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01 - The Songs of the Forest2.mp3
01 - The Songs of the Forest2.mp3The Rhythm of the Forest646 viewsYES!!!! I have gone through Heaven and Heck in order to bring this song to you!!! If u want me to, sometime i can tell you all the crap that happened to me, but it would take up too much room on this... lol... This is a compilation of all the forest song, (kokiri forest, Saria's song, and the Deku Tree's theme) i composed the song pretty much, cuz kokiri forest's theme was actually in a different key, but it needed to sound good with both of the other songs... so i magically made it all work out... Oh ya! This file is REALLY poor quality! get used to it! I am beaten! I can't spend another minute fixing this song... and around 2:20 in the song, it trips out cuz my studio kept tripping out during the recording (which made it EXTREMELY difficult to record) I'm sorry alot of it sounds like crap, if you want me to email u the higher quality version, just let me know... 37 commentsdude_thats_evil
081- Dark Nut.png
081- Dark Nut.png158 viewsdavogones
082 - Red Dark Nut.png
082 - Red Dark Nut.png175 viewsdavogones
4sOnline.jpg4 Swords Online BG451 viewsSo, during my lunch i doodled a bit, very bored-like, and came up with a few little 4s in capital Os. I've been thinking for sometime about reincarnating the Zelda Online idea as a Cube Legends gamemode, and the sketches seemed to jump out at me "4 Swords Online!!"

So i took the sketches, went over to a comp with a scanner, and dropped the images into photoshop. twenty minutes later, with a little help from a CD of Zelda Media (something i recommend all fanartists make), I had a half-decent background.

So ja, just a little something to ease my appalling lack of fanart. Simple, easy on me, and maybe a bt of fun for yall to think about. Who knows, maybe it'll be worth it for me to code a zelda gamemode into CL (which started out as a zelda game, btw)
9 commentsKoroks Rock
among_the_dead_1027.jpgAmong the Dead516 viewsHaven't been around here in a long minute, so here's my latest Zelda piece, Among the Dead. I wanted to do a piece with Link in the graveyard with ghosts. This was the image I had in mind from the cemetery section of Zelda 1. This took me quite a while to draw at first, I couldn't quite get the pose for link right, so I kept trying different poses when I had free time. Once I finally had the pencils, it took me about a week / week and a half, on and off to Photoshop. The ghosts where somewhat difficult at first becuase the pencils for them were very unsubstantial, I pretty much had to paint them in with Photoshop. Anyway, hope you guys like it.6 commentsShady Gambino
chibi link copy 2.JPG
chibi link copy 2.JPGChibi Link435 viewsmade today in an hour and thirty minutes. made in photoshop. i was bored.12 commentsAllysa
colored.pngMilo and Shaun, traced and colored644 viewsPretty self explainatory. I traced and colored this comic from John and Milo, (the 17th comic by jiminycricketX) using flash 6, so that it would be both in color and smoothed. Notice how much higher resolution this pic is.

Ran it through photoshop for a brief minute, so I could put in some soft shading that is difficult to accomplish in flash. Overall very productive.
11 commentsKoroks Rock
darknnut.jpg804 viewslord-of-shadow
Darknut.gif397 views
darknut.gif150 viewsdavogones
DarkNut.gif297 viewsIron Knuckle
DarkNut.jpg286 viewsDarknut.
darknut.jpg551 viewsDarknut.
darknut.jpg1642 viewsDarknut.3 comments
Darknut.jpgDarknut96 viewsA drawing of the Darknut from the original LoZ. It is the basis for the Darknuts of my fanfic.Person
darknut.jpgsoldier of darkness124 viewscharcter design for darknut w/o armordarklinkbeta200
darknut2.gif370 viewsDarknut.
darknut2.jpg486 viewsDarknut.
DarknutBlue.gif55 viewsIron Knuckle
DarkNutGrey.gif297 viewsIron Knuckle
DarkNutPH.pngDark Nut487 viewsIron Knuckle
DarkNutRed.gif336 viewsIron Knuckle
DarkNutRed2.gif269 viewsIron Knuckle
DarkNutRedMoving.gif76 viewsIron Knuckle
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