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Before_being_sealed.pngFierce Deity136 viewsThat'll be the last one for today. :) The portrait was drawn and painted in Photoshop CS2. ^^ It's still my favourite even though it's not the most recent; yet there are many details off, proportion-wise at least. :/ Well, enjoy <36 commentsWaann
book.PNGZelda with a book112 viewsMost unimaginative title ever, but it sums up the drawing. I wonder what Zelda's reading? It looks to be the thickness of a Stephen King book. It's all black and white, and colorless...
Zelda (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
8 commentshauu13
Dark_Link_Dark_Zelda_and_Vaati_by_Princess_of_Twilight.pngDark Link X Dark Zelda...and Vaati967 viewsHi everyone! I have't gotten around to posting anything really since I've had a lot of homework recently. T^T Anyways requests are getting done, but taking a little longer. Sorry to whoever has one. >< I'll try my hardest to get them done!

I found this pic in the bottom of my drawing pile and it was already drawn so I just had to ink it, color it, and get it up here.^^ It's a pic of Dark Link, Dark Zelda, (they look happy together as far as evil people go lol )and a very angry and very little Vaati. XD I tried to stick with a consistent color scheme of red, black, white, and purple because I thought it looks nice that way.^^ I hope you all like it!^^

Dark Link, Dark Zelda, and Vaati (C) Nintendo
Art (C) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
fallen_knight.jpgA Fallen Knight of Hyrule551 viewswhoops, just realized i didn't reskin the shield. Dangit.

Bleh. This is a screen from my game Mod, in a level called Dormant Menace (which is actually a revision of my first game map, ever). The idea is that there are bodies and pools of blood left around from a recent battle, and this is just one of many.

I couldn't tell you how many verts are onscreen, because this compiles about three different models. there are about 4 textures being used, three 256^2 and a 64^2.

it took me about an hour to reskin and remodel the knight (which is not originally mine, but i've done a bumload of work to it). the blood spats took me about 5 minutes. place would have been about two minutes too, except that i changed some inherent apects of how this stuff is called, so it extended that prcess to about twenty minutes.

So, not a terribly long job, but a productive one with results i'm pretty happy with. Remember that there are about twenty of these in the map, so it has to be low-poly enough to not slow down gameplay
9 commentsKoroks Rock
gerudolink_gimp_b-g.jpgGerudo Link -colored-271 viewsI'm still asking myself how I managed to produce something like this. Thing is, i had seen an example of how to color skin with the computer somewhere on dA (divine-star's gallery I think it was) and since I had recently downloaded Gimp (thankyou KR), I decided to try it on dear Link's face. And I fell in love with how it looked. So of course I had to color the whole pic that way. ^^"

I got bored about halfway through and just smudge-tooled the tunic into submission. XD

I will not tell you how many hours it took me. I don't have a graphics tablet, so I did it all with my mouse... my hand is dead now.

The only part I'm really not satisfied with is the shadow at Link's feet. Meh.
2 commentsaquawolf
Heros.jpgThe Hero of Time and the Hero of Winds285 viewsMany Heros, One big enemy...The most recent drawing of the Legends of Zelda series of black and white drawings. Maybe more will come.Ludovic
hyrule castle.JPG
hyrule castle.JPGhyrule castle231 viewsthis is hyrule castle. really. it truly is.
ok fine. when i made this i had Hogwarts in mind (please tell me you know what Hogwarts is). so i guess you could argue that it's not a genuine zelda picture. but it reminded me of hyrule castle in TP. have you noticed that in the first scene of the first trailer you can see it on the horizon? i only just noticed that for the first time recently.
also, this does look like how i hope hyrule will be. lakes and mountains in addition to a big fat field in the middle.
oh yeah, i almost forgot. that castle was made by hand with paint. yes. and it looks really stupid without the blurring i did.
please comment.
9 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
Link.JPGConcept Link267 viewsI've recently been teaching myself how to color in photoshop, and thought it would be fun to go back to some of my older stuff and see what it would look liked colored. Hope you enjoy.1 commentsBraxis
Linky2.JPGA Disturbing Developement100 viewsWhat's that you say - that's not Link? Well in my fan ficcy world - yes it is. It really is best no to dwell on such things...

