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101_0580.JPG#1Zeldafan52 views*Note* Hauu13, i'm sorry your pic isn't up yet-I've been lazy- Please don't hate me T-T. I SWEAR it'll be up tomorrow, (18th) if not, then u have permission to hate me.
Well about this pic; it's a photo of me and PT's Mii artisan. The mii that represents us is supposed to be a midna. This pic is old because now we're in 19th! ^-^
*woot woot*
here's an entry # 4 our mii's
594071708075 <- this will take you to a Wolf Midna [just go 2 search entry #]
7 commentsZelda: Princess of Hyrule
3_of_a_kind_by_dan_heron.jpg3 of a kind424 viewsCarid, Aliku and Hikagi form a group that works independently of the rest of the Quetzals. They are into spy stuff and are good at it. Although, they also enjoy bashing skulls and kicking major ass every now and then X3

And look at them, they are so chibi!!!!! XO

“head explodes”

“picks up pieces of head”

“glues them together”

They usually have a diff outfit when they go on missions, but this is what they use in their “normal” (as normal as these three can be) life.

Oh, and Hikagi is a Feles. Feles, like most big felines have round ears, you know? Domestic cats have pointy ears but Hikagi is no cat!
2 commentsdan heron
Chibi_SPOILER_Midna.pngChibi Midna225 views Didja all miss me?(lol) Just a quick sketch of a chibi Midna that I doodled during free-period. So when I got home from school I inked it and the colored it in PSP, (kinda quickly) It was fun to mess with some of the effects, and I even found a night effect! WOO! Anyway, I hope you all like it!
Midna © Nintendo
Art © Princess of Twilight
Requests will be attempted to be done if you want one! ^.~
8 commentsPrincess of Twilight
chickrevised.pngGerudo Sunset546 viewsI had actually made this a while ago, but i was waiting for magalinks permission to post it, then all of a sudden i notice the amazing new gerudo pic that she had made, which puts this in the gutter.
5 commentsdude_thats_evil
epona.swfgalloping epona580 viewsan animation of epona galloping. i might do something with it like put link on her or put a background.( im missing a frame for some reason! sorry!! thats why its kinda jumpy...)13 commentseponagirl
fairy_copy2.jpgMaga-Link's Fairy Queen222 viewsWhilst the site was down I was working over at Deviant Art. Maga-Links fairy was begging to be coloured and with her kind permission I was allowed to post it.
2 commentsDragon Warrior
Four_Swords.jpgFour Swords263 viewsThe helping hand, the tenacious guy, the slay-them-all guy, and the greedy guy. None of them are missing when you play Four Swords. Poor Links, they need the other busy two to move the block...Ludovic
gerudolink_gimp_b-g.jpgGerudo Link -colored-271 viewsI'm still asking myself how I managed to produce something like this. Thing is, i had seen an example of how to color skin with the computer somewhere on dA (divine-star's gallery I think it was) and since I had recently downloaded Gimp (thankyou KR), I decided to try it on dear Link's face. And I fell in love with how it looked. So of course I had to color the whole pic that way. ^^"

I got bored about halfway through and just smudge-tooled the tunic into submission. XD

I will not tell you how many hours it took me. I don't have a graphics tablet, so I did it all with my mouse... my hand is dead now.

The only part I'm really not satisfied with is the shadow at Link's feet. Meh.
2 commentsaquawolf
hplj.jpgLink_Rules_All's request: Link Jr. VS. Harry Potter78 viewsThe camera made it come out horrible! And the fact that I sketched it and didn't darken the lines made it so the camera missed some lines. And yeah. LJ is on the bad sie of the pic when it come to quality... And he looks feminine... And NiGHTS is in the background chasing Octopaw. I have no idea why I put those two in the background though, it was really random... And Harry's saying Expelliamus (sp?)... Hope you like it LRA, but I won't blame you if you don't...
L.J. (c) LRA
Harry Potter (c) J.K. Rowling
NiGHTS, Octopaw (c) sega
art (c) hauu13
16 commentshauu13
I miss her so.jpg
I miss her so.jpgI want to tell you that i love you432 viewsThis is supposed to be Kafei and Anju crossing paths in the street and she doesnt recognise him, Kafei takes off his mask (just to add to the effect) to reveal a sad, tearie eyed face. GOD HOW HE MISSES HER lol what do you think7 commentsRachel
imissyou.PNGI miss you243 viewsAaaw, this bit's so sweet in the manga. After Shadow Links' first defeat, Vio misses him so ;__;

I likes teh rain effect I added in the background. It's not raining on him 'cause this is just how he feels.

