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Earrings b&w.jpg
Earrings b&w.jpgEarrings (WIP)462 viewsAnother picture inspired by a post on the Nintendo Forums. Someone posted that years ago, in a Nintendo Power magazine, a girl asked how Link got his ears pierced, and they responded that Rauru must have gotten bored during Link's seven-year sleep. I decided to let Navi get in on the action, too. Edited in Photoshop.9 commentsArt1st4786
Earrings.jpgEarrings532 viewsHere's the finished product! I think it looks a lot better in color, personally.6 commentsArt1st4786
Flucht vor Agahnim.jpg
Flucht vor Agahnim.jpgEscape from Agahnim702 views I always wonderd why Zeldas dress in ALttP is dfferent from the other games. So I thought, Zelda knows about the danger from Agahnim and wanna flee in a simple town-dress and hide. But her earrings will betray her to the guards.9 commentsRooro
freakingbadeyeflat.jpgPalantir of Zora394 viewsthose obsessed with lord of the rings will know where i got the name, idea, and pretty much the entire thing... i got bored in a Web media class, and whipped this out... and I DREW EVERYTHING!!! THATS RIGHT, EVERYTHING!!!17 commentsdude_thats_evil
hotspringscolorGAIA.jpgHappiness Itself512 viewsThe Mask Salesman and his wife, Gerudo Elite chieftess Sanzhari Bahati.7 commentsTara Cobi Jenkins
korokent.jpgMakar/treebeard Hybrid Idea900 viewsAs you will come to know, I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan. I drew this pic after having reread the Two Towers just before it released, using Treebeards line: "My business is with Sarumon with the rock and stone."

Makar and the other Koroks could easily be transformed into ents, should nintendo wish it, but here I tried to find a middle ground. Smooth like the Koroks but towering like the ents etc.
19 commentsKoroks Rock
Linkpencil0002.jpgLink231 viewsPencil sketch..oops, just noticed I forgot his earrings...9 commentsGirlink
LoZ1--Blue_Ring_and_Red_Ring.jpgLoZ1 Rings17 viewsThe blue and red rings from Zelda 1.

I used the manual's artwork for reference.
melora_card.jpgHappy Holidays421 views(plesae no fighting/talk/etc.. over pairings, I'm so tired of fighting. It doesn't matter, it's just a picture)

I tried to make a festive picture of Link and Zelda. It's OoT style, but I was thinking of the old animation a little. I always hated that Link, but I loved that Zelda. I really dislike Navi's wings, I should have had them mirror each other. Done in photoshop and sent out as a card for my site, History of Hyrule
6 commentsMelora
melora_comewithme.pngCome with Me640 viewsDone with an Oekaki- a web-based Japanese Paint/BBS program.

