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clocktower.pngClock Tower389 viewsA pixel version of the Clock Tower in Majora's Mask. Done in MS Paint, and used this image as a reference. You can see it in transparent .gif mode here5 commentsMars
couple.jpgA Lovebird and a Hylian252 viewsThese are my two newest OCs. Actually, no. Laurica (the girl) is actually rather old, but I only drew her once. The Rito, who still needs a name (any suggestions? Something musical please :D) is super new. These two happy people are married, hence the twin tattoos. Those were done on their wedding day, and I need to draw a picture of that...

Screwing around with a new coloring style. Instead of smudging the shaded parts, I added ab 18 pixen guassian blur (WAY to many pixels IMO, so I guess I've learned something) No lighting because this picture took long enough with just the flat color and shading.
6 commentsChibi-Kokiri
Oni_Link_Painted_jpeg.JPGOni Link pixels134 viewsFeel the pixelated WRATH of FIERCE DEITY LINK!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! 1 commentsDragon of Great Bay
saria_icon.gifsaria sprite179 viewshad fun with pixel art. ^^ i want to do the rest of the characters like this, too. feel free to use this as an icon for anything. ^^ don't worry about crediting me. :)cerasly
Twilight_Winter.jpgTwilight Winter429 viewsKarma bit me in the butt; I was supposed to be working on something for my grandfather but instead I did this- and I managed to save over the large 1117 pixel wide one when I shrunk it to the 349 wide size it is now to see how it would look as a site header. *doh* I haven't done that in ages! I don't know how I didn't notice until it was too late. I was going to crop it and use it for a xmas card, but now I'd have to draw over it so I could make it larger again ;>_> *crap* I don't think I have time for that. So, anyway, yeah. This is it (*sobs and laughs at self*)8 commentsMelora
zelda.gifMagical Pixeled Zelda174 viewsJust something i did for the love of the game, you can see more on my site!3 commentsEllwyn
Zeldaweb-PixelLink.jpgThe only thing graph paper is good for.177 viewsI was bored one day, and decided to use the relatively new pad of graph paper that my big bro gave to me. This is one of the results. For those who don't recognize pixelated Japanese, the text says Rinku ( the Japanese pronounciation for Link).3 commentsLinksLove
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