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celiawouldlaugh.jpgJust a little stupid laugh for you..maybe140 views Thank you Zeldadreams for making the Linebeck for me (that I crapily traced over with black). Yeah, It'll be kinda funny if you've played the "Phantom Houglass" game. So...yeah. I hope you think it's funny because it's supposed to be.

5 commentsKifan12
Deku Princess.jpg
Deku Princess.jpgGrown up Deku Princess445 viewsok, first off, this pic is old. Um, this is a concept design of what th deku princess woulc look like in 10 years or so. I got the idea from ZP where ppl were wondering what she'd look like so I drew this, but somebody else drew one and beat me to posting it, so I never displayed it. I took off her 'snout' cuz' it drove me crazy. 6 commentsSusie Q
greenfairy.jpgGreen Fairy157 viewsThe green fairy from Minish Cap (the one that lives in royal valley, for those of you who've played the game). It's not really finished, I still need to color it, but I thought I'd get an opinion first. Please tell me if you have any ideas on how to improve it.4 commentsaquawolf
Laruto.jpgLaruto394 viewsI've never played WW but I love zoras and I decided to try to draw Laruto anyways. It's not the best, but at least I tried! lol7 commentsSusie Q
Link pendant of courage.jpg
Link pendant of courage.jpgLink pendant of courage166 viewsthis was drawn a couple of years ago like maybe 20 years, but I'm glad to have it displayed here.
It shows Link's first pendant from link to the past.
6 commentsFyrborn
Link.jpgLink70 viewsHey! It's Prettydreamerell again! I hope youv'e played twilght princess because mostly all of mine are going to be twilight princess! So this is Link. So stick around for more of my drawings! Prettydreamerell3 commentsPrettydreamerell
linkfightpt2.swflink against his dark(but peppy!) self part2 (is there a part one? yes there is.)963 viewsyes i realize the second scene here with the balls look like sh*t. when i converted it to flash i made the framerate a lot smaller, to save memory, unfortuantely, the balls fly fast already, and got reeeaaallly choppy afterwards.
amazingly this only took up 1 500 kb.. meaning i had at least 500 kb left to upload. guess i could have made it longer.. i was hoping to add sound effects (makes the animation way better if theres sound) but whenever i convert it to flash the sound gets screwed up and plays at the wrong times so.. ah well. ive only played one rayman game and the dude was like shooting balls (er- glowing balls) and stuff. i wanted to put a face on link, but that wouldnt have worked since i wouldnt be able to animate the face. Phew, aaaaand im spent.
15 commentsbathroomhacker
linkpico_ds_01.jpgPico climbing version 2 (Minish Cap II)99 views while ago I played Minish Cap for GBA and those Minish characters (mouse-like sprites) really made the game for me. I came up with the idea that a possible sequel could be made by Capcom's Flagship studio for that platform but then edited the original image to carry the up-to-date DS logo.

I used a 'light/dark world' scenario where in the Minish World the human characters become micro and the Minish folk themselves are macro. Link, the hero of the Zelda games, becomes stranded in this land and his size makes him helpless so relies on his young friend Pico to transverse the immense terrain. This creates game-play interactions on the touch screen where the characters switch helping each other overcome monsters and obstacles in a new exciting adventure!

Nintendo DS and logos are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2006 Nintendo.
malonepona.jpgMalon and Epona351 viewsI know I had another title for this one... oh, well. It's pretty self-explanatory for those who played OoT.2 commentsMalu CLBS
me_bum_popped.jpg"Oh no. Me bum popped."387 viewsThis is a scene in my fanfic. Vaati just poked the rear end of a voodoo doll of Marche (the dude with the large, hideous cowlick), and his butt popped. Confetti blasts out at Link Y., who just happened to be standing right behind him. Skye, fire_wolfa's character (FW let me put her in there), and Vaati laughed like mad.

If you have played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, or you know someone who has played it, then you know who Marche is.
If you've seen the game's official art, then you have probably noticed that Marche has a gigantic @$$. Vaati has revealed why in my fanfic using only a pin and a voodoo doll (it's full of air and confetti).

Why is Vaati doing this? In my fanfic, Marche is the bloody jerk who deserves it. The Japanese text on the top says, "Oh no. Me bum popped." And Link Y. is PO'd.

