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Impaclose.jpgImpa portrait343 viewsYes, yes, I know, another Impa. and yes, Iknow this one isn't perfect either, but I like it.
7 commentsSusie Q
Link & Ezlo.JPG
Link & Ezlo.JPGLink and Ezlo210 viewswooo, a new file!

anyway, as you can probably guess, this is Link and Ezlo from the minish cap in a manga stylee.

I'm guessing that many of the people on this site are from america, but seeing as i'm in scotland i got Minish Cap about a month ago.....and let me tell you that it totally rocks.
5 commentshappy_macgyver
linkrocksclr0001.jpgLink Rocks!191 viewsOh dang, you all know that Link puts on the rocker tees every once in long as they come in green..:) well he is cool anyway, and that hand tattoo is so awesome!!!!!!!!oh yeah, pencil sketch with prismacolor pencils....12 commentsGirlink
luz.jpgI still don't get clothes667 viewsAh, I’m sure many of you thought Luz was gonna end up paired with Asmodeus, didn’t ya? Well, HA!!
What can I say, I just love the typical “angel/demoness” pairing. It just rocks!
Caelifer, aka Calis for her friends (pretty much everybody who knows her), is a Numtian. Lovely, bouncy, and an ass kicking warrior. Lucifer, aka Luz, is a Deva.
Calis is “naked” in the piccu. All these wrappings and even these “shorts” she’s using, are made of something called Tikel Sombrem, or Touch of Shadows for the other races.
Luz, just like Calis, Asmodeus and even Animula, also use their Tikel Sombrem around their arms (or in her case, the tail too), in case they find themselves with no light. Numtians and Devas need light to create their shadow, so they use the Tikel during the night.
The title comes from something Calis once says to Luz. Before a sweet night of love making, Calis groans and pouts in Luz’ direction, asking “Why ground dwellers need clothing? It’d be easier if you were already naked.”
dan heron
Marin.jpgMarin382 viewsOk, this is my first Marin drawing ever. I drew it anc colored it this afternoon, I really like the way it came out!
Marin rocks!
8 commentsSusie Q
octorok.jpg1751 viewsOctorok, the water enemy that spits rocks at you.10 comments
rock1.gifRock106 viewsA animation I made for Link_Rulez. Click for a better view. Please comment. Thanx
Link- SemiJuggalo
Rocks- Debug
3 commentsRed_Fan
RockSmall.gif370 viewsIron Knuckle
RockSmallDark.gif309 viewsIron Knuckle
saria.jpgCome here big boy751 viewsHee hee, well, Saria got herself a boy, a dragon named Jocusi, and as surprising as it may be, he’s actually younger than she is. He’s only 98 years old.
They met under special circumstances, and Jocusi followed her around, just to piss her off. She was on a mission to rescue wandering souls before the White Cross could claim them for the Pristine Army. Jocusi was a thorn in Saria’s side most of the time, but as time went by, he started to grow some respect for the little Kokiri.
Saria isn’t just a little girl who acts like Link’s little sister in my fic, she rocks and she kicks much butt. She commands at all the spirits, ghosts, Poes and every soul she rescues, “storing” them in the bells she carries around on her staff. They can actually do whatever they want, but they feel that they owe her at least some of their powers since she healed their souls and all that.
2 commentsdan heron
vg_sign_honk_vio.JPGHonk if you love Vio!!!238 viewsThat's me right there. I love Vio. Don't get me wrong, I love Vaati more, but I also love Vio and SL. So, there you have it. I love Vio. I'm crazy. Yes. I know.
7 commentsvaati_girl
wind_waker.jpgThe Wind Waker502 viewsOne of my favourite games ever, and Nintendo rediscovers the Zelda series with an excellent game and an amazing style! Here is a little drawing I made using pencil, ink, and Photoshop. The game rocks! :>15 commentsKimya
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