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01 selena.mp3
01 selena.mp3The Triumphant Hero420 viewsOk... i made this song in literally 2 hours... and i also wrote this song... (ya notice the fact that it doesn't sound like any zelda songs u are familiar with *lol*) first off, this is (again) a rough draft (sadly) i would like to get in to more orchestra stuff... btw, i suck at playing cymbals... i need a little more practice... but this song is meant for any of the (future) zelda games... my guess is that it would be the ending/closing song of the game (the song that plays during the credits) ya and thats just about it.... let me know what u think!17 commentsdude_thats_evil
16147560a6737468431o.jpgMelartis, Din and Nayru88 viewsAh another practice doing the protrait side of the faces. Hmm forgotten to add Farore, ah oh well next time. I really enjoyed playing Oracle of Seasons, didn't try Oracle of Ages though.2 commentsDivine_Link
16147560a9564149127o.jpgLeona Lewis sketch107 viewsI'm a big fan of Leona Lewis ever since I saw her during X-Factor, her voice is simply amazing and I love almost all of her songs. Especially Footprints in the Sand which gives an idea for my next fanart. =) Oh, I know I was only suppost to post Zelda fanart, this is practice doing the hair and it came out good. ^_^1 commentsDivine_Link
16147560a9591711815o.jpgLori66 viewsAnother practice drawing the hair, I'm getting better at it. Oh, this is Lori from the Wind Archer fanfic I'm currently writing. I'm proofreading the whole fanfic and will be up soon! =)Divine_Link
chsdmufe.jpgChibi Link and Dart332 viewsI needed to practice my hand at SD.7 commentsWel
link and malon colored.jpg
link and malon colored.jpgLink+Malon colored889 viewsmade from all colored pencils. THIS WAS REQUESTED FROM Dark_Mistress_666!!! (from fanart central) This like is my third request that I had ever done. I don't get request that much, but if you like you can ask. I take awhile to finish requests pics though. So do it one at a time. Okay, I really screwed up this pic, sorry, my posture making is really bad. I need more practice. Something is wrong with it in sooo many ways... :(
16 commentsAllysa
linkzelda0003.jpgHold Me...278 viewsYeah, even the hero needs a little compassion and touch once in awhile..haha..actually I have been really practicing alot on getting my pics more simple and line-like, creating new characters for my own story...when I practice, I still like to do Link and Zelda sometimes..enjoy! Pencil sketch.....6 commentsGirlink
melora_forest.jpgForest Child347 viewsJust a sketch, colored quickly for the heck of it. The faces were very much like ones from a doujinshi I had- I was looking at it when I drew this for practice. Had to change Saria's outfit, it always bugged me a little. -This is not a pairing, I think Link and Saria make adorable best friends, and when I was little up until now, I had guy friends that were like actual brothers to me, so that's how I see these two.5 commentsMelora
melora_forestchild.jpgForest Child250 viewsJust a sketch, colored quickly in photoshop. The faces were very much like ones from a doujinshi I had- I was looking at it when I drew this for practice.. Had to change Saria's outfit, it always bugged me a little. -This is not a pairing, I think Link and Saria make adorable best friends, and when I was little up until now, I had guy friends that were like actual brothers to me, so that's how I see these two.1 commentsMelora
melora_lttp1.jpgPractice Sketches433 viewsThese are practice sketches of the art from the Link to the Past guide- Pencil1 commentsMelora
melora_lttp2.jpgPractice Sketches233 viewsThese are practice sketches of the art from the Link to the Past guide- pencil1 commentsMelora
melora_oracle1.jpgPractice Sketches446 viewsJust some practices sketches of the characters from the official art for the Oracle series- pencil3 commentsMelora
melora_oracle2.jpgPractice Sketches286 viewsJust some practice sketches of the official Oracle series art done in pencilMelora
naboru_adult1.jpgNabooru, colored104 viewsI've started to use Opencanvas for coloring. I think this simple tool is much better, for such a biginner in paintings like me, rather than some programs like Painter or so. Maybe I 'd practice a LOT more, and then try those professional tools later :)

So, I must say, please don't be so critical 'bout it, since this is just for practicing, and I'm still in learning procedure.

