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106 - Wizzrobe.png
106 - Wizzrobe.png121 viewsdavogones
107 - Fire Wizzrobe.png
107 - Fire Wizzrobe.png171 views1 commentsdavogones
108 - Ice Wizzrobe.png
108 - Ice Wizzrobe.png163 views1 commentsdavogones
doodoola.PNGMC Link singing "Ballad of Paladin"140 viewsAnd Ezlo's humming along! Drawn 100% in MS Paint.
Link, Ezlo (c) Nintendo
Ballad of Paladin (c) Robert Boone ( I think...)
art (c) hauu13
7 commentshauu13
Goron Armor.jpg
Goron Armor.jpgGoron Battle Outfit417 viewsThis is just playing around with the goron design. I was bored and just started to doodle down things I think would look cool, and aid a goron in battle. The main armor is designed like the plates of a armidillo, so that it wouldnt interfere with a goron rolling up into a ball and rolling. It would most likely be 1 1/2 inch plate steel, trimed with fine leather, or maybe even dodongo hide or something. Dodongo teeth can be seen here and there, Robes to keep the metal from chafing the skin, and other various things. I orginally had him wearing a helmet, but I had the idea that they would shave their heads before battle, to symbolize their equality or something, so I took it off. They would keep their beards because of pride, kind of like the japenese and their topknots. Only the Tribal chief would keep his full head of hair, making him look the most terrifying of the army. I liked the design so I decided to post it, though I think some people wouldnt think gorons would wear armor, but oh well....14 commentsBraxis
GORON stage-5.JPG
GORON stage-5.JPGGoron299 viewsThis is my interpretation of a Goron. I didnt like how cartoony they were designed in OOt and thought it would be cool to look at them at a different angle. The most notable difference is the feel, which have become more troll and durtle like, because a creature carrying a huge load over rocky terrain isnt going to have soft toes under him. I also changed the hands, giving them three large fingers with hingernails that are part of the actual bone of the had. I did this because it would make grabbing rock and moving rock a lot easier and quicker. Also, a species that is reknown for its steelwork most likely wouldnt be walking around naked, so he has some basic tribal robes as well. Over all hes big, buff, kinda scaley, and makes you understand why link wasnt to keen on recieving a Goron hug.4 commentsBraxis
IceWizzrobe.gif332 viewsIron Knuckle
Jun-Roberto.JPG729 viewsIron Knuckle
Link_cell.PNGA cell image of link in combat robes114 viewsThis is my third image of link that i have tried to do. So irt isn't super good. i will try a pencil drawing next!1 commentsflash_fires
LoZ1--Magic_Wand_and_Book.jpgLoZ1 Magic Wand and Magic Book19 viewsThe wand of Wizzrobe and the Magic Book from Zelda 1.

I used the manual art as reference.
LoZ1--Wizzrobe.jpgLoZ1 Wizzrobe57 viewsNo, it's not Orco from He-Man, it's two kinds of Wizzrobe from Zelda 1.

I used the manual art as reference, and drew two of them, since there were two colors of them.
5 commentsDBoyWheeler
LoZ2--Wizzar.jpgZelda 2 AoL Wizzar38 viewsWizzar, the Wizzrobe relative (and disciple of Carock) from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. Yes, Wizzar is its official name--I checked it in a Zelda Wiki.

I used a sprite as a character reference, and for the location, I once again used VGMaps (in this case, Maze Island Palace).
Oot blue bubble.jpg
Oot blue bubble.jpgOot blue bubble113 viewsOot Oot blue bubble spooky.
wonder if it would fight with Girlink's Poe? that would be an evil fight..
the clash of the skulls!!
wings and robes flapping!!
umyeah..whooo E_V_I_L!!
5 commentsFyrborn
Rutodress22.jpgRuto, the sage of water.534 viewsI figured that since, rauru had cool sage robes, that all the rest of the sages would get them too. So this is Ruto's robes. I made this just for those of you (I know there are a lot) that wish ruto would put some clothes on =)23 commentsSusie Q
wizzrobe-blue.gif139 viewsdavogones
wizzrobe-red.gif145 viewsdavogones
Wizzrobe.gif317 views
wizzrobe.gif459 viewsWizzrobe.
Wizzrobe.gif409 views
Wizzrobe.jpg308 viewsWizzrobe.
wizzrobe.jpg568 viewsWizzrobe.
wizzrobe.jpg676 viewsWizzrobe.
wizzrobe.jpg1486 viewsWizzrobe.2 comments
Wizzrobe.jpgCarock the Wizzrobe81 viewsThe leader of the Wizzrobes, Carock is the high priest of Ganon in my fan fiction. I modeled him after the LoZ official art for the Wizzrobe. I tried to make him more intimidating than his AoL form by giving him sharp claws and a staff.Person
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