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4--Carock_of_Maze_Palace.pngZelda 2 AoL: Maze Palace Guardian Carock136 viewsThe wizard boss of the Maze Palace in Adventure of Link... Carock! Get the Reflect Spell ready!

His design is based off of the official art... but the color is from his in-game sprite.
1 commentsDBoyWheeler
awesomewlevels.jpgHero of Courage, Wisdom, and Power518 viewsPhew! This took forever to do, but I'm extremely satisfied with the result. The scene is supposed to be Link receiving all three pieces of the triforce (Zelda and Ganondorf are dead or something, notice they only appear as reflections beside Link's). Lots of work, lots of lighting effects, lots of satisfaction. Whad'ya think? Note especially the lighting on Link, with the blue and red, not to mention the water...17 commentsdudeofrandomness
D_L__Reflection.pngLink's Reflection314 views I told u the next pic I uploaded would be of Dark Link and Link, so here it is. The idea is credited to my dad. He wanted me to draw a pic of Link looking into Lake Hylia and his reflection was Dark Link. In the top right corner Link looked into the lake and is thinking:
What?! No Way! (Sorry the "h" got screwed up)
Well anyway, I'm working on an OoT pic to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Enjoy!
Dark Link & Link (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
6 commentsPrincess of Twilight
fourswordsguys.JPGFour swords guys111 viewsThe six main dudes from four swords; Vaati, Shadow, Green, Vio, Blue, and Red (in that order). Vaati's wearing a button up shirt, loose purple pants, and he has an eye patch. Shadow, Green, and Blue are all wearing their normal tunics. The Shadow and Green pic is almost as if Green were touching a mirror and his reflection was Shadow. Blue just killed some enemy, probably a deku baba. Vio's wearing his preferred clothes. And Red is wearing a traditional unmarried woman's kimono.
Vaati,Green,Shadow,Blue,Vio, and Red (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
P.S. I'm open to requests and trades now! :3
6 commentshauu13
gerudosheild1.jpgQ2 Gerudo Sheild449 viewsDirectly modeled after the OoT sheild, this 3D model is virtually vertex per vertex to the original. The only real issue is that my lighting engine doesn't support reflections, so the 64 version is infinitely better ingame. Do'h!5 commentsKoroks Rock
gotafairy.jpgI got a fairy496 viewsOn the contrary of the last pic I uploaded, this one reflects the joy that Link felt when he first saw Navi. Remember he was the strange boy who didn't have a fairy, and all of a sudden, he got one! But it would come with a great responsibility... Also note that Link's capless again, but now he's young Link, he's facing the opposite side, and it's morning, not dawn, like in the other pic. ^_^ I hope you like it!7 commentsMalu CLBS
Link Sword.jpg
Link Sword.jpgSword's Reflection439 viewsPersonally, this is my favorite Zelda fan art so far. The woman in the sword's reflection is Marin from Link's Awakening. Colored in with Photoshop.8 commentsArt1st4786
LoZ2_Reflect.jpgZelda 2 AoL Reflect Spell50 viewsLink using the Reflect Spell in the Maze Palace (where it is DEFINITELY required) in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

Sprites, official art, and screen shots used as references. See "Zelda 2 AoL Shield Spell" for the reason why the name of the spell is not in the artwork itself.
Luthia.jpgLuthia Solacer62 viewsHeh, I completely forgot about this one. I was practicing the lighting of the hair reflections and I think I did good at it. What do you think?

On the other hand, I came up a name for this character and named her Luthia (Lu-thee-ah) Solacer (So-lace-er.)

Luthia Solacer and art © Divine_Link
3 commentsDivine_Link
mclinkie.jpgLotus River138 viewsMinish Cap Link on a lilypad. I haven't got the hang of reflections; I don't draw nearly enough water scenes, but I remember really liking Minish Cap's lotuses/water lilies or whatever they were.avroillusion
mirror.pngmirror mirror195 viewsHey, haven't drawn anything for a I thought I'd stop in. Is a scene from my fic. I'm in the middle of the chapter I am working on and I needed a break anyway.

She picked up one of the larger pieces and stared at her reflection. A crack running through caused her image to skew. Broken images fell like scattered raindrops in her head and Kageri felt ill. Master Hito was so sure that they’d killed the intended Hero when he was still an infant. Perhaps they did; she and Kage had sickened many children that year, though it was still possible that some might of escaped. Mournful cries floated up from her memory as bits and pieces of her broken past vied for her attention. It was always part of the plan, but the tekuragari regretted the taking of innocents.

