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ari sketch copy.jpg
ari sketch copy.jpgAri1096 viewsAri's a little mischief maker, more hyperactive than a child on sugar.
She's a mestizo of Hylian, Gerudo, Sheika and Ayike, just like her brothers.
Most of the time she does whatever she wants so be careful to don't get caught with her when she does "bad" things
14 commentsdan heron
Bigoron_s Forge.jpg
Bigoron_s Forge.jpgBiggoron's Forge525 viewsThe Master Swordmakers workshop, another learning experiance for me. THis one was tough. 9 commentscoasty30
Goron_Weapon_Maker.jpgGoron Weapon Maker140 viewsthe biggest, freakiest goron in OOT !1 commentsHyrule Chicken
Iken.jpgThe blind Keaton108 viewsYup, you read the title right. This is Iken, the blind Keaton. Iken was born blind and was never been able to see anything and had to use his other senses to get around. However, this big time trouble maker, made a very bad deal with a Hell demon Goddess, and was given a third eye, but, he's only able to see black, white and gray. He was banned from his own home and began to travel around... Of how he meets the other will be kept a secret. ^^Sage of Ice
link dance234.swf
link dance234.swflink dance.. now in 3d.843 viewsdamit all to hell i couldnt get music in. there was gonna be music to match it, but when i used windows movie maker, it screwed it up and it got all choppy and stuff. then i spent like half an hour trying to find some video editing program, but couldnt. ah well. as always made in anim8or and converted to flash later

also i was gonna make him have actual breakdance moves and stuff, but it was too hard to do and the figure kept spinning in the wrong direction and stuff so... phht.
7 commentsbathroomhacker
Linky2.JPGA Disturbing Developement100 viewsWhat's that you say - that's not Link? Well in my fan ficcy world - yes it is. It really is best no to dwell on such things...

Surprisingly this is not an oekaki - I recently got a tablet - why? 'Cause my credit limit said I other reason than that. I know it's sketchy but I've never used one of these before - so there bound to be a HUGE learning curve (HUGE)

Link is the propehteh to those fine maker o' teh Wii - of in Japanese - Nintendo
quill.jpgQuill rough sketch847 viewsQuill in my fic is a lot younger, quite a trouble maker and cousin of Komali.
Both are in Hyrule's university along with Maple and Majora. Quill's goal is to get a date with Maple, although that seems quite difficult at the moment.
Maple just can't stand the poor guy and usually beat his poor ass
7 commentsdan heron
rafton.gif532 viewsRafton, raft maker.
Royal Hall.jpg
Royal Hall.jpgRoyal Hall413 viewsThis was so hard to do. It takes patience to be a game maker, or CG movies. This pic is composed of over 1,700,000 polygons. But it was fun to make. 9 commentscoasty30
ticktock.gif472 viewsTicktock, an old clock maker.
tingle.gif624 viewsTingle the map maker.
tingle.gif570 viewsTingle the map maker.
Venus.pngVenus - Queen of the fairies240 viewsShe always seemed like a trouble maker to me.5 commentsachitka
when_no_ones_looking2.jpgWhen Nobody is Looking218 viewsTingle is disturbing in many ways...3 commentsHyrule Chicken
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