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Big O real -4powers.jpg
Big O real -4powers.jpgBig O real -4powers-154 viewsWent back to my roots of drawing with this one,.I used to draw realistic animal pics when I was younger,.like grade school,.some20 years ago..Gobooros oboroos at his best or how ever you say his name??
Whoo!! plus owls are cool
11 commentsFyrborn
Falcon2.jpgColored Hawk!366 viewsyay! this is probably the most realistic picture ive ever done! it turned out so great! hope you like it! ^.^13 commentseponagirl
ganonandzen.PNGGanondorfXZenia62 viewsHello everyone, I've finally gotten over my slight artist's block and managed to draw something! So, I was trying to go for a bit more of a realistic look with this drawing, but I don't really know if I accomplished it; what do you guys think? I had to use several refrences from the OOT manga for Ganondorf's outfit (very hard to do when Akira Himekawa keeps changing it every different scene he's in). Helpful criticism is welcome.
Ganondorf (c) Nintendo
Zenia, Art (c) hauu13
7 commentshauu13
Hyrule_Phoenix.jpgHyrule Phoenix252 viewsA realistic depiction of the phoenix that's beneath the Triforce on Link's sheild.3 commentsKeaton the Yellow Fox
impa.jpgSage of Shadow198 viewsA full CG of Impa. Something about it makes her look a little scary, but I can't quite place it. I've just started learing a more realistic style in photoshop, so it's still very rough with lots of errors. I think I want to draw Impa more often--she's fun to draw!1 commentscerasly
link and aryll 2.PNG
link and aryll 2.PNGHappy Siblings687 viewsfirst time drawing Aryll. its all from wind waker but realistically. it sucks!15 commentsAllysa
magic3.giforanges, pears, and blueberries, in surrealistic style, with a soggy gold triangle in the back258 viewsI didn't know what to call this, and no one had any suggestionsexcept for KR, so i went with it. I'm not sure why.
anyway, the background was made by dude_thats_evil.
6 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
Mela.jpgMelartis Felagund74 views“There’s a time when the moon was full and pale, when the night was dark and cold to inhale. A peaceful night suddenly turns into a fright. There came a whoosh of cold air that was too cold for anyone to bear. The land and my people has befallen and their hope is forgotten. O gods hear and answer my plea. Please…I want to save my people and this task is not simple. I need help…”

- Princess Melartis Felagund

Ah, I might as well draw Melartis more realistic this time and wrote a plea for another fanfic I'm working on. What do you think?
3 commentsDivine_Link
midnaimp.pngImp Midna43 viewsI should have uploaded this a month ago... Anywho, this is just some random sketch type drawing od Midna in her imp form. I think I was trying to get her to look realistic, but I can't recall.

Midna (C) Nintendo
Art (C) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
Nabooru.jpgNabooru the Sage of Spirit51 viewsHey everyone, I just finished drawing this piece today. Thought I draw Nabooru looking realistic, well sort of lol. Ruto and Nabooru are my favorite sages. :) I slightly changed her hairstyle letting some of her hair hang loose and also the design of her neck chocker looks different as well, because her original one looks hard to make out to sketch. Hmm her hand looks funny to me. lol

Artwork © R.M.
4 commentsCaranthir Felagund
Nayru4.pngNayru322 viewsive been doing alot of realistic drawings lately. it definately takes longer but its sooooo much fun!! hope you like it! XD

11 commentseponagirl
RealismRunede.pngRealism Runede107 viewsFirst try at realism, you can tell there are some things I need to improve on. But I just couldn't resist drawing my Ru all realistic and serious like~!

Runede, art (C) hauu13
4 commentshauu13
Realistic_Epona__TP_by_Blazestarre.jpgRealistic Epona-TP101 viewsIt's Epona, like my other one, but from TP!2 commentsBlazestarre
reallink.GIFReal Link120 viewsThis is my attempt at drawing a realistic face for Link. But now that I think about it...he's better animated. Either that, or I need some serious drawing skills, hee hee.6 commentsManicAlpha
REpona.JPGRealistic Epona144 viewsTaken from an official art work of Epona. I tried to shade it so it would look realistic, but it's a bit blocky...1 commentsBlazestarre
the calm before....JPG
the calm before....JPGThe Calm Before...200 viewsanyone who's seen the trailers of twilight princess has noticed that the weather sorta varies a bit. there are a lot of storms, and i've noticed cloud shadows, which gave me the idea for this. i also got some inspiration from the incredibly green light that was outside my window while doing this. so, here is some (somewhat) realistic weather i hope to see--tell me if it's overdone, especially the greenness. and yes, it's snowy. for one thing, i'd like to see snow in tp, and for another, the lighting just didn't show up on grass.8 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
zelda_real.jpgReal Life Zelda415 viewsThis is an old drawing of Zelda I found floating around the internet, hahaha. I forgot I even drew it! But I still really like it, so I am posting it. ^^ I hope you like it, too. :)6 commentscerasly
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