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aw_kisssy_kissy.JPG....367 views I can't help it.

And I'm BACK! MUA HA HA!!!!

Neways, this is not my fault. Ask O_F, she'll tell yah. In case yeh don't know, the chicker is Mrien and the dude is Neros. :3 awww, das shooo sweeet.
3 commentsobsessed_zelda_freak
Boss8_Ramrock_1.gif356 views
Boss8_Ramrock_2.gif281 views
Boss8_Ramrock_3.gif211 views
Boss8_Ramrock_4.gif243 views
DoomraddleLeft.gif164 views
DoomraddleRight.gif178 views
gsg-daniela-mrwright.jpgMr. Write1073 viewsSources: Scanned and contributed by Daniela, from the Official Link's Awakening German Player's Guide! Notes: Mr. Write done in the same style as the Japanese art also in the US players guides. I'm happy to see there is so much more out there.Melora
LinkSwimR.gif265 viewsIron Knuckle
LoZ2DoomraddleByDBoy.jpgZelda 2 AoL Doomraddle53 viewsDoomraddle, aka Guma, in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

I'm calling him Doomraddle so he won't be confused with the fifth boss, Gooma (whom Japanese fans named "Giant"/Jaianto), but anyway, here he is dancing about in Midoro Palace.

Is it just me, or does Doomraddle look like an effed up Taz? Anyway, I used a sprite as a reference.
MedeRam_001.pngMedelock and Ramrock618 viewsLOOK AT THAT CRAPPY ROCK. ...Er,...BOULDER.

Mr.Barten.png251 viewsIron Knuckle
mrsmarie.jpg917 viewsMrs. Marie.
mrsruul.gif417 viewsMrs. Ruul.
Mrs_Ruul.gif124 views
Mrs_Ulrira.gif328 views
Mr_Write.gif273 views
Mushroomred.gif182 viewsIron Knuckle
Picture_193.jpgZelda, realizing she is in love119 viewsOk, here is the Princess, in her bedroom, FINALLY realizing she is in love with Mr.Hero!
This is my first piece of work(though I doubt I can call it a piece of work... I really can't color anything, If you guys know about a good computer coloring program, please tell me... I'm kind of alienated when it comes to this)

Please comment, it's really important for me...

Thanks for the visit,

RealismRunede.pngRealism Runede107 viewsFirst try at realism, you can tell there are some things I need to improve on. But I just couldn't resist drawing my Ru all realistic and serious like~!

Runede, art (C) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
Saruriuniformresize.pngSaruri432 viewscopy/paste from DA:

New deviation for 2006. o:

If Hyrules schools had a school uniform, they would look like this. Well, maybe the middle to high schoolers would look like this. :O


She's either trying to keep her skirt down or holding something. I don't know.
1 commentsMariaGemini
scipio.jpgScipio171 viewsThis is Scipio, Purple Link's best friend in my fanfic. He is really nice, but he's even stupider than Purple Link. He's so stupid that he thinks carrots are evil. He likes cheese. So do I. He called Shadow Link "Mr. Skinny-Butt", which was a dumb idea. He also likes strawberry lollipops. And, once again, so do I. He likes chili. I don't, so HA!!!2 commentsvaati_girl
screenshots_037.jpgCurse of the Pheonix158 viewsI took this screenshot 'cause it reminded me of a roleplaying plot I came up with. ^-^
See,the pokemon thingy is supposed to represent a pheonix...
I've got a roleplaying plot where an amry of pheonixes attack Hyrule. Kind of an Apocalypic thingy going on in that plot... it's a classic among my friends.
I don't know if you can see Zelda or not....

Gah, that horrible BLACK EDGE!! My hand is so SHAKY!! >_< Blech.
I've got another shot of this from a different angel, in case you wish to see. =3
sisterhood.JPGGirls Only517 views Okay, if you've somehow been sneaking into my puter, you know that Mrien and Zelda are half-sisters. Same father, different mother. I have yet to figure out why.

This just goes to show of how strong a bond between siblings can get.
7 commentsobsessed_zelda_freak
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