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061 - At Lon Lon Ranch.png
061 - At Lon Lon Ranch.png204 viewsdavogones
a day at the Ranch.gif
a day at the Ranch.gifa day at the ranch307 viewsi did his free hand with colour pencils, it's link, Malon and the scary looking chick *points* yup her, is ment to be me.... how sad putting my-self with link and malon *shakes head*....sad2 commentsNirash
DevelopedRanch.jpg142 viewsFrom
epona.jpgEpona767 viewsThat's right! I thought, "Hey, if my Human characters are becoming anthros, why wouldn't an animal become an anthro too?"
Epona is a lovely girl adopted by Talon (Malon's father), and she currently works in the ranch. Pretty tough girl with a heart of gold. She and Mal get along really well, and "lil" Epona loves to hang around with Link. She has feelings for him, but they aren't love. The girl knows he's already with Aliku, and she has no wishes of becoming dead meat at the hands of a psycho Sygel ^-^;;
Oh, and if her eyes look weird, that's because I gave her horse pupils. They aren't like ours, they are horizontal, so now you know.
4 commentsdan heron
EponaAtTheRanch.jpg197 viewsFrom
EponaAtTheRanch2.gif185 viewsFrom
EponaAtTheRanch3.gif218 viewsFrom
EponaAtTheRanch4.gif198 viewsFrom
EponaAtTheRanch6.gif161 viewsFrom
EponaAtTheRanch7.gif149 viewsFrom
Explorar.jpgDesert Dancer Malon892 viewsYou know? I think I may start uploading my sketches here in the scraps, I tend to doodle a lot during classes XD That's bad, boys and girl, you shouldn't do it! The Dan is a registered professional, so he has license to do things he isn't supposed to do during classes, always remember that.

And well, just like the title says, Desert Dancer, Malon. Yes, Malon! Our sweet ranch girl is part Gerudo, and like any of her desert sisters, well, she's a warrior at heart. She doesn't uses the typical twin scimitars of the Gerudos, she prefers claws, like Link's. Her lovely and sensual dance hides deadly movement that she uses to finish her enemies in a blink.
Here we can see her with her Gerudo outfit, I'm not very sure of what to change to it, but I'm sure I'm gonna change something.

As you can see, Mal is very different from Ari. The red has bigger breast, round hips, longer hair, and is very feminine, everything Ari wants in a girl X)
16 commentsdan heron
GotMilk.jpgGot Milk?320 viewsWow, this one is very, very old. I'm finally uploading it 'cuz I knew I never would if I didn't do it now. I like it though.5 commentsSusie Q
Hyrule_Field.JPGOut of the Forest386 viewsOne of my favourite moments of OoT when I first walked out onto the field. A sketch I did several years ago served as a template for this drawing. That is Lon Lon Ranch glinting in the distance several miles away. I've always imagined all of the locations in OoT to be much larger than they are depicted in the game. 4 commentsThat Guy
ingo.jpg1368 viewsIngo from Lon Lon Ranch.4 commentsRicky
LonLonRanch.jpg327 viewsFrom nintendo.com2 comments
Malon.JPGMalon179 viewsA colored sketch of everyone's favorite ranch chick.jiminycricketX
Malon_knightinshiningarmor_forjake.jpgMalon Sketch586 viewsA project i never finished due to too much difficulty >_< Malon at Lon Lon Ranch, thinking of a knight and shining armor whisking her away on a horse.9 commentsSora
Norikoclr.jpgNoriko297 viewsYeah, I know this isnt a Zelda character, but she is my own, and DOES meet up with Link at Lon Lon Ranch in my fanfic...soooo, can I post her?? :) (Pencil, ink, and finally, Photoshop.....)7 commentsGirlink
owl.gif2212 viewsThe mysterious owl perched on a branch.5 comments
RanchChickens.jpg500 viewsFrom nintendojo.com2 comments
Redead-Tennis.pngZelda Tennis90 viewsJust one of the reasons why Nintendo hasn't expanded that Mario Sports phenomenon into other popular franchises.2 commentsPsytronic
romani_cremia.gif1218 viewsRomani and Cremia, owners of Romani Ranch.
snowy.jpgA bit of Terragen307 viewsEh. I'm getting that hunger for really epic landscapes again, now that I've read l-o-s' post on the landscape designer for TP. Being something of a mapper myself, i know the desire to make massive, amazing landscapes altogether to well. It's the kind of endeavor not many get to fullfil, except in programs like Terragen.

This picture also enjoys the role of being the top banner for my website, Cube Legends. Cube Legends, for the newcomers to this gallery, is a game Mod that i started over a year ago, orignally about Zelda, but now it's branched off into a different direction.
3 commentsKoroks Rock
Spare Key(LonLonRanchKey).gif
Spare Key(LonLonRanchKey).gif202 viewsIron Knuckle
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