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Baby_Blue_and_Anti-Red.jpgIt's Baby Blue and Anti-Red!47 viewsThese aren't regular Links-These are Opposite Links. Or at least two of them.
Anti-Red is male, thankfully, but Baby Blue is a girl! surprise!
Yeah I drew Baby Blue without her hat. I think she looks adorable without it.
8 commentsVaati_Lover
Cold_Blade.JPGThe Cold Blade125 viewsHey, ZL-dians! Ah, I got bored this morning and had nothing to do, so I browsed the fanart as I always do and saw interesting weapons by Amy. Your weapons are awesome! :D Anyways I came up with this weapon, this computer only had Paint and it does come out good though.

The Cold Blade is completely made from ice that never melts, it can cut through almost anything, it has a mysterious malevolent power that absorbs heat for its energy for the blade to never break and freezes the victim as a result. With every victim fallen to this sword, the blade gradually grows larger. This weapon belongs to a villain in my fanfic.

The Cold Blade © Divine_Link
14 commentsDivine_Link
Female Link.jpg
Female Link.jpgFemale Link350 viewsI always wondered what Link would look like if he were a girl, so I decided to draw it! It took a little while, but nothing that I'm not used to.9 commentsLinkFan
Female_Link_painting.PNGFemale Link Painting293 viewsRe-done in Gimp. I did this a while back for AMA 06 (an anime convention that comes to town in June) and actually sold a print of it *gasp!* Aside from the older style, it looks MUCH better than the origional (I brightened it and smudged it to look like a painting) I'm thinking about completely re-making this pic for comparison purposes (and I'd rather have a European-style dragon there. I was still a newb, so crossing over Asian style into a medieval based world was a verry newb-ish thing to do) 2 commentsLinkFan
Fuyukaze.JPGFuyu no Kaze158 viewsFuyu no Kaze means Winterwind in Japanese. However, some just call her Fuyukaze, or Kaze when in normal Keaton form or Fuyu in normal human form.

People often mistake her for a male Keaton when she's in her normal Keaton form. And she's one of the rare silver Keatons who isn't like all of the other ones. She turns into her human form around males and lures them to their death by talking them into getting closer to her. However, when Link runs into her he almost gets killed but stops her and they fight. She loses to him and since that happened, her soul now belongs to Link since she's one of the rare Keatons.
5 commentsSage of Ice
generation next Link.jpg
generation next Link.jpgGeneration Next Link...and Toffar.170 viewsthis costume I saw, and just thought it would look great on Link...kind of a future Link. might do some other future his new male fairy Toffar? thanks to the manga- Tokyo babylon-for the costume idea.7 commentsFyrborn
he__s_my_master_I__m_her_my_pet_by_dan_heron.jpgHe’s my master, I’m her pet640 viewswell, here's another doodle of my charas. This time Aliku and Link in their pseudo anthro forms.
Aliku is a Sygel and Link is a Wolfos.
They love each other, are very protective of their mate, and can't live without each other. And sometimes are pretty hardcore in bed OwO
Even with Aliku's constant sexual insinuations to any nice looking person (male females and chimeras), she has eyes only for Link
dan heron
hits copy.jpg
hits copy.jpg100 000 hits in DA989 viewsCommemoration pic for my 100k in Deviant Art X3
A pc with lots of blood and gore and cute girls!!!
hee hee, well, if you have seen my stuff for a while, you know that all my female characters kick ass, bash skulls and blow the shit out of anybody who messes with them. I have many crazy girls who are, well crazy, and would paint the city red, but I decided to show you a more balanced team.
Hikagi, Carid and Aliku (yay, more Alikuness! ). Dont ever make them angry, unless you want a slow and painful death X3
Hikagi uses steel tonfas, and as you can see, she enjoys playing with them. Carid uses a kompei (not sure if I spelled it right ^-^; ) and, besides of her brute force, she has psychokinetic powers, that's why she's floating. Aliku, now with her tantos <3 she loves them to death ^^

Hikagi: Otay! Who's next! "giggle" <3
Carid: Hmmm, that's one of my best jobs.
Aliku: And for mah next trick, Ah'm gonna need teh help of you sir!"

Hikagi, Carid, Aliku, Harincos, Ayikes (c) ME!!!!!
8 commentsdan heron
IM_A0033.JPGTetra81 viewsOur favorite female pirate...maybe our favorite overall...who knows.zeldaiskoollink
kat.jpgHappy Halloweenies!382 viewsSo yes. Its meee! I'm Link :D I made that myself and my mom took this picture of me earlier tonight before I went trick-or-treating. I drew the triforce on my hand, just for added authenticity. Tights are uncomfortable, and that's just from a female perspective. Poor Linky, lol.18 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Kayli.jpgThe Gerudo Thief130 viewsAh yes. One of my original characters has been... drawn and changed. This is Kayli, my female Gerudo. Originally, she's Nabooru's reincarnation, but for my fanfic, she's her sister. xD; This took me forever to finish with getting it right. I still think I messed up on some parts but that's just me. But annnnnnyways... What do you all think?Sage of Ice
Knife.PNGShiek's Knife86 viewsHere it is finally, her knife. I know there's a lot of fights on the internet about her gender, BUT. Sakurai said 'her' so it's official that Sheik is a female. ONE, I'm sick of the fights over her gender, and SECOND. She may look male, but her voice in BOTH Melee and Brawl gives it out that she's a female. Anyway, I might try to do more details to the hilt and extend the blade more.

