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clrprolink.jpgLINK Profile (color)178 viewsI threw this pencil sketch into photoshop this morning, nothin fancy, wanted to see what it looked like in color....4 commentsGirlink
Link.jpgLink Profile191 viewsJust a profile drawing of our hero. Colored in with photoshop1 commentsArt1st4786
Link.pngLink Profile94 viewsDone on my wacom tabletsorwrith
linkfightnotextfinalgzvbq9.pngBattle3231 viewsContributed by Haakon2 commentsMelora
link_smashbros.jpg791 viewsLink's character profile in Super Smash Bros. (N64)Ricky
Medliside.jpgMedli Side127 viewsI drew a profile of Medli, and then forgot to add her nose. >^_^<2 commentsLuneste
ProfileLink.jpgLink Profile240 viewsHey well I never tried this style before, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I know I didnt finish his body. Please be kind, its a first attempt..:) Freehand pencil (and the after effects of watching way too much InuYasha today)..haha4 commentsGirlink
Sariaprofile.JPGSaria's Profile69 viewsI was practicing drawing profiles (This was the first one i have ever done ever!) and I had been doing a SariaxLink video (to Bleeding Love if anyone is interested... thought not)
I was also in a Saria mood, so everything just clicked. I did a Saria picture and Voila here's the result.

Basically the story of the picture and the video is the same so here's whats happened:
She's very upset... Link has just left her to go and get the stones and the master sword and the medallions ect. She loves him, he doesn't love her. She knows his fate and tries to help him. Despite all her effort to get her feelings across he kinda just doesn't realise what she's trying to say and breaks her heart... Mwah! I'm gonna cry now...

So basically this is a side view of Saria's head in my other picture Saria's Sorrow. ENJOY.

Drawn in Pencil
2 commentsFaerieEpona
Sariaprofilever2,_cleaned_upcolour_copy.jpgSaria's Profile Coloured116 viewsOkay, I know the transition from Saria to the background is iffy i did my best and failed.
Right I coloured most of this at 11:30 last night (2/2/08, gee, in a few years time ppl will look at this and think blimey, that was AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS ago) and i was very pleased with it (well, i suppose you could be pleased with anything at that time of night). In the morning i was *gasp* still pleased with it? yes, anyway finished the colouring like, 5 minutes ago...

Anyway, got to do Geography homework now *yawn*... enjoy

PS. Looks better full view

Drawn in Pencil
Coloured with Mouse (still waiting for a wacom tablet)
Coloured In Photoshop Elements
6 commentsFaerieEpona
sl_profile_hatless_col.JPGI COLOURED THIS PIC AT LAST!!!!239 viewsI still don't know why I drew him without his hat, but I like this pic, none the less.8 commentsvaati_girl
sn2_001.jpgJade and Kado173 viewsThis is a sketch of my two original pics, Kado and Jade from my fanfiction in the Seeing Truth trilogy I'm writing. Kado's one of those arrogant guys that ends up falling for Jade all over again after remembering his "second" personality in a "dream" she had in a 20 month coma she was in. Anyway, my profile at fanfiction is if there's any interest to check.jade2824
z0504.jpg973 viewsCourtesy of dudeofrandomness.lord-of-shadow
z0505.jpg845 viewsCourtesy of dudeofrandomness.2 commentslord-of-shadow
ZeldaProfile.jpgZelda's Profile341 viewsThis is Zelda in a different dress, I drew this quite a long time ago and just changed a bit of the coloring on it last week. And in the back, that's Zelda's name in Japanese.10 commentsSusie Q
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