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chickrevised.pngGerudo Sunset545 viewsI had actually made this a while ago, but i was waiting for magalinks permission to post it, then all of a sudden i notice the amazing new gerudo pic that she had made, which puts this in the gutter.
5 commentsdude_thats_evil
Gerudowatchingcolour_copy.jpgSurveying the Sunset99 views9:00 on the 1st of January 2008. I was bored. My stepsister was on bebo, I was depressed as i had to get up at four the next morning, because i was going back to my mums (I had spent new year at my dads) and I was just doodling on a page, with no idea what to draw. I decided most randomly to draw a back view of some hair. then I drew the shoulders and soon enough i was drawing Nabooru (or at least I think its Nabooru :-? ).

I discovered the gradient tool and the lasso tool after reading a tutorial on
Notice the sunset out of the window? hehe...

I very pleased with this. I fell in love with the picture, which sadly was drawn in blue pen...
I'm pleased with the emotion it gives.... *sniffle*

Drawn in blue pen
Coloured in Photoshop Elements
5 commentsFaerieEpona
glass_nabooru.png679 viewsIron Knuckle
ironknuckle.gif1986 viewsIron Knuckle wielding an axe. Head looks like the Nabooru Iron Knuckle.1 comments
Kayli.jpgThe Gerudo Thief130 viewsAh yes. One of my original characters has been... drawn and changed. This is Kayli, my female Gerudo. Originally, she's Nabooru's reincarnation, but for my fanfic, she's her sister. xD; This took me forever to finish with getting it right. I still think I messed up on some parts but that's just me. But annnnnnyways... What do you all think?Sage of Ice
Lady_Aneko_by_Amy122.jpgLady Aneko125 viewsI so don't like the way her hair is, so I updated her. It'll be a while. Anyway, Aneko is one of Akako's handmaidens, and yes she's a Gerudo, her cousin is Nabooru. Her outfit has been updated as well.

Enjoy, and feel free to comment and vote.
6 commentsAmy122
melora_nab.jpgNabooru422 viewsJust aquick sketch and color in photoshop of NabooruMelora
melora_nab1.jpgNabooru294 viewsJust a quick pen sketch of NabooruMelora
Nab.jpgJust a pic of Nabooru... o0190 viewsWeeeeee! I figured it out!! X3 *ahem* Well, I don't like how this came out :P. Her pose dosen't look right o_O;;;. Well, comment?7 comments2of7
nab.JPGNabooru181 views2 commentsMiss Fearsome Pirate
Nabooru op.jpg
Nabooru op.jpgNabooru516 viewsThe refrence pic was the one one in the manga comic
I worked hard on this one to make it as similar as similar as i could
please be nice ^_^'
11 commentsRachel
Nabooru Revamped.jpg
Nabooru Revamped.jpgSage of Spirit377 viewsAnother one of my recently fixed pics. I think this is the first nabooru pic I've uplaoded. Nabooru is on of my faves! 9 commentsSusie Q
nabooru.jpg4198 viewsNabooru, a Gerudo thief who becomes Link's friend.6 comments
Nabooru.jpgNabooru326 viewsI hope i speled her name right....!!!9 commentsMelilot
nabooru.jpgNabooru2700 viewsMy favourite Sage!16 commentsMagalink
Nabooru.jpgHolas!2762 viewsMeh, I really didn't know what title I should give to the pic, and I like the idea of her saying "Hi!" in the pic.
I took the pose from a pic of "Ah! My Goddess"
52 commentsMagalink
Nabooru.JPGNabooru303 viewsA sketch of Nabooru looking all cool and crap.4 commentsjiminycricketX
nabooru.jpgSage of Spirit, Nabooru43 viewsThat is how you spell her name, right? I probably messed up an awful lot of details, but who cares?
Nabooru (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
I'm open for requests...
4 commentshauu13
Nabooru.jpgNabooru the Sage of Spirit51 viewsHey everyone, I just finished drawing this piece today. Thought I draw Nabooru looking realistic, well sort of lol. Ruto and Nabooru are my favorite sages. :) I slightly changed her hairstyle letting some of her hair hang loose and also the design of her neck chocker looks different as well, because her original one looks hard to make out to sketch. Hmm her hand looks funny to me. lol

Artwork R.M.
4 commentsCaranthir Felagund
Nabooru.png869 viewsIron Knuckle
nabooru2.gifNabooru281 viewsI finally got around to creating a Nabooru fanart piece and I must say that I am extremely proud of how this one turned out. My goal was to make a much better Nabooru picture than the official art of her for OoT, and I think I achieved it. ^__^ The only thing that gripes me about this picture is the quality of it after I uploaded it to the browser. The .gif file was better than the .jpg and .bmp files, but barely. Please display it in its larger version to get the whole picture, despite the off quality.

Note: I drew her so that she does not look exactly like the official art, but in my own style. I thought the official art looked too unproportioned and awkward, and so made Nabooru look more human, lol.
9 commentsNabooru
naboorudesertpic.JPGNabooru205 viewsI drew and colored Nabooru on MS Paint (you can tell if you get really close). The backgroudn is something that I pulled off of my computer backgrounds and I downloaded the Hylian font (I forgot where). I think that overall, it looks pretty good. :D1 commentsFanatic!
NabooruGAIA.jpgWind Waker Spirit Sage487 viewsTried to do a kid Nabooru in the same WW style. X3 Pinkie. 15 commentsTara Cobi Jenkins
NabooruGanonHoro1.JPGThree Years Before - Link_Rules_All's request63 viewsHmm this took longer than I thought it would, well like they say never rush a piece of art. Well here's Nabooru, Ganondorf and Horoso. I always wondered what would Ganondorf would look before he becomes obsessed with great power and he even might have been a noble person. It was fun drawing Nabooru and Ganondorf. Hope you like it, LRA.

Nabooru and Ganondorf Shigeru Miyamoto
Horoso Link_Rules_All

Edit: Agh! >_< I accidentally pressed enter and posted it without description info. lol Hmm has anyone notice the Gerudo symbol looks like a bird looking at you. Eek! Is Nabooru's head big? lol
5 commentsDivine_Link
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