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4swords.JPG4Swords Links149 views Just a screenshot I captured from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. (I appologize for the poor quality, I took it with my old crappy camera. T-T ) Anyways, its of Toon Link (Green), and his alternative costumes (Red, Blue, and Vio). I thought it looked like Green was giving out orders to the other 3, and they were all listneing. Plus it's in the order of the formation that id used during gameplay. Enjoy!
SSBB (c) Nintendo
Screenshot caught by Princess of Twilight
P.S. I will take requests and try to get them done ASAP.
P.P.S. zeldamovie?no!!! you're Midna will be up tommorow (Sorry for the wait! -_- U)
P.P.P.S My fic the 5 Links has been updated for those of you, who are interested. ^-^
9 commentsPrincess of Twilight
cheese.PNGLRA's Request- Get out of the castle right now!68 viewsWoo, Harkinian looks like he's about to blow a vessel! L.J. and Oni Link/Fierce Diety/Draygin (shut up, that's the name I have given him) are in some deep trouble.They're about to get thrown out of the castle into the courtyard. Well then, Hope it's to your liking LRA.

On a random side-note: anyone seen the Star Trek movie? (Gawd I must be a supreme geek/nerd for asking that.)

Oni Link (c) nintendo
L.J., Harkinian (c) LRA
8 commentshauu13
Death_valley.jpgDeath mountains185 viewsMore like Death Valley.
Ok, I'll make this quick. It all started a few months ago when i saw my old death valley pics (the ones that looked like the volcano in Mario 64; they've been deleted now for being bmps), and noticed that someone (RICKY, maybe?) kept suggesting that i add a "glow" to them. I had just learned how to do that, so i started changing some stuff, and after a few hours had something like this. About a month later i came back, made some changes, and went back to school. a couple weeks after that, i wrote a few scripts, and my comp worked on rendering a movie of this for 4-5 days (really). it was 26 MB, i got it down to 6MB, but my trial period for flash ended (KR: Help!!!). anyway, i took one of about 450 frames, converted it to jpeg, stuck it as my wallpaper, and uploaded it.
Yeah, it's Death Valley. That's lava in the bottom. I've gotten better at mist and sunbeams, as you should notice. enjoy. and, of course, COMMENT!!!!
7 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
dincreatinghyrule_copy.jpgDin Creating Hyrule62 viewsThis drawing was inspired by the fan made movie Dark Sage, when the godesses are creating Hyrule. I forgot to do the shadow on her neck, but oh well... I'll bring myself to do it one day! lol : )FaerieEpona
explaination.swfWhy Zelda and Link always CoExist1331 viewsSoundless
270 KB
Flash 6

This is a short, small flash I've made using Minish and OoT official art (and a screenshot from the GCN movie) in an effort to humorously explain why there's always a Link around when there's a Zelda.

Note that I'm trying to set a basis for how to introduce flash, so people can know if they need to dampen their volume, or be ready for a long wait, or even have a compatable browser.
21 commentsKoroks Rock
Fan_Girl_Attack_XDDD.jpgFan Girl Attack Quickie170 viewsA quick drawing that I just whipped up...Based on a doodle I drew I on the whiteboard during Anime Club one time...Yes, thats me glomping Link...I debated for a moment on adding a background, then decided against it...
I also find it noteworthy that if I ever made Flash movies, I'd most likely use a style similar to this.
ganonandzen~0.PNGGanondorfXZenia, Swinging in the Trees48 viewsI was watching Tarzan and I found one of the scenes (at the end of the song "Strangers Like Me") so adorable that I decided to draw it with Ganon and Zen. It took me FOREVER to get the picture to look right in MS Paint...(I had to keep looking back at the movie.) I hope you people like it!

Reference pic, Tarzan (C) Disney
Ganondorf (C) Nintendo
Zenia, Art (C) hauu13
9 commentshauu13
hamsterdancesmall.pngThe Hamster Dance463 viewsYes!! It's done!! =o= See, I had to do each of them one at a time 'cause when I drew the first three, I didn't have enough room on the paper, so Vio and Shadow were scanned on a separate piece of paper.

Teh five Links doing the hamster dance! =P That's a great song! It just gets you dancing ^ ^ I done them in the kind of clothes those Ham Ham group singers from the Hamtaro movies wear =P

Mweh heh, they all got hamster ears and a little tail, as Shadow's showing off =P Looks like Vio and Shadow are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors at the same time o.o

Red, Green, Blue, Shadow and Vio (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
4 commentsKeitii
LADX_begins.swfLADX Begins603 viewsJust a simple video capture of the beginning clip from LADX, plus a little bit of flash scripting to make it easier on you guys. Also makes it unthinkably smaller, if a bit lower quality :P11 commentsKoroks Rock
link dance234.swf
link dance234.swflink dance.. now in 3d.843 viewsdamit all to hell i couldnt get music in. there was gonna be music to match it, but when i used windows movie maker, it screwed it up and it got all choppy and stuff. then i spent like half an hour trying to find some video editing program, but couldnt. ah well. as always made in anim8or and converted to flash later

also i was gonna make him have actual breakdance moves and stuff, but it was too hard to do and the figure kept spinning in the wrong direction and stuff so... phht.
7 commentsbathroomhacker
Nayrucreatinghyruleoriginal.jpgNayru Creating Hyrule58 viewsI have had real problems trying to colour this in photoshop. If anyone has any idea's on how to colour this without ruining the brilliance of it... then go ahead. If anyone wants to colour this themselves in photo shop, then pls do, but leave me a comment if u do and put a note in the description.