Vio (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
1 commentsKeitii
IM_A0048.JPGFighter stance...86 viewsI think this pic speaks for itself. But, I know his sword is misshapen, and his face is squished to the top of his head, but he's looking down...and i didn't convey that clearly enough...zeldaiskoollink
KaneforAmi.pngKane for Amy122101 viewsSo, Amy122 gave me permission to draw her OC Kane, and this is the result. I hope you like it, Ami-San! ^^

Kane, Kane's weapon (C) Amy122
Art (C) hauu13
7 commentshauu13
Little_Miss1.pngTetra...on some night120 viewsPart of an art trade...I have no idea why the person I'm trading with would want random crappy oekaki's from me - but since I said I would...I did.

Still I like how she turned out.
1 commentsachitka
LoZ1--Gleeok.jpgLoZ1 Gleeok25 viewsThe dragon, Gleeok. In this case, it is (or WAS) three headed. And two of the heads (including the severed one flying about) is missing their mustaches--maybe Link gave them a shave when going for the heads.

Anyway, I used the official art as my reference.
2 commentsDBoyWheeler
LoZ1--Pols_Voice.jpgLoZ1 Pols Voice19 viewsThe big eared ghost from Zelda 1.

I used the manual art as a reference. When I first drew this long ago, I wondered about the weakness... then found out we Westerners missed out on it since in Japan, the Famicom Disk System had a mike so you could shout at the Pols Voice and destroy them that way.
malon.jpgMalon333 viewsJust thought I'd make an appearance again. So, this is Malon. Originally she was supposed to be at Hyrule Market, shopping, with a basket in one hand. Something (a pretty dress maybe?) was supposed to have caught her eye. I know she's missing an eyebrow (oops..) and her hands are messed up. I cannot draw hands >.<3 commentsChibi-Kokiri
malond.jpgMalon commission465 viewsYou're probably wondering how I came to make this O_o Well, there was a chat in a Gaia forum (the Zelda guild to be precise) and I don't know how, two other members started talking about this idea. So, one of them (Chain of Termina) asked me to do this, a dominatrix Malon of sorts. He just asked for Malon, and I threw Talon and Epona in as an extra. It's somehow like a self-portrait of what I felt when I was asked to do this XDDD It was fun, anyways. I hope you like it.5 commentsMalu CLBS
missfairy.PNGMiss Fairy259 viewsOr Navi! From the manga, Red called her Miss Fairy, and I decided to doodle her in Paint one day in school 'cause I was bored X3

Miss Fairy (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!
Miss_Saria.jpgSaria176 viewsI am proud of this drawing. on't know how to color this on the computer, though. I love drawing Saria, Tetra, and Zelda. (But Tetra's hair is pretty hard to draw!) I hope you like it!2 commentsHyruleZelda
Navi and Talt.JPG
Navi and Talt.JPGNavi and Talt152 viewsFirst off, sorry if I misspelled Talt's name. ^^"

Yay! My first fanart post on ZL. ^^ Yes, I hand drew this picture, and it didn't take me too long to draw, ink and color this picture. And yes, I drew Navi bigger than Talt just to clarify that. And also, my friend sorta messed me up so if you see something that is weird looking or inncorrect, my friend messed me up. xD

I'm open for any comments. ^_^

Navi and Talt (c) to the Zelda corp.
1 commentsSage of Ice
NSS_Chapter_Two.pngChapter Two: Missing Tetra140 viewsMore cover art for my fan fic. Reflections on water be vexing me o.0achitka
piratelinks.pngPirate Links209 viewsMy submission for littlepdgey4's Pirate Links Contest on DevArt. I did this at the last minuet, so it looks rushed. 3 commentsDark Dragon
PosingGerudoCOLOUR.jpgPosing Gerudo114 viewsI like this drawing. But for some reason. I think its missing somthing.

Her hair is a bit too light, but I can live with the pain. I had a great deal of trouble deciding what colour to do her outfit.

But i finally decided on purple. I remembered that the Gerudo wore this colour in MM.

Drawn in Pencil
Coloured in Photoshop Elements
2 commentsFaerieEpona
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