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2--Helmethead_of_Midoro_Palace.pngZelda 2 AoL: Midoro Palace Guardian Helmethead79 viewsHelmethead, the boss of the Midoro Swamp Palace. And he has not just that current head on his shoulders...

I mixed his official art and ingame sprite, with some artistic license, as reference for him.
goodbysaria.jpggood bye saria277 viewswell i thought of this one when i passed oot i looked at saria and looked at mido and how sad he was so i made this i hope everyone likes it ^_^3 commentslilredfox14
Linkcryopthisoneissmaller.JPGWords made the most painful wounds361 viewsWell this is Link all upset from what Mido is saying and doing to him
I like this picture and i have never seen this kinda pic dont before so here ya go it might be a first but...uh ok ill shut up...
But one more thing, if you wondering about the puffed up chest (no he doesnt have...those) he is just taking in a deep breath like ppl usually do when they are upset like this. Ok ok im done now you like?
9 commentsRachel
LoZ2--Ironknuckle.jpgZelda 2 AoL Ironknuckle110 viewsIronknuckle, or one of them, from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

I used a sprite as the lineart reference, but the color is from the official art.

This one is in Midoro (Swamp) Palace (I used as a reference here).
4 commentsDBoyWheeler
LoZ2DoomraddleByDBoy.jpgZelda 2 AoL Doomraddle52 viewsDoomraddle, aka Guma, in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

I'm calling him Doomraddle so he won't be confused with the fifth boss, Gooma (whom Japanese fans named "Giant"/Jaianto), but anyway, here he is dancing about in Midoro Palace.

Is it just me, or does Doomraddle look like an effed up Taz? Anyway, I used a sprite as a reference.
LoZ2SkullWarriorByDBoy.jpgZelda 2 AoL Skull Warrior69 viewsThe Skull Warrior, alias Paratamu, from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

Here he is patrolling the Midoro (Swamp) Palace. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Midoro Palace is the Skull Warrior's first debut.

Anyway, I used a sprite as the reference, and I once again show how much I suck at drawing skeletons.
LoZ2_Handy_Glove.jpgZelda 2 AoL Handy Glove48 viewsThe Handy Glove of Zelda 2: Adventure of Link, needed to break blocks.

Here it is, lying in Midoro (Swamp) Palace, waiting for Link to put it on.

I used the manual scan (and some artistic license) for the glove, and (again, along with artistic license) for the palace background.
Memories_of_Kokiri_Villiage.jpgMemories of Kokiri Forest232 viewsa drawing i did 3 years ago when i had alot of spare time and was able to color and draw my art using paper and prisma pencils.....i think i might start doing art like that again ^__^Hyrule Chicken
mido.gif2060 viewsMido, a bully who calls himself "The Boss of the Kokiri."6 comments
mido.pngThe Great Mido172 viewsIt's that kokiri every loves to hate...Him and Link having a nice chat.7 commentsachitka
Mido2.png489 viewsIron Knuckle
Midona.PNGMidona32 viewsRandom MS Paint drawing of Midna; I was working on shading. The writing next to her is the Katakana for her Japanese name of Midona.

Her head's too big... >.<

Midna (C) Nintendo
Art (C) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
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