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01 - Track 1.mp3
01 - Track 1.mp3Gerudo's Tripp'n Remix556 viewsI have no good ideas for a title right now... (please give me some ideas). Ok heres the breakdown... umm... first off, i need to explain the fact that this is NOTHING but a rough draft... I just wanted to mess around with the song, and as always, i apologize for the countless errors... What this is for, is; i am wondering if you like the sound of it so far. (BE HONEST!!! I CRITIQUE YOUR STUFF HONESTLY, SO I'D LIKE YOU TO DO THE SAME TO ME) now about the song... i made the beat by myself, (dudeofrandomness actually didn't do any of it...) Please let me know what you think!34 commentsdude_thats_evil
01 selena.mp3
01 selena.mp3The Triumphant Hero420 viewsOk... i made this song in literally 2 hours... and i also wrote this song... (ya notice the fact that it doesn't sound like any zelda songs u are familiar with *lol*) first off, this is (again) a rough draft (sadly) i would like to get in to more orchestra stuff... btw, i suck at playing cymbals... i need a little more practice... but this song is meant for any of the (future) zelda games... my guess is that it would be the ending/closing song of the game (the song that plays during the credits) ya and thats just about it.... let me know what u think!17 commentsdude_thats_evil
Castle.PNGJourney of the Lost Memories-Doujin Page 331 viewsI was talking to Princess of Twilight and I asked her if I should actually leave or not, and she told me no and I figured to maybe give this place one last chance...After this page every page will be together so meaning page 4 and 5 will be together. As you can tell, I'm no longer writing on the pages. I'm not too far from just letting the characters talk. Also hopefully Princess of Twilight will get Armon Castle looking almost like the “rough draft” I made mths ago. Hopefully it won’t be too big…

"But, Hyrule isn't the one with a Princess who needs a Prince; the land is just pass the lands of Ordona province, a secret way to another land ruled by a Princess that no one has noticed. Not until the Princess of Hyrule found out when she was a child." I'm going to say this for one last time. I'm accepting request's by either paint or free hand drawings. And if I don't get enough comments I will leave. In a way I do find it a bit unfair that when someone posts something they get like idk a lot of comments and when I post it's like only a few comments...

OC's, Storyline, style © by: Me
Zelda, Link, Orge Deity, Epona, Midna, and Ganondorf © by: Nintendo
Zelda © by: Shigeru Miyamoto
11 commentsAmy122
Evilocity.jpgEvilocity415 viewsAll of the BADDIES from WW... well most of them. umm... this was a really quick scrap together. It almost took me longer to open the files than it did to actually arrange, edit, etc. I'd like to come out with a final draft, but i will need your help to give me ideas, tell me i suck and that i should start over, or tell me that this is good enough to be the final draft... whichever is best for u9 commentsdude_thats_evil
hand.jpgRough (smoothed) Draft for Gauntlet.483 viewsEver notice how ganon and link have rather similar gauntlets? i'm supposed to be making some stuff in my Independant study with 3DMax, so i figured i'd make one of their gauntlets. I'm not sure whose I'm making, but at this point it doesn't matter. Obviously, this model is still in the works, so if anyone wants to give me some advice, i'm open to it at, as well as here in the gallery. Made in 3DMax, image touched up in photoshop.15 commentsKoroks Rock
LoZ Raft.JPG
LoZ Raft.JPGMisty Swamp832 viewsThe original Link.8 commentsThat Guy
LoZ1--Raft.jpgLoZ1 Raft18 viewsThe raft in Zelda 1.

The artwork from the manual was the reference for this. And I know the sky doesn't look blue--scanner ate up the detail.
LoZ2_Raft.jpgZelda 2 AoL Raft41 viewsThe Raft in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link, waiting in the Island Palace.

You'll need this to get to the other continent and continue the quest for the Triforce of Courage.

I used the instruction manual scan for reference on the raft, and for reference in the palace... with a little artistic license thrown in.
race.swfMinish Race488 viewsA simple flash game, crafted for Zelda's 20th birthday (as far as japan is concerned).

It's definately not finished, but it's the beginning of what I hope will be a community effort. It needs a few levels to beef it out, a little introductory explaination, me to figure out how to get the water spills working again, etc, but it's playable as of right now. Just grab a buddy and enjoy riding around on an octo as a Minish.
6 commentsKoroks Rock
raft.gif368 viewsRaft.
Raft.gif242 views
Raft.gif265 views
Raft.gif158 views
Raft.gif129 viewsIron Knuckle
rafton.gif532 viewsRafton, raft maker.
Rafton.gif203 views
scan0004.jpgLink and Midna176 viewsI drew this for my dad. This was only a rough draft, and I am working on more refined picture. This was actually the first Twilight Princess picture I have drawn.1 commentsBlack_Mare
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-001.pngTemple of Time Master Sword136 viewsFinal draft of this scene, notice how you can see the fire symbol a lil more clearly in this scene.. You know who I'm talking to. ^_^2 commentsParaclete
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-002.pngTemple of Time Master Sword106 viewsFinal draft of Master Sword with a lil light star effect. 1 commentsParaclete
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-005.pngTemple of Time Master Sword97 viewsThink this is my final draft of the Temple of Time Sword Chamber, unless I can perfect my materials..3 commentsParaclete
Vaati draft.jpg
Vaati draft.jpgVaati497 viewsI imagined what would Vaati look like if being a character from a non-cartoon Zelda game, the comparison is aside. Which one is your favourite?13 commentsLudovic
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