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Captured 2005-8-17 00000.JPG
Captured 2005-8-17 00000.JPGLink and Rikah138 viewsOkay, I think my story is coming together... I won't reveal it yet, but here's the lowdown; I know, Rikah and Link look a LOT alike, I did that on purpose (duh)! It's a part of my fan fic.
Once again, having a scanner would save my drawings' life. My stupid digital camera is killing them!!!
3 commentsPrizzZel
Captured 2005-8-4 00000.JPG
Captured 2005-8-4 00000.JPGThe new Master Sword Pedestal!132 viewsDIE, Navi, DIE!!! Muahahaha!

I do know the master sword looks a little small, but that's cause I ran out of paper. ^v^' Eheh heh...
3 commentsPrizzZel
Link&Me.JPGLink & Me124 viewsI'll explain why it sucks.

1. I had a short pencil with an eraser that barely erased.

2. This was my first time drawing full bodies of a person (or people, in this case) and the position was quite difficult.

3. I don't have a scanner, so I had to take a picture of it with my digital camera.

Anyways... back off girls. Link's MINE.
5 commentsAddie
Photos 00041.JPG
Photos 00041.JPGAurora104 viewsI skeched her real quick with my colored pencils. I guess she could be a zora... with hair? Lol. Well, she just looked like an Aurora, so I named her ^v^.1 commentsPrizzZel
Rikah.JPGRikah101 viewsHm... I'm thinking of writing a FanFic and having Rikah be a charecter.
I really don't know what it'll be about (well, psh... besides Zelda :P) yet, so I have no idea what she's doing... some sort of magic with her necklace I guess...
2 commentsPrizzZel
ZelDraw 00001.JPG
ZelDraw 00001.JPGPrincess Zelda's Wedding Dress141 viewsCurse you, digital camera! Seriously... I need a scanner. It took me like... 30 minutes to even get it looking that good.
Oh well, here it is. Simple color (finally got colored pencils, yay), I used her Twilight Princess dress as an example, but most of it is my idea. She also is wearing a wedding ring, but you can't see it since my camera SUCKS.

Oh, and it's obvious who she's engaged to. =P
3 commentsPrizzZel
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