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Cold_Blade.JPGThe Cold Blade125 viewsHey, ZL-dians! Ah, I got bored this morning and had nothing to do, so I browsed the fanart as I always do and saw interesting weapons by Amy. Your weapons are awesome! :D Anyways I came up with this weapon, this computer only had Paint and it does come out good though.

The Cold Blade is completely made from ice that never melts, it can cut through almost anything, it has a mysterious malevolent power that absorbs heat for its energy for the blade to never break and freezes the victim as a result. With every victim fallen to this sword, the blade gradually grows larger. This weapon belongs to a villain in my fanfic.

The Cold Blade Divine_Link
14 commentsDivine_Link
emma6.jpgEmma Sketch184 viewsThis is my first complete sketch of Emma. I have been looking for a permanent kind of look for her like I have for Green. Her it is. Now, I just have to get all those others in my other fics. I have a lot of characters at fictionpress but I don't know where to post them. If anyone has any idea of a good and secure website, I'll appreciate it. ANyway.
Emma is thirteen years old. She has brown hair and eyes. She lives on an uknown island no too far away from Hyrule. It's a mystery why it's there, and Link is trying to figure it out while trying to save Emma and islanders from a mysterious, yet familiar creature terrorizing them for a powerful ancient artifact. This story might have a bit of romance.
I think my writer's block is dieing (did i spell that right?) anyways. If you want to reach my stories, go to My username is kitana5055 in the zelda section. Use search, it's easier. ANyways, please comment. I'm trying to get better at my drawings, and I'd appreciate your input. Thank you! :)
1 commentsjade2824
kairae.PNGKairae296 viewsThis is the evil character in my friend, Sezza-Chan's, Four Swords fanfic. He seems kinda mysterious so far and he knows Shadow too. =o

I drew how I imagined him from his description from the chapter he appears in. I hope he looks remotely what Sezza-Chan thinks ^_^;

Kairae (c) Sezza-Chan
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul and then your eyes!!
MysteriousCavern.jpg353 viewsFrom
MysteriousCloud.gif222 viewsIron Knuckle
mysteriousgirl.jpgMysterious Girl (she's a little bit mysterious)88 viewsThis girl is seen mysteriously wandering around Hyrule feild, when it is very misty... and dark... 2 commentsFaerieEpona
mysteriousShell.gif205 viewsIron Knuckle
MysteriousStatue.gif229 viewsIron Knuckle
MysteriousStatue2.gif240 viewsIron Knuckle
MysteriousWall.gif204 viewsIron Knuckle
Mysterious_Bird_Attack.midAttacked by birds541 viewsIron Knuckle
owl.gif2229 viewsThe mysterious owl perched on a branch.5 comments
Sheik_Drawing.pngShiek244 viewsShiek is soooooo cool! He/She is very mysterious which adds to his/her coolness! Srry about the (he/she, his/her) I didn't know which one to put...I beat the game, I just got confused.@_@10 commentsPrincess of Twilight
shiek.jpgSheik463 viewsThis is a major redesgn. I am a follower or the Sheik= zelda in magical disquise theroy, not the sheik = sex change theroy. So I started to create ways that zelda could hide her rather curvious features. Sheik is a very mysterious figure, so when I think mystery, I think of a shadowy apperance, a look that you cant tell if the person is good or evil at first glance. And so I drapped shiek in torn, dirty rags, and a cloak. I also gave sheik the apperance that she is fading into the air, and because the sheikia are called the shadow people, it seems to suit them well. Not only do the garmets confuse you on the gender, and make her mysterious, if you think about how she would move, and fight in battle, the wrappings would swing out, almost like wings when she uses her acrobatic movements, confusing eneimes by limiting thier sight of her body movements. Her armory consist of a long pale knife, smaller combat knifes, and numerous needle knifes, for throwing ( most likely poisioned tipped). Also on her right thigh, the handle of a whip can be seen. If you see this, please comment if you approve of the changes.6 commentsBraxis
zelda_xmas_wp.jpgzelda christmas wallpaper310 viewsi probably should have added this in december when it would have been appropriate, but i'm lazy. XD rawr. this took a while, and i don't really like it. zelda's body is just...weird position. malon and saria also have something mysteriously wrong about them. huh. maybe it's just me.3 commentscerasly
Zorli2.JPGZorli169 viewsI am Zorli from the aquatic kingdom of Wyther. I have been chosen by my king to join a group of heroes on a quest to gather the mysterious gems which gives the emperor his invincibility. No matter what, I shall smite the evil forces with my mighty spear and bring peace to the great land.1 commentsDivine_Link
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