Shiek's Knife © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
Link_and_the_Ladies.jpgLink and the Ladies522 viewsLink and most of the female characters from OoT. And yes, 2 of the women are unfamiliar. They're my original characters: Sakaya and her evil alter-ego, Mesine.8 commentsSora
Maggy_and_her_pet_Octorok.jpgMaggy and Pebbles58 viewsMaggy's a Linka! That's a female Link. She was going to be a regular, everyday girl-until her mother married someone with the 'Link' genes. She got the triforce and now everyone calls her a boy. Her pet Octorok, named Pebbles, follows her around and helps find clues to get to the boss. 4 commentsVaati_Lover
majton.jpgHanging around with the Dream king615 viewsMajora (the girl on the left) is supposed to be a Helmasaur, but I kinda didn’t put the mask there ^-^;;; Tonalli is the girl on the right, she’s a Scorpia (you can guess)
Majora is the holder of the power of the Moon Goddess, Majora. While Tonalli is the holder of the power of the Sun God, the Oni. Majora represents the Nightmare realm while the Oni is representative of the Dream realm.
Oh, and while it says the Dream king, Tonalli and Majora are both girls. Tonalli is just using the power of a male god but she's a girl X3
1 commentsdan heron
nz.jpgZelda as a Nightmaren50 viewsYeah. The camera didn't get the details that made it so that you knew it was supposed to be Zelda. Those details are: She's wearing the pink necklace from WW, her Triforce earrings are hanging from those weird tentacles on her head (I don't know what they are...), and she's wearing a smaler version of her sash with the Triforce on it. Yeah... I also have a Link Nightmaren, but I still need to color it. And yes, the proportions are supposed to be extremely off. And I had to use the pic on the game box for the pose...
Zelda (c) nintendo
Nightmaren, pose (c) Sega
art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
OoT_Inaccurate_Continuation.jpgoffshoot fanart277 viewsSome time ago I both wrote and sketched a little something to illustrate my personal interpretation of the REAL identity of the coolness that is OoT's Sheik. Sheik is so much cooler than Zelda. Sheik looks nothing like Zelda. And I don't like Zelda.

So I wrote this little fanfic-continuation taking up where the OoT game for the N64 left off. And it sorts out some of the unanswered questions I had floating around my head at the game's finale.

I think I should also mention that, while I like my interpretation of Sheik's identity, I sometimes rather wistfully wish Sheik was male, though definately still not Zelda, so he and I could be together :D
4 commentsruneaegis
ritoladies.pngDaily Life134 viewsA couple of Rito women. I've always found the Rito race interesting. We also don't see a lot of Rito females in game, so I tried imagining what their clothes and such would look like. I tried to make the pink-haired one a little tomboyish.1 commentsavroillusion
ShadowXRed_by_MagmaDP.jpgRedXShadow91 views...yes. I do realize that Shadow's clothes are the wrong color. Get over it.
I asked my sister the first male pairing she could think of. This is it. ...Of course... At first she said 'TingleXShadow'. But who would want to see that? So this is the one I really like too. All those fans were too busy with pairings like 'BlueXRed', 'VioXShadow', and 'GreenXShadow' [not very popular so I've heard] that they never thought of pairing these two!
Green, Red, Blue, Vio, Shadow, and Tingle are (c) to Nintendo
Base is (c) to
Horrid fillin is (c) to me
Steal or claim and you'll regret it.
2 commentsVaati_Lover
sheikfigure.jpgSheik on a sill185 viewsSheik on one of the high-up window sills in the Temple of Time. Female Sheik (ug, don't get me started) without a mask, and a dandy little scar at the corner of her mouth.

1 commentsruneaegis
sheik_nude.jpgmale sheik361 viewseveryone is entitled to their opinion concerning sheik's gender, and here is mine:

sheik is a man. no doubt. if you want proof, look at the official art of sheik ( compared to the official art of zelda ( there is NO way that zelda and sheik are the same person. i think zelda either transforms herself into a man, or takes on the body of a man. zelda's body simply doesn't have hips as narrow as sheik's, shoulders as wide as sheik's, or muscles like sheik's. also, the skin, eye, and hair color completley changes. so, we know the two bodies are completley different. but, you say, "maybe she transforms into another person, but that person could still be female!". if zelda can transform into any person, and she wants to be disguised as a BOY, why would she choose to take the body of another female? the conclusion: sheik is male.

you don't have to agree with me, but there it is...
5 commentscerasly
shiek.jpgshiek53 viewscharcter design for a male version of shiek1 commentsdarklinkbeta200
SlimGoh_001.pngChibi Slime Eel and Goht.494 viewsNyar. 3 commentsMariaGemini
Too_bad__shes_already_mine_by_dan_heron.jpgToo bad, she's already mine667 viewsAnd continuing with the “Anthro” entries, now we have the original girl-girl pairing from my fic.
The Fox Malon and the Wolfo Ari X3 As you can see in the piccu, Ari is a bit possessive with Mal, and she can jump on somebody’s throat (male or female) if they give a bad look at her Mal. Luckily Malon knows all the tricks to keep her wild wolfos under control (most of the time it only takes a little kiss or a caress to her cheek to cool her down X))
Oh, and even if Ari sister of Kado and Link, she was born with the fur of an artic wolfos, so her tail, paws and ears are snow white.
Oh 2, I know it doesn’t show much, but Ari grows taller than Malon (she used to be sho small)
4 commentsdan heron
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