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bloody_link.PNGLink has hinamizawa syndrome!110 viewsEither Link's killed a lot of enemies, or he's got hinamizawa syndrome and killed his friends. Ahahahahaha! Okay, seriously I have no clue why I drew this. This was a real quick slipshod drawing in paint, so that explains why its not very good.
art (c) hauu13
link (c) nintendo
hinamizawa syndrome (c) the person that created higurashi
7 commentshauu13
Fairies!^-^.pngAll of the Fairies142 views The title pretty much explains it all... Done 100% in MS Paint
Navi, Tatl, Tael, Ciela, Leaf, Neri, and Fairy (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
6 commentsPrincess of Twilight
IM_A0012.JPGChu-Chu69 viewsYeah...the title explains it.1 commentszeldaiskoollink
link.jpgLink in thunderstorm319 viewsYeah. . . I already know about buffers and pH, so this is what I spent my time in doing in bio110.
Title pretty much explains it. Scan isn't perfect, so some of the detail has been lost or dulled, but. . . meh. Basically, he's meant to look worn out and rained on. . . I don't think Hero of Time is nearly as glamarous when you're not sitting in an air conditioned room.
'Bout time I started adding to my album, so here you guys go. Enjoy.
7 commentsScipio
LoZ2_Plains.jpgZelda 2 AoL Plains21 viewsPlains from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. I used a screen shot from a manual scan as a reference.DBoyWheeler
Midna_Imp.jpgMidna In Imp Form20 viewsYet again, the title explains it all. This is Midna in imp form. I decided to make her hair spikey on the end instead of chunky/block-ish, because I'm horrible at drawing it chunky/block-ish. :) But now that I look back at it, the hair looks kinda stupid. >_< Sorry.myzeldamyrules
Picori stained glass colour.jpg
Picori stained glass colour.jpgPicori Stained Glass290 viewseverithing on this is symbolic ... and made up by me ^^U guess that explains the poor creativity - -u
o well ^^U ther's an animal, a plant and a festival mevery season.

spring the season of flowers, the animal of the season is the butterfly, this is the season of the planitng festival(it explains the seed on the minish's hands)

summer the season of clover, the animal of the season is the bee, becouse it works hard and it's a fierce warrior, the kinstone festival
is celebrated on this season

fall the season of mushrooms, the animal of the season is the dragonfly, the golden leaf festival is celebrated on that season

winter the season of weeds, the animal of the season is the moth becouse it is the only one that can survive the cold, the music festival is celebrated that season
9 commentsDust_Bunny
The_blade_rests....jpgThe blade rests...138 viewsI haven't contributed anything in a while, so here goes; this is the master sword glade from ALTP, if you couldn't figure it out. I made it using Blender and Bryce, which explains why everything is so nicely textured, but arranged nothing like what I want. Also, I've discovered that it takes an UNHOLY amount of trees to make a forest! Anyways. There is actually a lot of detail in the model, (right down to a triforce inscribed in the blade) but you can't see it. Merry Christmas!Png_pyro
vio_luv.PNGVio's choice of clothes90 viewsTitle pretty much explains it. If the links didn't have to wear their tunics this is what I think Vio would wear. I kind of invision him as a feminine little boy. The hands look terrible.
Vio (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
3 commentshauu13
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