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Amped_up_pt._2.JPGAmped up pt. 2 (remodeled)110 viewsThis is a better version of my previous file.

I based Volvagia's head off Spinosaurus, a predatory dinosaur around the same size as T-rex.

Now you can see Bongo's snake tail's nose and the end of its forked tongue.
Niko the ninja
Chained Innocence.jpg
Chained Innocence.jpgChained Innosence286 viewsI have NO idea what inspired me to do this, but I did it, and I'm rather pleased with the outcome. Had I taken ARTS 279 (Fundamentals of Digital Art) sooner, this picture would look a lot better. Colored in with Photoshop1 commentsArt1st4786
Malon.jpgHappy Malon75 views Ha! I gave her a nose! I think I made her outfit wrong, though. Obviously, I made this on the computer and I just notcied that one ear is bigger than the other, but that can be ignored.

6 commentsKifan12
Medliside.jpgMedli Side127 viewsI drew a profile of Medli, and then forgot to add her nose. >^_^<2 commentsLuneste
Noseplug.jpgThe Noseplug Incident702 viewsThis is a very old joke, one of my earliest pics. The idea was that Link, having been recently beaten up, has accidentally used Navi as a noseplug, because he's too bloodied to tell the difference.11 commentsKoroks Rock
scan0028.jpgGASP a baby281 viewsSo yeah. Since its so little and wrapped up its gender and stuff are obscure, and the only distinguishable features are the hylian ears and the rito nose. I know the gender, but not much else...I did one sketch and it wasn't in color, so I still have a lot to decide about the design.
Lorica's hair is down because I never drew it that way before. Weirdly enough, these two reminds me of all these old photos of my own parents, especially cause my mom had long dark hair when she was younger.
2 commentsChibi-Kokiri
underwater2.PNGLink swimming...with bubbles.224 viewsI always wanted to dive in WW. Tried jumping in the water with the iron boots. Died. I don't see why drowning is such a problem for Link, seeing as he doesn't have a nose here...
Made from scratch on MS Paint. I must have a deathwish. X__x
1 comments[cuccoattackforce]
Vaati_-_good_guy_or_just_misunderstood.JPGVaati here!119 viewsI adore Vaati, and I must say that I think he was controlled by his hat... and his mind. He had no idea that he did all kinds of bad things, and I think he is innosent. (Sorry for misspelling) I also love to call Vaati 'Vevo'. It's not as scary.
Vaati: Not as scary?!?
Me: Wha-oh. I'm in trouble.
10 commentsVaati_Lover
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