Anyways, this is sorta a sequel to Din creating Hyrule, again inspired by the fan movie dark Sage. there will be a Farore soon, cause... I'M OVER MY ARTISTS BLOCK!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Royal Hall.jpg
Royal Hall.jpgRoyal Hall413 viewsThis was so hard to do. It takes patience to be a game maker, or CG movies. This pic is composed of over 1,700,000 polygons. But it was fun to make. 9 commentscoasty30
Shine_Dragoness_signed.JPGThe Legend of Zelda: Shine Dragoness145 viewsHey everyone! I have created this concept to be a cover of my fanfic, this inspired me from the many covers of movie titles likes like Lord of the Rings, Stardust and such. As you can see, I finally created my villain wearing the Helmet of Dark Tears and Melartis' mother Queen Naruteen. Heh, also my first attempt creating a castle from scratch and the Twin Hall Mountain on the bottom right looks funny to me. Oh, well. What do you guys think? Comments appreciated.

Link and Collin Shigeru Miyamoto
Shine Dragoness, Melartis, Queen Naruteen, Princess Ocah, Helmet of Dark Tears, Anthera Castle, Twin Mountain Hall Divine_Link

7 commentsDivine_Link
spock.PNGStar Trek crossover!51 viewsI just saw the movie and can't seem to get it out of my system! Well anyways, Vio is being Spock and Zelda is being Uhora. This is pretty much the scene where Uhora tells Spock she's sorry his home world has just been destroyed and his mother killed (OOPS! Spoilers!I'm sooo evil.) And what follows is that Uhora kisses Spock... Which is kinda weird... And yep. So basically, its my ZeldaXVio pairing, but at the same time it's the SpockXUhora pairing in this pic.
Spock, Uhora (c) I have no idea, but they must be the awesomest person/people in the universe.
Vio, Zelda (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
8 commentshauu13
They_Come_in_Pints_.pngThey Come in Pints?!517 viewsA line from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings. When, uh, either Merry or Pippin get that huge pint of beer...sorry I always get those two mixed up. Well you know, hobbits=kokiri, pub=milk bar ('cause, ahem, ten-year-olds shouldn't be drinking). And if you've never seen the movie, at least you might get a kick out of the background? (In which there is absolutely no continuity and makes no sense at all.) ^^;;

I drew this before I got Prismacolors, Photoshop, or decent inking pens. So it's funny-lookin'! Sorree x__x
9 comments[cuccoattackforce]
yuinafullkinda.JPG Bigger Yuina (kind of)122 views My printer is scary. I put a piece of paper in it nice and flat and then the printer sucks it up, crushes it up and doesn't spit it back out. There should be a horror movie where all of the printers in the world go bad. I'll get back on subject.

Well, Yuina is weird. I like Shadow Link and Jasmine in the back. :)

I'll take requests. I don't think were having school for the rest of the week. Happy!:D
5 commentsKifan12
zeldafirst.swffirst sorta complete movie978 viewsguess the people on newgrounds dont like my sketchy style... i spent about.. wait no, exactly a week on this thing. ive been getting a lot of advice for the next one, so it should be a lot more different.. i dont really have anything planned for part two though, so if u have any ideas on what should happen...
17 commentsbathroomhacker
zeldamovie11111.swflink vs dark link pt1911 views ok my first "real" flash movie. still getting used to this >.<. i dont know how to stop sounds so the damn wind sound kept going and canceled out some other sounds..8 commentsbathroomhacker
ZeldaPoster copy.jpg
ZeldaPoster copy.jpgThis is in my series of Zelda movie posters1003 viewsThis is a Zelda-centric poster for the series which stars my favorite actress, the beloved Natalie Portman.23 commentsHero_of_Light
Zeldaposter2.jpgNew Zelda Poster829 viewsThis is a new Zelda movie poster using the Natalie Portman element from my previous Zelda-centric poster. I didn't bother with more text because I'm lazy. No reason to sugarcoat.30 commentsHero_of_Light
Zelink6.jpgAfter the marriage..i guess? :D144 viewsi used a scene from an indian movie as a reference ^^
(look at epona haha)
9 commentsAtEteMiAGaRe
zmn_s_Midna_request.pngzeldamovie?no!!!'s Midna Request178 views I'm so sorry this took so long, but my scanner was being idiotic, but it finally is normal again. I really hope you like it ZMN. I also hope you other peoples like it too! ^^
Midna (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
zxl4zmn.jpgLinkXZelda for zeldamovie?no!!585 viewsZeldamovie?no!! requested that I draw this for him so I did. This is NOT a pairing in my fic, I'm a VioXZelda kind of person. Hope you like it ZMN!
Zelda and Link (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I'm open for requests peoples!
8 commentshauu13
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