Surprisingly this is not an oekaki - I recently got a tablet - why? 'Cause my credit limit said I other reason than that. I know it's sketchy but I've never used one of these before - so there bound to be a HUGE learning curve (HUGE)

Link is the propehteh to those fine maker o' teh Wii - of in Japanese - Nintendo
Link_s sin-Ganon_s death.jpg
Link_s sin-Ganon_s death.jpgLink's sin...Ganon's death.203 viewsI wanted to do a ganon peice,on him being dead at the end of Oot...mainly cause this just came to one time..but also I don't have any recent ganon pics...hand drawn and colored with markers and colors...and edited with photoeditor...can you find the triforce...theres two...his death is white space dreamy.12 commentsFyrborn
LL_chapter1_pic.jpgChapter 1- Outcast326 viewsThis is for chapter one of my fanfic, the Lost Link, which can be found in the fanfic gallery. I drew this a while ago, and forgot about it until recently. For more of my non- zelda art, go to Enjoy!Linkmaster
LoZ1--Like_Like.jpgLoZ1 Like Like20 viewsThe shield eating blob, Like Like, from Zelda 1.

I used the manual art as a reference... and since it likes to eat Magic Shields, I drew it enjoying a recent meal.
MidnaEaster.pngHappy Easter!^^250 viewsI was inspired by all the Midna pictures that were recentley uplodaded(Kifan's and Magalink"s) umm yeah..I hope you all have a good Easter!^^ The Twilight in the BG looked a lot better before I scanned it but this isn't my regular computer/scanner so thats what happened..oh well.^^'
Midna (C) Nintedno
Art (C) Me.
10 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Moonlit Link.jpg
Moonlit Link.jpg-Moonlit-682 viewsThis is my most recent pic of link. I redesigned him to what he might wear in between the 7 years of OOT, so he'd be about 13 here. I took ages on this pic, so please no harsh critique. 11 commentsLinkmaster
Nabooru Revamped.jpg
Nabooru Revamped.jpgSage of Spirit377 viewsAnother one of my recently fixed pics. I think this is the first nabooru pic I've uplaoded. Nabooru is on of my faves! 9 commentsSusie Q
noirlink2.jpgNoir Link120 viewsA drawing I did in the style of a film I recently saw, Sin City. I understand that it may not be to everyone's taste and maybe looks a little incomplete but I quite like it like this.3 commentsAnno
nomsrc.jpgWind Oni-Master Sword377 viewsone of my better sword drawings, most recent.6 commentsWel
Noseplug.jpgThe Noseplug Incident702 viewsThis is a very old joke, one of my earliest pics. The idea was that Link, having been recently beaten up, has accidentally used Navi as a noseplug, because he's too bloodied to tell the difference.11 commentsKoroks Rock
owl screenshot.jpg
owl screenshot.jpgOwl Statue590 viewsSo this is a screenshot form inside LoZ-Cube of the Owl statue i've recently made, based off of the MM owl statue, but in this case being used as one of the owls from LA. hence the ironic comment (hinting at just how deranged Link really is)7 commentsKoroks Rock
Real_Hylian_Shield_by_Wakxix.jpgReal Hylian Sheild139 viewsThis is an actual handmade Hylian Shield replica from The Legend of Zelda. It is made entirely out of scrap steel and is 21.25" long by 17.5" wide. My Dad and I made it over 10 years ago when Ocarina of Time came out. I recently repainted it along with a handmade Master Sword and Sheath3 commentswakxix
rickyrulz.jpgRicky > Link224 viewsYes it's true the roo is greater than the rider. >:3

Having played Oracle games recently I realised that Link is such a pain-in-the-ass to control, I'm not bashing the difficulty factor because gamers love a new challenge, and all Zelda games start with just 3 hearts meaning the monsters can inflict tremendous damage to your life-force, BUT here you always seem to come off worse whenever fighting a screen full of enemies, the hero moves like a stoned snail and his sword is pathetically weak! (you can't upgrade it until the last leg of the quest) …don't even get me started on those damn electrified monsters. ]:x

My annoyance sky-rocketed after the first few dungeons; then I found Ricky, and I actually started enjoying the game again. This kangaroo kicks ass! Ricky can move far faster, attacks bad guys like crazy, jump over cliffs easily, and unleashes powerful mini-tornados upon command. =3

Pity you can't take this companion into the dungeons. >.>

Ricky, Link © Nintendo 2006.
tpnewcollage1024x768.jpgTP collage/wallpaper (again)493 viewsI do way too many of these. But I like this one a lot. Screenies + official art. As always. Fireworks. As always. Washed-out (blue this time) and sized at 1024 x 768. As I've recently done. Suggestions? (as always?)
<note>this was partially inspired by ganondorfs-girl in the pic where she compares zelda to hooded zelda. And then it turned into this</note>
6 commentsdudeofrandomness
vaati.jpgVaati-sama463 viewsFinally! my fanart of Vaati is complete^^ I don´t know why but i recently have a kind of vaati-obsession XD
hope you like it^^¡
9 commentsShinigami_Gtc
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