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boat_color_small.jpgBoat Ride292 viewsA Wind Waker/Super Smash Bros fanart... I drew this for the Zelda Anthology Project ( in which I'm one of the editors. We just sent our book off to the printer and hopefully the fruit of our labor will be seen very soon. For larger version of this pic, you can find it on my personal site or Deviant Art. No critique is necessary. I'm not going to work on this pic anymore.2 commentscyen
BRIDES.jpgHere come the brides!1296 viewsThis is my first Zelda fanart totally colored with Photoshop! I'm so glad I got it! The Pendant of Memories was also made with Photoshop, BTW. Here, every girl that has wanted link for herself is here to see to whom Link is getting married! Malon is the one with Saria and Marin is the one at the left, looking at Zelda. Ruto is green with envy! XD20 commentsMalu CLBS
Goron Armor.jpg
Goron Armor.jpgGoron Battle Outfit423 viewsThis is just playing around with the goron design. I was bored and just started to doodle down things I think would look cool, and aid a goron in battle. The main armor is designed like the plates of a armidillo, so that it wouldnt interfere with a goron rolling up into a ball and rolling. It would most likely be 1 1/2 inch plate steel, trimed with fine leather, or maybe even dodongo hide or something. Dodongo teeth can be seen here and there, Robes to keep the metal from chafing the skin, and other various things. I orginally had him wearing a helmet, but I had the idea that they would shave their heads before battle, to symbolize their equality or something, so I took it off. They would keep their beards because of pride, kind of like the japenese and their topknots. Only the Tribal chief would keep his full head of hair, making him look the most terrifying of the army. I liked the design so I decided to post it, though I think some people wouldnt think gorons would wear armor, but oh well....14 commentsBraxis
Link and Forrest.jpg
Link and Forrest.jpgTwiligth Rider265 viewsumm... not sure of the name of the Twiligth Princess horse ^^U but I COMPLERLY MESSED UP POOR LINK!! >< I'm just no good at drawing people =(17 commentsDust_Bunny
linkride.jpg2437 viewsGrown-up Link riding Epona with drawn sword.4 comments
linkride2.jpg1933 viewsSame as above, but larger and bottom cut off.1 comments
linkride3.jpg1491 viewsLarger version of Link and Epona.Ricky
linkride4.jpg1777 viewsBetter quality version of the previous image.1 commentsRicky
linkridepona.jpgLink and Epona213 viewsfreehand color pencil6 commentsGirlink
Midnight_Ride.pngMidnight Ride512 viewsI havent done a picture for a while. Hope you like this one! 20 commentseponagirl
nightmare.jpg2745 viewsYoung Link encountering Ganondorf astride his black stallion.3 comments
rickyrulz.jpgRicky > Link227 viewsYes it's true the roo is greater than the rider. >:3

Having played Oracle games recently I realised that Link is such a pain-in-the-ass to control, I'm not bashing the difficulty factor because gamers love a new challenge, and all Zelda games start with just 3 hearts meaning the monsters can inflict tremendous damage to your life-force, BUT here you always seem to come off worse whenever fighting a screen full of enemies, the hero moves like a stoned snail and his sword is pathetically weak! (you can't upgrade it until the last leg of the quest) …don't even get me started on those damn electrified monsters. ]:x

My annoyance sky-rocketed after the first few dungeons; then I found Ricky, and I actually started enjoying the game again. This kangaroo kicks ass! Ricky can move far faster, attacks bad guys like crazy, jump over cliffs easily, and unleashes powerful mini-tornados upon command. =3

Pity you can't take this companion into the dungeons. >.>

Ricky, Link © Nintendo 2006.
sheik001.jpgSheik230 viewsOk, ok, I know the harp looks out of place and I forgot the head wrap thing...Hopefully the Zelda Gods will not punish me for these mistakes, it was not intentional, it was a bumpy plane ride while I was drawing this one...:) (pencil sketch, prismacolors)5 commentsGirlink
snowy hills.JPG
snowy hills.JPGsnowy hills200 viewsVIEW THIS FULL-SIZE!!!! it looks way better.
ok, this is based off of two things: los's article thingy about the clouds, and the new screenshot of the snow. I've been restraining myself with difficulty from sticking snow in every one of my pictures, because snow makes stuff look good. and now, i have a reason to put it in! yay!!!
you may notice i did the bluish tint. in the screen, it was more of streaks than dots, but i can't do that, so oh well.
i know that hyrule field is a field, but i think it would be awesome to ride epona up and down little hills, like these.
this was simple to make, but i like how it came out. it looks... big.
5 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
SoldierGreenTridentFront.gif471 views1 comments
SoldierRedTridentFront.gif289 views
SoldierRedTridentRight.gif277 views
SoldierStrongRedTridentFront1.gif516 views
SoldierStrongRedTridentFront2.gif536 views
SoldierStrongRedTridentFront3.gif786 views
ThePhantomRidesOut.jpg207 viewsFrom
twilight-rider.jpg6653 viewsScanned and Edited by Melora. From EGM of June 200619 commentsMelora
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