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badies 2.gif
badies 2.gifBad Guys (redone)351 viewsSorry about the size of the last one. Here it is again only this time it's a .gif file like you asked. I also tried to correct all of my errors and then "tweeked" it up a little. Like the last one this pic has in-deaph discrepsions of all the big bad guys.17 commentsbounty hunter
Double_Helix_Sword.PNGDouble Helix Sword40 viewsHere's the redone verison of the old one. Plus this one has been hanging round on the "MY Pictures" folder for a long time. And since the creator Shigeru Miyamoto, is on SA; I got a little inspired...btw, I used reference. I used LRA's drawing. So the credit goes to him.

Double Helix Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
7 commentsAmy122
Link_Final.JPGThe Wind Waker268 viewsAnother old drawing that has been redone.1 commentsThat Guy
Link_s_loftwing2_redone.pngLink's loftwing flying370 viewsHi!! this is Link's loftwing as you can see. This is totally different to my usual style, but thats cos its just a play around that took about ten mins. To be honest i'm not amazingly happy with it but there you go, lolGoldEye
Link___Epona_3_redone.JPGlink n epona142 viewsya ya..the sword's cut off...biig woopty-doo
that's an enemy on the bottom corner btw.. haha
6 commentsAtEteMiAGaRe
Link___Marin_sunset_2.JPGLink and Marin Sunset (Redone)205 viewsThis is basically the same picture as my last one, only I messed around with it on HP image zone. It looks much cooler now.2 commentsjiminycricketX
Long Sword (redone).png
Long Sword (redone).pngLong Sword (redone)250 viewsHere is the long sword again. I made it so it didn't look like it would break so easly. Like is said before it looks weird and yet majestic to me.13 commentsbounty hunter
New Zelda Book.PNG
New Zelda Book.PNGNew Zelda Book978 viewscompletely redone!! XD9 commentsbrigette
OrdonSword~1.jpgOrdon Sword Redone46 viewsI made the blade longer, I think it could be a bit longer the hilt does need to be longer. I'll do that another time. Anyway, I think it came out a bit better. I'm going to try to redo the Double Helix Sword....let's hope it comes out better...

Ordon Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
2 commentsAmy122
phantomganon~0.jpgThe King of Evil -- WW331 viewsThe original version of this pic was one of my favorites, but now that i have redone it, i like this one better. I am write single to salute and wait for answer again.2 commentsdude_thats_evil
Redone3.jpgShield Surf: Twilight Princess238 viewsWow! I haven't been here forever! I stumbled on this site again. I thought I should submit something, but I don't have any really new Zelda stuff.. Well, I touched up this oldish picture, and I thought I would submit it. :)

2 commentseponagirl
riuminku2.jpgRiuminku (totally redone)153 viewsSinse the other pic I did of Riuminku (OC) sucked incredibly, I decided to totally redo her, and I think I'm pretty satisfied with the results. Still the same person, though- mischievous, teasing, outgoing, loyal. As I've said before, she's a Vershka, a race with the ability to control shadows to do a wide range of things, though they don't use the full extent of their power. The full explanation is in my fic, I've already got [that part of] it written, waiting to be uploaded.^^
And I got me some prismacolor pencils over Christmas, so a color version will probably follow... quite shortly.
4 commentsaquawolf
saphero2.jpgSaphero redone on the computer66 viewsI decided to redo Saphero with the computer. I hope she doesn't look too bad....Is it better?

4 commentsKifan12
saria 2.jpg
saria 2.jpgSaria Happy141 viewsIts a redone version of my saria and i think it looks much better so i decided to post it Enjoy =)Unttin7
split_wallpaper2.jpgSplit Nature (redone)567 viewsthis is a redo of the previous wallpaper i did. as i explained on that one (though few seemed to listen), i deliberately have everything to one side. DELIBERATELY. For this one I've had to extrapolate the bg and also the wolf's neck quite a bit, which leads to the repeated patterns you see. sorry about that, but it's kinda unavoidable. i did remove the Hylian Crest and the text, to unclutter it, but i think that by changing the spliting line i recluttered it. oh well.

note that while this is not a perfect use of Rule of Thirds, \it's close enough for this purpose. think of it as Rule of Three Fifths.
7 commentsKoroks Rock
WW_Midna_redone.pngWW Midna Re-done170 viewsI made some minor changes with this Midna. like getting rid of the big spot of grey near the upper right of the fused shadow. This version might be clearer... (its supposed to be at least) Just like the prevoius version I would like you to comment, please. Thx! ^-^ 1 commentsPrincess of Twilight
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