
I hope you like it!
6 commentsMagalink
mlhugeproject1.jpgTribute to Magalink1063 viewsML's done so many good pics, I thought I'd throw some together into a collage. (I hope that's OK, ML, just say the word and I'll take it off if you want). All of the pics are totally ML's work and she totally deserves all the credit ;) and I'll just be happy that I could help. The file size is larger than I usually keep my jpegs at, but it was hard to cut down on this one with all the color information to store. The only thing that bugs me a little is that there's all the random sizes of heads and stuff. Oh, and let's all say a big horray! for ML because her crisp drawings and the magic wand tool made this put-together a breeze.18 commentsdudeofrandomness
nabs.jpgGerudo's Fire of Ninja's^2595 viewsThis is yet again another one of Magalink's drawings which inspired me. Magalink drew these two pics perfectly so there wasn't anything really for me to do besides make a new background so thats all i did, but i think it turned out nicely14 commentsdude_thats_evil
TrunksLink.jpgAttempt #1625 viewsFinally, I reveal a work in progress. I haven't had tons of extra time, so its taken forever...but here it is. By all means NOT the final product, but I wanted to see what you all think. If you didn't know, it's Magalink's picture of Link that I've messed around with. The best is yet to come!32 commentsdudeofrandomness
Zelda_TP.jpgPrincess Zelda :TP:629 viewsMy Twilight Princess Zelda, now almost two years old, my best Zelda picture so far.
I hope you like it!

Background is an edited image from
8 commentsMagalink
Zelda_TP_Sketch_by_Maga_Link.jpgZelda TP Sketch1219 viewsHello! Long time no see!
Well, I've been very busy lately, and working in pictures that weren't related to Zelda so, that's why I haven't been here lately XD but since TP is out there, and I don't have it TT-TT I felt like working on Zelda once again, and this came out as a sketch, hopefully I'll finish it soon!
See ya!
10 commentsMagalink
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