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025 - Monster Lady.png
025 - Monster Lady.png164 views1 commentsdavogones
A_modern_Minish_by_dan_heron.jpgA modern Minish537 viewsFor my Saria "anthro" I had only a few choices since the Legend of Zelda isn't exactly creative when it comes to forest related monsters. The main choices were Dabas, Deku spruts and… I think that's all. The rest of the plant monsters are too abstract to give them a human form.

That's why lovely Saria got to be a Minish ^^ yeh, I know this little race lives everywhere, but they originally came from the Forest, and are always hiding from people, just like the Kokiris. Besides, they are so friggin' cute you want to hug them X3 Just like Saria!
I know only forest Minish have feathers like tails, but what the heck, a feather tail is cute ^^

Oh, and Minish have those really big eyes that are very shiny. That's why she looks a bit weird.
Oh2: she's a bit older here ^-^;
Oh3: she's human sized
2 commentsdan heron
Big Moblin.JPG
Big Moblin.JPGBig Moblin516 views7 commentsThat Guy
ChaosLink and Malon.jpg
ChaosLink and Malon.jpgChaosLink and Malon262 viewsSince I never got around to doing a pic for halloween,.I drew one that might be conciderd scary,.
Also GL kinduv wanted a pic of these two anywho.
ChaosLink formaly known as FrankinLink,.changed his name cause he was more evil then just a monster,.
just a short story Iv'e been writing,.too love involved for this site though,.
but thought the pic was good.
In the story ChaosLink was supposed to kill Malon but I changed it cause I like redheads..and in the story,Chaoslink is a clone of both me and Link,.so it makes sense.
7 commentsFyrborn
Charanatos_Dragon.jpgCharanatos Dragon68 viewsIn my fanfiction, "Curse of Charanatos", the Fierce Deity takes the form of this beast and gives Dragon Link a run for his money. You should read the book; the battle between the two is AWESOME.Niko the ninja
Crap!!.jpgCrap!!672 viewsLink wouldn't be brave enough to fight all monsters he encounters, would he??
pencil, edited with adobe photoshop 7.0
12 commentsLinkmaster
DHC.jpgLOZ:FG defending hyrule castle143 viewslink and friends saving hyrule from ganon's monsters.1 commentslinkwolf48
dragon resized.JPG
dragon resized.JPGLink's New Boss, Darcia360 viewsThis is Link's boss! muahahaha! This is my 1st time posting my monsters in a fanart site. This was like made like two years ago then after awhile i colored it just yesterday and updated it with Photoshop! haaray for Photoshop! it gave me kool effects. hehehe. I think this is the koolest dragon i made. He looks so evil, i like how i did his flare in his eyes and his saliva. lol. He might be the toughest boss yet. I LOVE DRAWING DRAGONS!!! ^_^

11 commentsAllysa
eyeofwater.jpgThe Eye of Water221 viewsThis is a close-up of the monster off alttp, its the 6th dungeon in the darkworld... if you know what i'm talking about... lol ya, this was done with mega photoshoping, and i think turned out rather well...7 commentsdude_thats_evil
Fire Keese.JPG
Fire Keese.JPGFire Keese389 views5 commentsThat Guy
GANONDONE.pngGanon - from the LOZ cartoon144 viewsI made this for a contest - I'm not entirely sure I followed the rules - since it was supposed to show Link being defeated by some monster or other...

Ghoma Larvae.JPG
Ghoma Larvae.JPGGhoma Larvae224 views1 commentsThat Guy
icemonster.gif191 viewsdavogones
Isaktoki.jpgIsaktoki34 viewsHe doesn't look like a Zelda character, now does he?
Don't worry though! Isaktoki really does live in Hyrule: The future Hyrule that is almost exactly like our world except with more magic and monsters. Isaktoki is the future Link's best friend and informer about every little rescue needed. From saving a kitten from a tree surrounded by monsters to saving a princess and Hyrule from an evil mastermind, Isaktoki contacts Link and tells him what/who he has to save, where it happened, and how many monsters there are.
One day Isaktoki was sent to the past. Now his headphones won't work, but at least he can still see. He meets the past Link and now he and Link must go save Hyrule from Ganondorf.
Isaktoki is copyright to me.
Link, Ganondorf, Hyrule, and Hylians are copyright to Nintendo
art is actually copyright to my friend and me.
Steal or claim and you'll die, kay?
4 commentsVaati_Lover
knuckle.JPGIron Knuckle329 views4 commentsThat Guy
legendofzfinal.jpgLegend of Zelda287 viewsI realize these creatures are not exactly from the game, but in my defense, I saw some flying monsters in the new trailer...:)
freehand color pencil
5 commentsGirlink
Legend_of_Zelda_Daylight_Thief_by_Dayu.jpgDaylight Thief160 viewsLink as Thief =)
Scarf design and monster design by me.
2 commentsDayu
Legend_of_Zelda_Daylight_Thief_by_Dayu~0.jpgDaylight Thief231 viewsLink as thief.

Monster and scarf design by me.
1 commentsDayu
Link with Boss key copy.jpg
Link with Boss key copy.jpglink with boss key109 viewsits link and hes about to kick some ass of some monster in some castle somewhere thats alot of somes but seriously he looks ready to kick some ass.Unttin7
linkpico_ds_01.jpgPico climbing version 2 (Minish Cap II)99 views while ago I played Minish Cap for GBA and those Minish characters (mouse-like sprites) really made the game for me. I came up with the idea that a possible sequel could be made by Capcom's Flagship studio for that platform but then edited the original image to carry the up-to-date DS logo.

I used a 'light/dark world' scenario where in the Minish World the human characters become micro and the Minish folk themselves are macro. Link, the hero of the Zelda games, becomes stranded in this land and his size makes him helpless so relies on his young friend Pico to transverse the immense terrain. This creates game-play interactions on the touch screen where the characters switch helping each other overcome monsters and obstacles in a new exciting adventure!

Nintendo DS and logos are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2006 Nintendo.
linksheikbattle.jpg3983 viewsLink and Sheik fighting hordes of monsters.1 comments
Lizafos.jpgLizafos124 viewsMy version of a Lizafos. Took me forever to get the sketching done. 2 commentsMudora
Lizafos.JPGLizafos176 viewsOld pic, so I know there are some problems. lolThat Guy
LoZ2--Acheman.jpgZelda 2 AoL Acheman121 viewsNa na na na na na na na ACHEMAN!!!

(Oh, come on! Like you didn't see that Batman inside joke coming in a mile away!)

Anyway, here's the red bat monster from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. I used a sprite as a reference.
3 commentsDBoyWheeler
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