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aryllchuchucerdo.jpgAryll and chuchu264 viewsWhat is this? Aryll just made friends with a chuchu? nah, maybe she hasn't seen it and it's just about to jump on her.

Simple prismacolor, I`m yet to dominate them. Maybe some day. Hope you don`t mind the drawing style, it`s kinda what I do.
1 commentsAltaire
Ganon.jpgGanon97 viewsThe evil pig demon of DOOM!

I found a reference a long time ago, but I forgot which it was. All I know is it was an official art of Ganon in Zelda 1.
HadesRox-RQ-Midna_on_Wolf_Link-by-_PrincessofTwilight72.pngMidna and Wolf Link329 viewsThis was originally a request pic for someone on DA, but I wanted to submit it here for you guys too!^^ I love how Midna looks, she's adorable. X3 Wolf Link...could use a little work, but overally I'm pleased with this picture and I hope you guys like it too!

Next pic....Modern Zelda Characters, Shadow and Vio! (yes I'm bored)

Things used: Mechanical Pencil, Pigment Pens, Manga markers, manga eraser, Prismas, and Paint Shop Pro ^^

Midna & Wolf Link (C) Nintendo

Art (C) Princess of Twilight
12 commentsPrincess of Twilight
IM_A0020.JPG*squeak, squeak*78 viewsHmmm...Crouching Link, Hidden...well...Piggie?zeldaiskoollink
les_champignons_des_tenebres_(2).jpgThe mushrooms of darkness (2)325 viewsA sprite and a plumber decide to become allied to save their respective worlds1 commentsNeti
les_champignons_du_chaos.jpgTLOZ : the mushroom of Chaos253 viewsLink VS Kotake in the minish woods2 commentsNeti
link_pigs.jpg2328 viewsEarly cel-shaded art, Link playing with pigs.6 comments
moblin.jpgMoblin383 viewsHere we have your simple moblin warrior. I've been trying to nail one of these for awhile, but I always messed up when I worked on the face and tryed to 'pig' up his legs by making them bow legged. So I just changed all that. The legs are normal, aside from the ninja turtle like hoof feet. I just couldnt get the face looking as grim as I wanted it, so I just put a leather cap on him, which kinda takes any kind of individually of the character, and blends him in with the rest of his crew. Faceless if you will. Nice little touch for the evil war machine that is ganon's minions. I love his sword, I think it fits him perfectly, right down to the skull tiped pummel. Little things make this pic good, such as the skull neckless that you would reconize from wind waker, and the hylain shin-gaurd and gaunlet. It makes it feel like the moblins would just pick stuff off the battlefield, which suits thier characters perfectly. Everything else is just for show, but I like it, and I think it came out swell. Please comment.6 commentsBraxis
Moblin.JPGMoblin Lancer206 viewsThis is a pretty basic Moblin design. Ugly, fat, sort of a pig/human/bulldog thingy. His armor is very simple, since moblins aren't the brightest creatures, and aren't ranked among the great smiths. The armor is made of leather strapped together. His helmet has good neck coverage, and doesn't greatly inhibit vision. I gave him a lance, because moblins seem to faver them in most games. (Plus, that's what I describe them using in my Link's Awakening fanfic.) 1 commentsjiminycricketX
Moblin_Pig.gif147 views
Moblin_Pig_Warrior.gif219 views
PigMoblin.gif170 views
PigMoblinSword.gif217 views
Pigs_and_a_Wind_Waker.jpgPigs and Link269 viewsWallpaper, small, of Link having fun with those pigs from Wind Waker. Unknown source.4 commentsKlapaucius
Strickin with Steel.jpg
Strickin with Steel.jpgStricken With Steel166 viewsDid this pic for Girlink for her defeat of Toot,..showing Ganon's last death throll before transforming,into MEGAPIG..he's nekid cause his musculs ripped his clothes off..and I was to lazy to draw them..haha.
for those who never saw him chuck red blood in Toot,can see it here,..none of that green stuff here...
7 commentsFyrborn
Tea_Party_by_distasty.jpgTea Party639 views...This is probably the worst picture in my gallery ^^;....

In my opinion, the best thing in this picture would have to be the piggy wallpaper.

And look! Wario wasn't invited!
26 commentsdistasty
Zelda Malon amizade DA.png
Zelda Malon amizade DA.pngTrue friendship434 viewsI really like the idea of Malon and Zelda becoming friends. I think if it happens, people will stop fighting over them both ^^

Note: I took the pose from this pic Url Text
And since some people are saying I traced it, I didn't trace, okay?

Tools used: Ink and Photoshop CS

Zelda and Malon are to Nintendo
22 commentsLuisa Lennon
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