Link and Marin from Link's Awakening (plesae no fighting/talk/etc.. over pairings, I'm so tired of fighting. It doesn't matter, it's just a picture) This was kind of inspired by the Ataru Cagiva manga that Anastasia and Beno are translating- you can find it on Zelda Legends
3 commentsMelora
melora_hyliannight.pngHylian Night388 viewsDone on an Oekaki program; that's like a Japanese Paint/BBS. I had to change the background a little in Photoshop because the sunset made it look like the tree in lake Hylia was on fire. (plesae no fighting/talk/etc.. over pairings, I'm so tired of fighting. It doesn't matter, it's just a picture) Done with an Oekaki- a web-based Japanese Paint/BBS program2 commentsMelora
melora_zelda_link.jpgLink and Zelda498 viewsAn unfinished sketch and acrylic painting of Link and Zelda. (plesae no fighting/talk/etc.. over pairings, I'm so tired of fighting. It doesn't matter, it's just a picture)3 commentsMelora
nz.jpgZelda as a Nightmaren50 viewsYeah. The camera didn't get the details that made it so that you knew it was supposed to be Zelda. Those details are: She's wearing the pink necklace from WW, her Triforce earrings are hanging from those weird tentacles on her head (I don't know what they are...), and she's wearing a smaler version of her sash with the Triforce on it. Yeah... I also have a Link Nightmaren, but I still need to color it. And yes, the proportions are supposed to be extremely off. And I had to use the pic on the game box for the pose...
Zelda (c) nintendo
Nightmaren, pose (c) Sega
art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
rxs.jpgShadowXRio55 viewsOne of the pairings in my fic. Yes, I like to mess with the usual pairings. Man this pic is fuzzy, my hand must've been moving.
Shadow (c) nintendo
Rio, art (c) hauu13
5 commentshauu13
samxshad.PNGLink_Rules_All's Request: Samus X Shadow54 viewsYeah. This is one of the pairings in LRA's fic. I hope you like it, LRA.
Samus, Shadow (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
7 commentshauu13
ShadowXRed_by_MagmaDP.jpgRedXShadow91 views...yes. I do realize that Shadow's clothes are the wrong color. Get over it.
I asked my sister the first male pairing she could think of. This is it. ...Of course... At first she said 'TingleXShadow'. But who would want to see that? So this is the one I really like too. All those fans were too busy with pairings like 'BlueXRed', 'VioXShadow', and 'GreenXShadow' [not very popular so I've heard] that they never thought of pairing these two!
Green, Red, Blue, Vio, Shadow, and Tingle are (c) to Nintendo
Base is (c) to
Horrid fillin is (c) to me
Steal or claim and you'll regret it.
2 commentsVaati_Lover
Shine_Dragoness_signed.JPGThe Legend of Zelda: Shine Dragoness145 viewsHey everyone! I have created this concept to be a cover of my fanfic, this inspired me from the many covers of movie titles likes like Lord of the Rings, Stardust and such. As you can see, I finally created my villain wearing the Helmet of Dark Tears and Melartis' mother Queen Naruteen. Heh, also my first attempt creating a castle from scratch and the Twin Hall Mountain on the bottom right looks funny to me. Oh, well. What do you guys think? Comments appreciated.

Link and Collin Shigeru Miyamoto
Shine Dragoness, Melartis, Queen Naruteen, Princess Ocah, Helmet of Dark Tears, Anthera Castle, Twin Mountain Hall Divine_Link

7 commentsDivine_Link
TetraXBLue______Princess_of_Twilight.jpgBlue X Tetra (Again...)535 viewsI don't have much to say about this one and It's pretty straightforward. Lol, I like how Tetra sees their little love-hate relationship. xD Shark was drawn in like two seconds. So....please enjoy, and no fihgting over pairings please.

Tetra (C) Nintendo
Blue (C) AKira Himekawa
Sharks (C) Nature
Art (C) Me
2 commentsPrincess of Twilight
They_Come_in_Pints_.pngThey Come in Pints?!517 viewsA line from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings. When, uh, either Merry or Pippin get that huge pint of beer...sorry I always get those two mixed up. Well you know, hobbits=kokiri, pub=milk bar ('cause, ahem, ten-year-olds shouldn't be drinking). And if you've never seen the movie, at least you might get a kick out of the background? (In which there is absolutely no continuity and makes no sense at all.) ^^;;

I drew this before I got Prismacolors, Photoshop, or decent inking pens. So it's funny-lookin'! Sorree x__x
9 comments[cuccoattackforce]
zora.PNGZora Concept398 viewsThe release of TP is drawing nearer, and since Nintendo released some Goron art, I decided to create a picture of what I think the Zora might look like in the game. This is the 2nd picture I have fully Photoshop...ized(?)

Things I really like about this picture are the fish hook earrings, and the cool little fin goatee on the male. Also I didn't realize until I finished, but the girl kinda looks like Laruto, and the guy looks like Mikau (thanks to his tats)

>.> also there is a reference to another, famous Zora.... its not too hard to spot :D

feel free to comment!
4 commentsTheUrgeT0Herbal
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