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Anouki_Link.jpgAnouki Link31 viewsThis is a picture of Link as an Anouki from Phantom Hourglass. Anouki Link is sporting Link's hat (of course, you can't go wrong with that), a scabbard, and - look!- the Master Sword in dagger form! I altered the regular Anouki face to make it cuter, not that it wasn't was cute to begin with. :)1 commentsmyzeldamyrules
boat_color_small.jpgBoat Ride292 viewsA Wind Waker/Super Smash Bros fanart... I drew this for the Zelda Anthology Project ( in which I'm one of the editors. We just sent our book off to the printer and hopefully the fruit of our labor will be seen very soon. For larger version of this pic, you can find it on my personal site or Deviant Art. No critique is necessary. I'm not going to work on this pic anymore.2 commentscyen
Bongo_Bongo_Color.gifPhantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo249 views Link Rules all originally drew Bongo Bongo, and said that anyone could improve it. So I accepted this challenge! This was my first ever drawing of Bongo Bongo, so I had to glance at the official art :-( , then recreate it into this pic. ( I added Link Just for kicks, and yes he's being bounced on the drum!)
Original Art (c) Link Rules All
Official Art (c) Nintendo
P.S. This pic looks better when u enlarge it!
6 commentsPrincess of Twilight
celiawouldlaugh.jpgJust a little stupid laugh for you..maybe140 views Thank you Zeldadreams for making the Linebeck for me (that I crapily traced over with black). Yeah, It'll be kinda funny if you've played the "Phantom Houglass" game. So...yeah. I hope you think it's funny because it's supposed to be.

5 commentsKifan12
complete_hyrule_map_by_rooro22-d33hx9d.JPGComplete Hyrule Map128 viewsI never liked Nintendoís idea that there are always different Links and Zeldas. In my opinion they are (of course except of Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks) the same persons.
Thatís why I created a map of a complete Hyrule with every location and dungeon of the game maps.
The Twilight Princess map was my first step because of the borders of Eldin & Co. Then I just put all the other places in.

If you find mistakes or if you think, there will be a better solution for a location, please tell me! And Iím not sure if I choose the right words (I only know the german names which are different from the english ones)
3 commentsRooro
conte_de_NoŽl_(moy).pngMerry Christmas and Happy new year120 viewsWhat ?! Am I too late ?? Noooooooo, I think not Xd
I wish you a merry christmas , I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ^^
O my god ... I'm very silly sometimes ^^""
8 commentsangel of light
Dash_Dash_Dash.jpgDash Dash Dash88 viewsA Spirit Tracks Fanart, inspired by Kotoko's song "Short Circuit"2 commentsNenilein
ganondorf_s_sword.PNGGanondorf's Sword60 viewsWell, I added my watermark, it's hard to tell where it is which is good :D We don't need art thieves now do we? ;) I'm almost done with the WW Master Sword Princess of Twilight ^^ I'll be working on Phantom Ganon's Sword and another Sword, I can't tell you on the last one. It's a surprise my friends THIS isn't even on my list :D :)

Ganondorf's Sword © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto

I'm still open for Requests
6 commentsAmy122
GREAT.JPGBad Guys185 viewsThis one would have taken forever for me to color so I just left it black and white.1 commentsMiss Fearsome Pirate
Let__s_go_for_a_new_adventure_by_Yuese.pngLet's go for a new adventure !123 viewsA new fanart from Spirit Tracks
I draw it before E3 and Nintendo has changed the Train's design ><
It's the first time I draw The ocean King (I think I don't spoil with it, isn't it ?) and Joelle
9 commentsangel of light
link - dark nigth.jpg
link - dark nigth.jpgPhantom Ganon478 views7 commentsHobbit
Link_DarkNutZelda.jpgLink & Zelda Phantom389 viewsIron Knuckle
Lokomo_Sword.PNGLokomo Sword46 viewsWell, I'm back once again, IDK for how long, I'm going to try do to a manga of Okada. But I haven't gotten anywhere other than her face and half of her arms. Other than that, my 24th birthday was Wednesday which seriously sucked, I've had better b-days when I was growing up. I think my best b-day was my 17th, my friends gave me b-day presents. Anyway, I wasn't about to color the blade green, or yellow, I have never seen a blade that was green or yellow. And it looks like it doesn't have any kind of desgins other than those triangle marks but I think that's just apart of the shading. I'm going to make the Hilt a little longer. After this I'm going to work on Phantom Ganon's sword, those stupid Dark Nuts sword from WW, then Ganon's swords from WW since that's been on my list for IDK how long...

Lokomo Sword © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
9 commentsAmy122
LOZ_LaFantomeDelOpera copy.jpg
LOZ_LaFantomeDelOpera copy.jpgThe Legend of Zelda: La Fantome De l'Opera237 really like Zelda, and I really like Phatnom of the Opera, so, i decided to combined the two, so, if you're familliar with Phantom, then here are the characters for you! Link is Raoul, Oni Link is the Phantom (it was either him or Ganondorf, so I went with the hot one), and MARIN is Christine, NOT Malon.7 commentsMusica
Master_Sword-1.JPGMaster Sword66 viewsHere's the complete verison of the Master Sword. And I must say it came out better than the first one I was doing. I still have the Great Fairies sword to do, the WW sword, WW master sword and the Phantom Sword...maybe Sheik's knife too....

Master Sword © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto

BTW, Please ignore the P.S. in the last one...I have that on my SA account cause there's a lot of art thieves out there. >O
5 commentsAmy122
OH_MY_GOD!_I_sava_da_day_yay!.PNGOH MY GOD!212 views official phantom hourglass art with funny captons!8 commentsdarklinkbeta200
Phantom Ganon.jpg
Phantom Ganon.jpgThe Forest Phantom177 viewsCreepy eh? While it really doesn't work the way that it should, I really like this picture. Unfortunately it comes out like the mask is in fact the face, and not a mask. I couldn't really change anything either, did it completely with a sharpie on a note card when I got bored...6 commentsBlackHawkA100
Phantom Sword.png
Phantom Sword.pngPhantom Sword261 viewsOne of the weirdest swords I've ever drawn. This was a request by KR. It looks unfinished but I don't know what else to do to it. I made the bg black so the aqua blue would show up more. I symbols in the center are a little big but ow well. I hope you like it anyway.15 commentsbounty hunter
phantom.gif1857 viewsPhantom Ganon, the boss of the Forest Temple.3 comments
phantom2.jpg2661 viewsPhantom Ganon.5 comments
phantom3.gif1506 viewsPhantom Ganon.1 comments
phantomganon.jpg2174 viewsPhantom Ganon.1 comments
phantomganon~0.jpgThe King of Evil -- WW331 viewsThe original version of this pic was one of my favorites, but now that i have redone it, i like this one better. I am write single to salute and wait for answer again.2 commentsdude_thats_evil
Phantom_Gerbil(Ganon).pngPhantom Gerbil!!!219 views I now give you PHANTOM GERBIL!!! Thou shall cower in his presence!LOL. Done as a request for Link Rules All. Hope u like it!
Phantom Gerbil (c) Link Rules All
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
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