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2.jpgHappiness in sadness337 viewsUh-Oh, Lorica's sad...but she has a smile on her face? Something super hormonal must be happening here. And, being the good husband he is, Symphann comforts her..

On a completely unrelated note--CK's gota bit of artist block, and one of the best ways (next to colorful fanart) to cure it is a new character. But, thanks to my artists block I'm feeling a little indecisive, and I need to know whether I should make this new character a girl or boy, and so I figured I'd have you guys vote :D
7 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Awakening1.jpgLink's Awakening2689 viewsThe beggining of the game, one of my favourites I must say...34 commentsMagalink
cheese.PNGLRA's Request- Get out of the castle right now!68 viewsWoo, Harkinian looks like he's about to blow a vessel! L.J. and Oni Link/Fierce Diety/Draygin (shut up, that's the name I have given him) are in some deep trouble.They're about to get thrown out of the castle into the courtyard. Well then, Hope it's to your liking LRA.

On a random side-note: anyone seen the Star Trek movie? (Gawd I must be a supreme geek/nerd for asking that.)

Oni Link (c) nintendo
L.J., Harkinian (c) LRA
8 commentshauu13
darklinkbeer0001.jpgDark Link, Dark Beer593 viewsUh-oh, looks like he is working on his 3rd beer, I heard that Hyrule brew is pretty strong...Must be pretty humiliating having been beaten by the good guy...:) (pencil sketch, prismacolors)47 commentsGirlink
Earrings b&w.jpg
Earrings b&w.jpgEarrings (WIP)462 viewsAnother picture inspired by a post on the Nintendo Forums. Someone posted that years ago, in a Nintendo Power magazine, a girl asked how Link got his ears pierced, and they responded that Rauru must have gotten bored during Link's seven-year sleep. I decided to let Navi get in on the action, too. Edited in Photoshop.9 commentsArt1st4786
g-stone-tablet.jpgStone Tablet410 viewsSources: Image from the Official Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide. Scanned and Edited by Melora. Notes: A Tablet that you must use the Book of Mudora to translateMelora
GanondorfMustBeStopped.jpg273 viewsFrom
GanonMustBeStopped!.jpg367 viewsFrom IGN641 comments
Goron weapons.jpg
Goron weapons.jpgGoron Weapons445 viewsHear are a few goron weapons as I see them. They are all based around the concept that they would be used to hack, bash, and do a lot of damage( and in the hammer and pic-ax's case, work) with.

The Spiked Club- This is a simple weapon used to bash in helms, armor, and other various things.

The Sword- The goron race is known for there steel work. However, the Goron knife found in the game is more of a hylain weapon, made to be used by a strong hylain warrior. Sword made for themselves however, would be much different. Being so strong, the Goron would make a heavy thick sword, not so much elegant as it is powerful. Because of a gorons physique, I thought it better to make it a one handed sword.

Hammer- Of course the gorons will have a hammer in their inventory. The megaton hammer, being one of the strongest weapons in the game, became a base for this hammer. This one looks like it has some bells and whistles on it, but it certainly looks like it would get the job done.

Bomb- The most well known weapon of the gorons, Bombs are made from the harvested bomb flowers that grow on death mountain. One question thats always bothered me, is how do they work? Here is my theroy. Bombflowers contain two powerful substances in them. When mixed the reaction is explosive. One substance is right under the shell, one is in a membrane in the middle, which is connected to the root. In a young state, unharvest bombflowers that are picked immaturely calapse their membrane and mix instantaniously, becoming a instant bomb and explode shortly after being picked. A harvested bomb have a harder shell, and are picked when ripe. They can be carried for a long time, and when needed, must be bashed against a hard object to colapse the membrance and begain the reaction which will finish a few seconds later with a bang.

Pic-Ax- Now, this would be more of a work tool, but most weapons in medieval battles were work weapons, so I added this baby in there. It could certainly do some damage, and it was fun to draw.

Chain Foil- Need a place cleared of enemies fast and easy, take out this thing. This is made to utterly pulverize anything it hits.

Shield- The gorons are a hardy race, but even they need protection from pole arms, and strong swords, So I gave them a shield that can be worn as a gauntlent on a free arm, that bashes away a attack and opens up room for a counter-strike.

Well thats it. If Anyone has any suggestions for other weapons for the goron race please comment. Ill put up a warrior outfit for the gorons soon, to go with these weapons. Expect Zoran weapons soon too.
8 commentsBraxis
happyholidays.pngHappy Holidays524 viewsWahey! It's done! 'Tis teh Five Links representing different holidays!

Red's got Christmas since he's like the little kid who loves presents and all the good cheer. Plus he's in Red

Blue is Valentines day because he's the guy who keeps trying to get all the hot chicks, but I don't think this is gonna draw them any closer though (Will draw Red closer though, heheh.. w)

Vio is teh Easter Bunny! Mainly a filler really. But I bet deep down inside he must love that costume!

Green is St Patricks day. I couldn't think of any others but he's this since it's a green day.