Vaati (c) Nintendo
Marche (c) me forgets...TT_TT
Skye (c) fire_wolfa
Age of the Wizard, art, and Link Y. (c) vaati_girl (moi)
5 commentsvaati_girl
Mini_Mew.JPGLink as a Mew83 viewsHi again! this is Link as a Mew. I like Pokemon and I like Legend of Zelda, so I thought, 'why not!' (Those who played Pokemon Sliver will get that.) I even made a singing story with Link turning into a Mew. ;P4 commentsVaati_Lover
must kill.jpg
must kill.jpgAngua (again)196 viewsHere's what I end up drawing if I'm listening to Cradle of Filth.3 commentsvaati_girl
OoT_Anniversary_Pic_Uncolored_copy.pngOcarin of Time Belated Anniversary drawing (un-colored)261 views Phew! This took awhile to do but it was worth it because OoT is one of the BEST games ever made! This was my first time drawing Darunia(Fire Sage/ goron) and Ganondorf (in this style!) so I hope u enjoy this pic. And happy 10th Anniversary to one of the besta and most enjoyable gameplay experience that I and many others have played. And congrats to OoT for 10 succesful years...
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
pinkrabbitlink_aLttP.jpgPink rabbit Link84 viewsAnyone who's played "A Link to the Past" on the SNES or GBA will know where this funny character comes from.

The game revolves around this corrupted dark world where you must retrieve the sacred Triforce but all mortals who enter here are transformed by the golden power into a reflection of their own heart. First time round I was really fascinated to see Link emerge in this dimension as a pink innocent rabbit, an ingenious concept for early 90s. Problem is you're harmless and everyone else has turned into ravenous monsters, not to mention the little guy only appears for a short time in the game. >.>

Nintendo © 1991-2006.
rickyrulz.jpgRicky > Link224 viewsYes it's true the roo is greater than the rider. >:3

Having played Oracle games recently I realised that Link is such a pain-in-the-ass to control, I'm not bashing the difficulty factor because gamers love a new challenge, and all Zelda games start with just 3 hearts meaning the monsters can inflict tremendous damage to your life-force, BUT here you always seem to come off worse whenever fighting a screen full of enemies, the hero moves like a stoned snail and his sword is pathetically weak! (you can't upgrade it until the last leg of the quest) …don't even get me started on those damn electrified monsters. ]:x

My annoyance sky-rocketed after the first few dungeons; then I found Ricky, and I actually started enjoying the game again. This kangaroo kicks ass! Ricky can move far faster, attacks bad guys like crazy, jump over cliffs easily, and unleashes powerful mini-tornados upon command. =3

Pity you can't take this companion into the dungeons. >.>

Ricky, Link © Nintendo 2006.
ricky_the_kangaroo.jpgRicky and Link (version 2)216 viewsIf you've ever played 'Oracle of Seasons' on Game Boy Color then you'll know you can choose 3 different companions to help your quest, so this free-spirited boxing kangaroo 'Ricky' was an instant fave with me. =3

I did said fan artwork years ago then eventually uploaded it to ZeldaLegends, then deviantART under a different alias name "Roo-meister", but various problems and random DA n00bs made me quit the site for a while. Anyways I've now decided to revamp the colours, give it b/g and share it with everyone here.

Characters belong to Nintendo and Capcom © 2006.
Sword_of_Tears.pngMaster Sword {Twilight Princess} Remap68 viewsWas looking through Amy122's folders and I saw a comment buy a Link_Rules_All so I went to check out their fanart and saw a pic for a Sword of Tears. Looked like a black Master Sword so I played on that so I guess the remap credit should go to Link_Rules_All.
Anywho, cell shaded version on top, normal on bottom, went with a marble texture for handle, guess black on black background wasn't too bright eh?
3 commentsParaclete
Tetra.jpgTetra Grown474 viewsHey Ya'll! quess what?!?! ZL gallery is working again! woot!
Yeah, this is my first pic of Tetra (first WW pic too, I never played it tho.)I did a while ago. So yeah. Enjoy! And start uploadin' again!
14 commentsSusie Q
theadventureoflink cardset.jpg
theadventureoflink cardset.jpgLinkstuffitem Link2 cardset199 viewsI knew I still had these some one of my card binders.
these were trading/game cards that came from nintendo in1998..many other cards had mario and other charecters..each pack of about 9 also had a sticker card at random.
this is all ten the adventures of Link set of cards..there kind of played like you would a scratch ticket..I lost at most of them..
3 commentsFyrborn
TP_Great_Fairy_by_Princess_of_Twilight.pngTwilight Princess- Great Fairy 225 viewsHello Everyone!^^ I'm back! Yay! =3 I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile I've been really busy with end of the year tests and projects. (My teachers are all jerks!) I've been kinda slow on ideas too, so if anyone has any I'll be more than glad to hear them!
About the pic....
This was drawn at random one day, and then I wanted to do something special with it....I used my Prismas that I got awhile back! Now keep in mind that this is my first time using them and I realized how hard they are to blend cuz' they blend with any color on contact... I used Paint Shop Pro to darken her skin in some spots because I press too lightly when it comes to skin... and I used it to make a little bit of spots "glow". Now for those of you who have played TP you will notice I've added a...*ahem* Top, to make it a tad more appropriate. anyways, I hope you all like it!^^ Yeah I'll stop typing now...
Great Fairy (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twiligt
11 commentsPrincess of Twilight
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