I hope you enjoy it, all of you.

*click the image for bigger size.

Ocarina of Time Nabooru (C) Nintendo
Art (C) sjsaria
6 commentssjsaria
ordongoat.jpgLink and Ordon Goat141 viewsYeah, very exciting title... I just wanted to draw Link and Ordon goat and practice shading fur. Those goats are so cute. 5 commentscyen
practice.jpgsword practice904 viewsI WANT TP TO COME OUT RIGHT NOW!!!16 commentsMichelle K.
Practice_Sword.pngPractice Sword83 viewsThis is the first sword Link gains in Skyward Sword! After this he obtains the Goddess Sword, which I'll do later.

Practice Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda Skyward Sword by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
Seagullfeathers.psd.jpgSeagull-Feathers Colored572 viewsI colored it on Photoshop. Mind you, I still need a little practice, but for now, this satisfies me somewhat ^^;15 commentsMalon Aniku
Shading_sketch_1.jpgShading Attempt120 viewsHello everyone. Dose anyone remember me? Good ol' Iron~Knuckle? I~K? heh, it's nice to be here agin. I'd like to say that everyone has been doing excelent in my time of absence. I may stick around for a while again. I'd like to show you how I've improved, especially with photoshop (heh heh, when I left, I sucked :P) Well, onto the picture.
I drew this in 45 minutes to practice my new-found shading skills, or lack-there-of. Originally i was going to draw a normal sword, but ended up drawing the master sword's blade with an average swords hilt. meh, what can you do?...
45 minutes
2H, H, Hb
2 commentsIron~knuckle
sheikinshadow.jpgSheik in Shadow521 viewsYeah, I got lazy. Sorry. This is a copy of a Spiderman pose. The drawing has been done for a few months now, I just never got around to finishing it. I hate finals. I was going for a darker look and wanted to practice my shadows a bit. I was going to add a cooler background, but just got tired of working on this pic. Don't worry, I plan to have alot more drawings on the way this next semester! Oh, and by the way, this is my first finished pic of the new Sheik from before Link's time. He does not have the cloak and the eye does not have a tear. His hair is also black. His sword has the power to steal someone's soul once it pierces their flesh. 3 commentsHeroftime
WindWaker_Hakumei___PT72.pngWW Hakumei163 viewsMy Twili OC done in WW Style as practice. :) Hope you all like it! :3

Hakumei and Art (C) Me
2 commentsPrincess of Twilight
worlds.JPGIf Our Worlds Weren't Seperate265 viewsI think Zelda and Saria could've become friends if Zelda could leave the castle and if Saria could leave the forest. I hate that thing young Zelda wears on her head and Saria's clothes look so warm, so I made them both new clothes. Zelda's clothes are kind of like that picture I drew of her with a wooden sword and I just made up Saria's, something that you would wear if you lived in a warm forest that still looks cute.

There are some things I need to fix with this, such as their shoes, and Zelda's hair. Even though she's only 10, she looks like she could be in her teens... I think its because he hair's down, so I'm going to try and draw it up. Feet are hard too, this is good practice.
2 commentsChibi-Kokiri
zelda_gown.jpgZelda at Night466 viewsOkay, lots of people have been debating about the white line thing. That was fully intentional. However, I drew this a while back, when I didn't know how to make white space transparent. But, now I know. ^^ I do it like this:

1. scan in a drawing.
2. in photoshop, select all and copy.
3. create a new layer, and fill it in black.
4. switch to quick mask mode, and paste into the black layer.
5. switch back to normal mode, and press delete.

All finished!

If I had wanted a cleaner line I could have stroked the outline of the drawing. Ah well. Practice makes perfect, right?

I don't particularly like Zelda, but I do like drawing her. Hopefully she'll be cooler in TP and actually do some of her own fighting... and I hope there's some kind of Malon-esque character in it too!
9 commentscerasly
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