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027- Gustaf, Royal Spirit.png
027- Gustaf, Royal Spirit.png174 views1 commentsdavogones
16147560a9444711946o.jpgPrincess Melartis (Alternate)191 viewsWell okay the last protrait of Melartis looked a lot like Zelda, but that was the idea actually and decided to change Melartis' look more cute and chibi-ish. The royal garments she's wearing is made for winter since the kingdom of Anthera has sudden climate changes and asks for help from Link.3 commentsDivine_Link
assy.jpgMy winged knight633 viewsOh, I’m sure you wondered who was paired Assy with X3 Some of you guessed that it was Gorgias, former prince of Werran.
Yes, PRINCE, meaning a boy X) First boy-boy pairing! Yippee! “throws confetti to the hordes of fangirls”
Gor is the little one on the left, he’s a Griffin. The Goddesses of the Hyrul have races that work like guardians for each one of them. Din uses the Red Lions and the Griffin. Asmodeus is a Deva.
Their relationship started very slow, but they quickly learned that the other was what they needed.
Things between them went smoothly until Werran was taken over by the White Cross and the Pristine Army. Gorgias asked the Quetzals to help him recover the country, and they did it. However, that didn’t change anything in the royal family. Gorgias was still an outcast. At least his mother accepted the fact that her son wanted to be her daughter, and even took a liking Assy.
2 commentsdan heron
B1L_minishcap_royalcrypt.midRoyal Crypt438 viewsIron Knuckle
Bath.jpgThe Royal Bath373 viewsGot the idea for this after watching an episode of Rome on HBO. This was a tough but I managed to get the light to work for me in this pic. 6 commentscoasty30
deku.jpg1140 viewsThe Deku Scrub Royal Family.
greenfairy.jpgGreen Fairy157 viewsThe green fairy from Minish Cap (the one that lives in royal valley, for those of you who've played the game). It's not really finished, I still need to color it, but I thought I'd get an opinion first. Please tell me if you have any ideas on how to improve it.4 commentsaquawolf
ikana_king.jpg1773 viewsIgos du Ikana, the King of Ikana with Royal Guard.Ricky
imnotmarringu.jpg"Im forced to marry someone else"297 viewswell i thought of this in a comic im making link is in love zelda,he was at war comes back to see zelda is fored to marry a prince to keep the family royal3 commentslilredfox14
impa.jpg2335 viewsImpa, guardian of the Royal Family.1 comments
moodygreatfairy_copy.jpgGreat Fairy96 viewsI think this is my Magnum Opus. Well... Until I find another which is even better. This is supppose to be a Great fairy, and this is in one of my fan fics (which I havn't posted yet). I've just remembered that that I havn't done her reflection. Oh, Well.

She is called Autumn and she is in her little pond. She lives in a secret area in the royal castle gardens that only Zelda can find, and instead of being in a cave she is outside. But there is a twist. Aswell as only Zelda can find her pond, she also is only visible to the sages and Link.

*WARNING* During Autumn and Winter she gets very moody, because she gets cold.
2 commentsFaerieEpona
My_Royal_Family.jpgThe New Royal Family499 views I just drew Link and Zelda (King & Queen of Hyrule) and their two twin children, Lelda(Princess) and Zink(Prince) As you can tell Lelda and Zink don't like eachother too much. I think Link looks best in this pic.15 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Royal Hall.jpg
Royal Hall.jpgRoyal Hall413 viewsThis was so hard to do. It takes patience to be a game maker, or CG movies. This pic is composed of over 1,700,000 polygons. But it was fun to make. 9 commentscoasty30
royalty.gif1162 viewsThe royalty of Hyrule, from the ending. (smoothed-out sprites)
royalzora.gif1279 viewsKing Zora and Ruto.1 comments
Runede.pngRunede108 viewsMy Twili OC! She is unable to use magic and thus is a gaurd of the royal household. (Hence the mark on her forehead.) I will try to write up more of her back story later, as well as color her. ^^ Oh, she has no imp form, because, during the time that Zant ruled, she (along with the other gaurds) was transformed into a Twili Beast.

Runede, art (C) hauu13
9 commentshauu13
Sheik.pngSheik96 viewsQuite old, but still not that bad. XD It was drawn in Photoshop CS2. :)6 commentsWaann
TheRoyalCastle.jpg205 viewsFrom
zantsSister.PNGZant"s Sister109 viewsThis is my other Twili OC, Zant's sister. She has no name, but I have got a rough outline of her character:

She is an up and coming member of the Royal Court; her charisma and calculating logic make her up to be the heir to her family's title and place in the Twili Ruler's advisors. She and Zant do not get along, mainly due to their wish to both gain the family title and one day be claimed as heir to the positon of Ruler of the Twili Realm, for the current Ruler has no heir. (Midna, being another potential, was chosen to become heir) Soon after Midna was named heir, Zant's father died, leaving the sister as the head of the family and a place in Midna's Advisors.

Midna, Zant (C) Nintendo
Zant's sister, Art (C) hauu13

(A better version with a full-body view will be uploaded in several weeks, most likely)
4 commentshauu13
Zelda Dress.jpg
Zelda Dress.jpgZelda in her Royal Dress (lttp)2508 viewsDid you noticed that they are two outfits for the princess from lttp?
Well, I already did the one of the blue dress, this one was missing! I just like to think that this is her royal dress, and the other... well, just a simple one!
I have to say this is my favourite look for Zelda.
20 commentsMagalink
Zelda PNG .png
Zelda PNG .pngManga Zelda XD410 viewsMore of my Manga heads for you X3. I didn't make her look royal because I'm the begining of my FanFic she dosn't know she is a princess and she lived in a village with Link all her life. The reason for this will be in my fanfic!9 commentsbounty hunter
ZFSA_RoyalGuardian.midRoyal Guardian441 viewsIron Knuckle
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