Shadow is Halloween since he's the evilest and scary-est. Obvious really o.o

Enjoy Children! Merry Christmas! Happy Easter! Happy Halloween! Happy St Patricks Day|! Happy Valentines Day!

All characters above (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!!
2 commentsKeitii
Isaktoki.jpgIsaktoki34 viewsHe doesn't look like a Zelda character, now does he?
Don't worry though! Isaktoki really does live in Hyrule: The future Hyrule that is almost exactly like our world except with more magic and monsters. Isaktoki is the future Link's best friend and informer about every little rescue needed. From saving a kitten from a tree surrounded by monsters to saving a princess and Hyrule from an evil mastermind, Isaktoki contacts Link and tells him what/who he has to save, where it happened, and how many monsters there are.
One day Isaktoki was sent to the past. Now his headphones won't work, but at least he can still see. He meets the past Link and now he and Link must go save Hyrule from Ganondorf.
Isaktoki is copyright to me.
Link, Ganondorf, Hyrule, and Hylians are copyright to Nintendo
art is actually copyright to my friend and me.
Steal or claim and you'll die, kay?
4 commentsVaati_Lover
just_no_copy.pngLink argues with a speck48 viewsbit heavy on the green - must have been close to st patty's day 2 commentsachitka
Kafei.jpgKafei616 viewsI did this pic some time ago, I never did a pic of cute little Kafei before, and he is a must!
I hope you like it!
3 commentsMagalink
Link__s_Awakening_by_Yuese.pngLink's Awakening97 views... ... ... ... ...
I am The Wind Fish ...
Long has been my slumber ...
In my dreams ...
An egg appeard and was surround by an island, with people, animals, an entire world !
... ... ... ... ...
But, verily, it be the nature of dreams to end !
When I dost awaken, Koholint will be gone ...
Only the memory of this dream land will exist in the waking world ...
Someday, thou may recall this island ...
That memory must be the real dream world ...
... ... ... ...
Come, Link ...
Let us awaken ...
Play the eight instruments !
Play the song of awakening !!

(PS it's not my music all credit use to Reila123)

I love Link's Awakening !!!
11 commentsangel of light
LoZ1--Gleeok.jpgLoZ1 Gleeok25 viewsThe dragon, Gleeok. In this case, it is (or WAS) three headed. And two of the heads (including the severed one flying about) is missing their mustaches--maybe Link gave them a shave when going for the heads.

Anyway, I used the official art as my reference.
2 commentsDBoyWheeler
LRA_s_Request.pngLink_Rules_All's Request- Vio170 viewsI'm sorry this took so long! =( Link_Rules_All wanted this request so I drew it for him. I threw me in there for no reason. I also hope theKafei and Vio are to your liking. Vio must've drank some spiked Lon Lon Milk! XD I hope you like it LRA!
Kafei (c) Nintendo
Vio (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
7 commentsPrincess of Twilight
makar.jpgZelda:Princess of Hyrule's request-Makar59 viewsTerrible quality I know, sorry about that. And I'm too lazy to color him. And yes, that's it...
Makar (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
maple sketch.jpg
maple sketch.jpgMaple rough sketch888 viewsAh, the Great Witch Maple X3 fear her army of puppets and her deadly flying skills X3 no, literally, you must fear her flying skills, she can't land wihtout crashing against something X3

That little thing you see on top of her head is 001 aka Zombie
7 commentsdan heron
Massive Bucks.png
Massive Bucks.pngZelda comic, without words.296 viewsYou must make them up!5 commentsZgamer(HVCR)
Master_Sword-1.JPGMaster Sword66 viewsHere's the complete verison of the Master Sword. And I must say it came out better than the first one I was doing. I still have the Great Fairies sword to do, the WW sword, WW master sword and the Phantom Sword...maybe Sheik's knife too....

Master Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto

BTW, Please ignore the P.S. in the last one...I have that on my SA account cause there's a lot of art thieves out there. >O
5 commentsAmy122
midna.pngMidna229 viewsMust be the hat8 commentsachitka
midnight.PNGmidnight stroll92 viewsZenia's taking a midnight stroll, and yeah... Must be real windy...
Zenia, and art (c) hauu13
2 commentshauu13
must kill.jpg
must kill.jpgAngua (again)196 viewsHere's what I end up drawing if I'm listening to Cradle of Filth.3 commentsvaati_girl
nabooru2.gifNabooru282 viewsI finally got around to creating a Nabooru fanart piece and I must say that I am extremely proud of how this one turned out. My goal was to make a much better Nabooru picture than the official art of her for OoT, and I think I achieved it. ^__^ The only thing that gripes me about this picture is the quality of it after I uploaded it to the browser. The .gif file was better than the .jpg and .bmp files, but barely. Please display it in its larger version to get the whole picture, despite the off quality.

Note: I drew her so that she does not look exactly like the official art, but in my own style. I thought the official art looked too unproportioned and awkward, and so made Nabooru look more human, lol.
9 commentsNabooru
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