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Bubblybluebg.pngBubbly101 viewsNewbie Alert!

So, yeah, I got the idea for this pic after listening to the song "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat. I love that song, it's so... gushy-cute. So, that song, mixed with my sad nerd-crush on Twilight Princess Link led to this. Link, surrounded by shojo bubbles. Lots, and lots, of shojo bubbles.

Oh, and I know my shading isn't the greatest, it's never been my strong point. Just be greatful it's shaded. I had to sharpen up the lines by hand using a 1pt sized bush and eraser because I don't know any other was of going about it.Aand the bubbles and background swirly-thingies were both brushes. Yeah, I'm a cheater. I found the bubbles on Brusheezy and the swrils on... some place that was linked on the Photoshop Support website...

Colored and re-re-reinked in Photoshop Elements 2.0. Oldskool.

Hope you guys like it!
3 commentsthepbjninja
Dartmandude.jpgDart Man Dude Guy Ninja545 viewsThis coloring/edit, has been brought to you by Sora. I thought this pic looked awesome, so i wanted to see it in color. I put a ton of effort into it (for once). I have been working on this project for quite some time now. I hope you enjoy it. If anybody has any black and white (pencil) drawings/sketches, that you'd like me to edit, just email them to me. THANKYOU!!! CHEESE5 commentsdude_thats_evil
Legend_of_Zelda_-_Niko_the_Ninja_s_Forest_Sword_~_001.jpgNiko the Ninja's Forest Sword59 viewsAnother work I did for Niko the Ninja's fanfic. I think it came out really well, I'll be posting large more detailed pics of this as soon as I reload my drawing program.2 commentsParaclete
Legend_of_Zelda_-_Niko_the_Ninja_s_Water_Sword_~_001.jpgNiko the Ninja's Water Sword73 viewsWent through some old works I did, deleted some too, anyways this was a work I did for Niko the Ninja, work kicked up before I could finish the rest of Niko's swords, I'm going to be reposting what I have and reload and edit others.3 commentsParaclete
moblin.jpgMoblin383 viewsHere we have your simple moblin warrior. I've been trying to nail one of these for awhile, but I always messed up when I worked on the face and tryed to 'pig' up his legs by making them bow legged. So I just changed all that. The legs are normal, aside from the ninja turtle like hoof feet. I just couldnt get the face looking as grim as I wanted it, so I just put a leather cap on him, which kinda takes any kind of individually of the character, and blends him in with the rest of his crew. Faceless if you will. Nice little touch for the evil war machine that is ganon's minions. I love his sword, I think it fits him perfectly, right down to the skull tiped pummel. Little things make this pic good, such as the skull neckless that you would reconize from wind waker, and the hylain shin-gaurd and gaunlet. It makes it feel like the moblins would just pick stuff off the battlefield, which suits thier characters perfectly. Everything else is just for show, but I like it, and I think it came out swell. Please comment.6 commentsBraxis
nabs.jpgGerudo's Fire of Ninja's^2595 viewsThis is yet again another one of Magalink's drawings which inspired me. Magalink drew these two pics perfectly so there wasn't anything really for me to do besides make a new background so thats all i did, but i think it turned out nicely14 commentsdude_thats_evil
Niko_the_Ninja_s_Forest_Sword-001.pngForest Sword49 viewsSlight edit on my original, just reloaded my drawing program and as it is I lost all my mats so I'm starting from scratch again. As soon as I get things settled all actually update the entire scene.
Credit for the sword idea goes to Niko the Ninja.
1 commentsParaclete
Niko_the_Ninja_s_Water_Sword-001.pngWater Sword [Niko the Ninja]50 viewsFirst remap of the sword, still don't like the blade but it's going to have to do for now.2 commentsParaclete
Niko_the_Ninja_s_Water_Sword-002.pngWater Sword [Niko the Ninja]52 viewsFirst attempt at recovering some lost works.
Niko the Ninja's Water Sword.
2 commentsParaclete
Ninja Link with icon.jpg
Ninja Link with icon.jpgNinja Link Cosplay193 viewsI'm a huge fan of and The Return of Ganondorf. I chose to do this because it was different.1 commentsHylian Blood
Sheik.jpgShiek142 viewsAlways wanted to do a piece on Shiek, zelda's alterguyego.
who always seemed to me, to be a ninja.
5 commentsFyrborn
Sunsetz.pngDesert Storm321 viewsAgain this one i just added in random things and ninja's. If you have any suggestions please email me commentsdude_thats_evil
Thisonesforniko.jpgSages sword of light172 viewsLast week (or so,) niko_the_ninja asked me to model one of the swords from his fanfic. so, here is an artists rendition of the sword of the light sage. I hope it looks alright. I kinda tried to make the blade glow, but I don't have much experience using the materials system in blender. 2 commentsPng_pyro
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