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Angua.jpgAngua243 viewsThis is Angua, a character in my fic. Believe it or not, she is the princess of Ecassa, a country right next to Hyrule, and she's Vaati's girlfriend. She is extremely popular, and wouldn't be caught dead in a pink dress and a tiara. She is nice to a lot of people, has dated a lot of guys, and has a ton of friends, like Shadow Link and Bird Head Link (aka Minish Link). You don't want to make her mad, though. She may look innocent, but if you do something to make her mad, she'll set a bunch of cats on you. That would hurt. Lots. Ow.

BTW, she sees evil spirits.
9 commentsvaati_girl
CG-zelda-web.jpgOh's Zelda.382 viewsPlease excuse the lame title, I was at a loss and trying avoid adding another "Princess Zelda" to the album. Weeee my first serious attempt at the whole "draw >> ink >> scan >> color in photoshop" thing. Used a million random tutorials. [ish a tutorial junkie] Omgeez it's pink. Well hope you likes anyway!2 comments[cuccoattackforce]
Din.pngThe Goddess of Power962 viewsthis time its Din!

yay red! wait... its more pinkish... o_o;
23 commentsbrigette
elle.jpgdressy ellekime686 viewsellekime in a lil pink dress24 commentsMichelle K.
Fea2.jpgPink Fairy pinf haha439 viewsThis was a concept for what one of the pink fairyies that hang out in the fountians look like. I know it's not perfect, but I still like it.13 commentsSusie Q
gaz_as_zelda.PNGGaz as Zelda71 viewsGaz opened her eyes one moment and realized she was wearing a pink dress. Princess Zelda's pink dress, to be exact. And Gaz, she's none too thrilled with the pink dress, she's rather miffed.

Yes, I was a bit bored.

Gaz (C) Viacom, Jhonen Vasquez
Zelda (C) Nintendo
Art (C) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
gloomydark.jpgGloomy and Dark take over!135 viewsWOO! Gloomy Bear and Dark Link team up to destroy the world! I made Gloomy into an anthro 'cuz I can't draw animals to save my life. Hope you peoples enjoy!
Dark Link (c) nintendo
Gloomy Bear (c) Mori Chack
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I'm open for requests
15 commentshauu13
Great Fairyop~0.JPG
Great Fairyop~0.JPGWhen battle has made you weary379 viewsWell uh, yea this is a Great Fairy, just the normal pink one (duh Rachel). I like it even though the colouring looks so much better in real life but hey, that compressing for ya!10 commentsRachel
happyhalloweenclr.jpgHappy Halloween!390 viewsHee hee, thought Id draw up a holiday sketch, so here ya go! Looks like Zelda picked out Link's costume, (yes that's him in the pink) he doesn't look too sure about it..haha Nothin like a little cross-dressing to get you in the mood for Halloween!! :)15 commentsGirlink
Kinder_Dark_Link.JPGKindergarden Dark Link56 viewsHoi! Here's Dark Link as a three-year-old. Yes, I thought he liked pink bows at that age. I think it's cute. I kind of copied Blue Link and made him like this.2 commentsVaati_Lover
linksakaya_edalzelda_complete.jpgA Hope, a Dream, and a Whisper984 viewsLink's in the bg, Sakaya (my OC) is in the forefront, and Zelda's with Edal (my other OC, who's Sakaya's cousin). And just so u kno, that's not a scar on Sakaya's forehead. Nope, she's not a Harry Potter wannabe. I made her up before Harry Potter came out, about 7 years ago. Sakaya's got a golden lightning bolt on her forehead. And yes, i kno Sakaya's right arm looks messed up.

And no, i didn't come up with this wonderful title! I'm awful with titles, but my good booday, Ritz, The Pink Bunny of Doom, the master of titles, did her magic for meh. Thank u so much, my kick-arse friend!! XD
9 commentsSora
manga1.JPGManga Page 1158 viewsThis is a manga I started. You read it from left to right. It's a love/action/adventure story. This is my earlier work so it will be a bit messy and Green,Red,Blue,Vio, and the other characters might look wierd, but they will look better by 2 chapter. And so you know, some of the pics. in my manga were handwritten, like Shadow Link in the first pic. near the top right corner. Please bear in mind that I started it before I finished the actual manga. Hope you like it. Enjoy ^_^ 1 commentsRed_Fan
manga2.JPGManga Page 2140 viewsThe second page to my manga.1 commentsRed_Fan
manga4.JPGManga Page 4157 viewsThe fourth page is here, YAY! Hope you like it so far. That Vio pic. at the bottom near the right corner is handwritten. The girl's name is pronounced julie-mar. Well, enjoy the page.Red_Fan
manga6.JPGManga Page 6164 viewsPage 6, yay! Hope you enjoy it.1 commentsRed_Fan
melora_fairie.jpgFairie274 viewsThe fairie's from A Link to the Past were so cute. She should have bright pink hair and a purple dress. Just a pencil sketch5 commentsMelora
NabooruGAIA.jpgWind Waker Spirit Sage487 viewsTried to do a kid Nabooru in the same WW style. X3 Pinkie. 15 commentsTara Cobi Jenkins
NSS_Chapter_Six~0.pngEveryone knows it's windy....131 viewsCrazy orange (some days pink) ind god from the Wind Waker...more of that wacky chapter are I make from time to time - cause I obviously lack things to do... achitka
nz.jpgZelda as a Nightmaren50 viewsYeah. The camera didn't get the details that made it so that you knew it was supposed to be Zelda. Those details are: She's wearing the pink necklace from WW, her Triforce earrings are hanging from those weird tentacles on her head (I don't know what they are...), and she's wearing a smaler version of her sash with the Triforce on it. Yeah... I also have a Link Nightmaren, but I still need to color it. And yes, the proportions are supposed to be extremely off. And I had to use the pic on the game box for the pose...
Zelda (c) nintendo
Nightmaren, pose (c) Sega
art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
pingle.jpgPinkle - the (rather disturbing) girl Tingle368 viewsIron Knuckle
pink.jpgAZ's Pink Sword392 viewsThis is my version of AZ's pink sowrd. it is exactly the same shape and proportions, with the exact same pattern. But i went to the trouble of making a texture, beveling everything, and putting in a BG. this is what a sword picture *can* look like. and this is still a quick job, i could have used real sword textures and given it a decent hilt.6 commentsKoroks Rock
pinkrabbitlink_aLttP.jpgPink rabbit Link84 viewsAnyone who's played "A Link to the Past" on the SNES or GBA will know where this funny character comes from.

The game revolves around this corrupted dark world where you must retrieve the sacred Triforce but all mortals who enter here are transformed by the golden power into a reflection of their own heart. First time round I was really fascinated to see Link emerge in this dimension as a pink innocent rabbit, an ingenious concept for early 90s. Problem is you're harmless and everyone else has turned into ravenous monsters, not to mention the little guy only appears for a short time in the game. >.>

Nintendo 1991-2006.
pink_1024x768.jpgPrincess Zelda: Pink1219 viewsPrincess Zelda from the Ocarina of Time manga by Akira Himekawa. -Paper by Melora. If you use this elsewhere on the web, please give credit and leave the information and credit on the paper intact. -Thanks1 commentsMelora
pink_1280x1024.jpgPrincess Zelda: Pink289 viewsPrincess Zelda from the Ocarina of Time manga by Akira Himekawa. -Paper by Melora. If you use this elsewhere on the web, please give credit and leave the information and credit on the paper intact. -ThanksMelora
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