She really isn't a very nice'd be better off staying away from this one.

So many things are wrong with that picture...ah well - hope you like
moodygreatfairy_copy.jpgGreat Fairy96 viewsI think this is my Magnum Opus. Well... Until I find another which is even better. This is supppose to be a Great fairy, and this is in one of my fan fics (which I havn't posted yet). I've just remembered that that I havn't done her reflection. Oh, Well.

She is called Autumn and she is in her little pond. She lives in a secret area in the royal castle gardens that only Zelda can find, and instead of being in a cave she is outside. But there is a twist. Aswell as only Zelda can find her pond, she also is only visible to the sages and Link.

*WARNING* During Autumn and Winter she gets very moody, because she gets cold.
2 commentsFaerieEpona
My_worst_nightmare_by_dan_heron.jpgMy worst nightmare505 viewsYes… now you know Aliku’s worst nightmare… “fears”
This is actually a scene from my fic. The Quetzals get tired of Aliku’s attitude and they play a prank on her…… plain evil!!!

She’s supposed to be looking at her reflection right now, but you know how lazy I am so I didn’t draw the mirror ^-^;;

Aliku © teh Dan
2 commentsdan heron
NSS_Chapter_Two.pngChapter Two: Missing Tetra140 viewsMore cover art for my fan fic. Reflections on water be vexing me o.0achitka
pinkrabbitlink_aLttP.jpgPink rabbit Link84 viewsAnyone who's played "A Link to the Past" on the SNES or GBA will know where this funny character comes from.

The game revolves around this corrupted dark world where you must retrieve the sacred Triforce but all mortals who enter here are transformed by the golden power into a reflection of their own heart. First time round I was really fascinated to see Link emerge in this dimension as a pink innocent rabbit, an ingenious concept for early 90s. Problem is you're harmless and everyone else has turned into ravenous monsters, not to mention the little guy only appears for a short time in the game. >.>

Nintendo © 1991-2006.
Reflection.png+.Wind and Water.+154 viewsThe finally finished version of a sketch I did almost exactly two years ago! It's Princess Zelda and Tetra from the Wind Waker4 commentsbrigette
Temple_of_Time_~_Sword_Chamber-004.pngTemple of Time Master Sword112 viewsMaster Sword in it's pedestal, odd reflection on blade but that's because it's reflecting everything in front of it.3 commentsParaclete
triforce.gifWEIRD spinning triforce938 viewsthis was my first attempt to make my rotating triforce. i don't know how it did this. the background was white the whole time.... and it makes the reflections weird...different. hmmm.... i really have no clue. too bad it has that normal pic stuck in it.5 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
Vaati_Bat-Secret_cave.jpgVaati bat41 viewsWhat? You thought Vaati was AFRAID of bats? Well you're absolutely correct. So why, you may very well ask, is he a bat, if he's afraid of them?
that's exactly what Vaati wants to find out. He woke up one day in a dark cave, and he heard wings close to him, so he wondered out of the cave and saw a lake. Hoping a little water would clear his mind, he walked towards the lake and looked into it, and saw a reflection of a bat. He jumped back a bit, then looked at his hands and felt his ears. After being freaked out from becoming a bat, a female bat came and helped him. Hunters tried to attack her and the other bats, but he told them that if they wanted to harm any bat, they'd have to go through him first. The hunters didn't believe him at first, but once he turned an apple to stone, they chuckled nervously and ran off.
Now, this is Vaati in a secret cave that the female bat found years ago.

Vaati is copyright to Nintendo
Bats are copyright to Nature
Art is copyright to me
Steal or claim and you'll die, kay?
4 commentsVaati_Lover
ZoraCollab-Final-Elfwood.jpgFrom His Scaly Maw172 viewsAt dusk, a creature of the murk in the mire comes birthing, from his scaly maw, a fiery missile. A hand-drawn, digital-work of classic fantasy.

This is a picture of a Zora, aka Zola, aka River Zora. I did this one as a collaboration with Cuccolady from VGF. She did the final lines for the Zora, I added in bits and did the background, colors, & additional shading.
2 commentsPsytronic
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