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Big Moblin.JPG
Big Moblin.JPGBig Moblin516 views7 commentsThat Guy
Dinfarorejanayru.jpgNayru, Farore and Din307 viewsAll three creating The Sacred Realm, I suppose. Anyway, I had wanted to draw these goddesses for a while now, so when I had the time, I drew them. Not very successfully, tough...3 commentsan-chan
dinop.jpgDin310 viewsThis is supposed to be a painting that would be in the temple of time. It's just a tribute to the Goddesses. It would symbolise their protection over the sacred realm. 4 commentsRachel
Dragoness.JPGShine Dragoness114 views"Transcending History and the World, a tale of Souls and Swords eternally retold."

This sacred sword was made with an ancient magical crystal and is worshipped by the Antherians. The blade was forged in deep within the Baslong Forest under the guidance of the Dragon Guardians of Anthera, the crystalline sword is fused with the departed souls of previous Dragon Guardians to honor the sword, its edges sometime shine with bright light to warn the user of coming dangers and it has a radiant power to purify the tainted ones. And it was named the Shine Dragoness by the very first king of Anthera.

Shine Dragoness by Divine_Link

5 commentsDivine_Link
Essence5_Sacred_Soil.gif234 views1 comments
faroreop.jpgFarore333 viewsThis is supposed to be a painting that would be in the temple of time. It's just a tribute to the Goddesses. It would symbolise their protection over the sacred realm.3 commentsRachel
Final1(low).jpgTemple of Light275 viewsIn the heart of the Sacred Realm lies....4 commentsColoniser
jap2.jpgA japanese publicity ZLegend Image101 viewsSorry about the other imge, it wasn't complete at all.
If you remember it this one has common chineese caracters and the zelda word has original ancient hyrulean language letters. The 'legend of the sacred legacy' is the sposed translation of ZLegends to the oriental world.
That's all.
Please comment.
tout heure!
1 commentsHyrule_SwordsMan
pinkrabbitlink_aLttP.jpgPink rabbit Link84 viewsAnyone who's played "A Link to the Past" on the SNES or GBA will know where this funny character comes from.

The game revolves around this corrupted dark world where you must retrieve the sacred Triforce but all mortals who enter here are transformed by the golden power into a reflection of their own heart. First time round I was really fascinated to see Link emerge in this dimension as a pink innocent rabbit, an ingenious concept for early 90s. Problem is you're harmless and everyone else has turned into ravenous monsters, not to mention the little guy only appears for a short time in the game. >.>

Nintendo 1991-2006.
Sacred Realm.jpg
Sacred Realm.jpgSacred Realm468 viewsThis is the three goddesses in the saced realm. Once again lots of bright, seizure-inducing colors! YAY!7 commentsSusie Q
Sacred River.png
Sacred River.pngThe Sacred River353 viewsI weird looking sword, I know. Anyway I think I almost got the hang of how the draw sheet metal on MS paint. About the sword, I called it the Sacred River because it looks like a river is running down the blade. I thought the Zora Emblem would be a nice touch.16 commentsbounty hunter
sacredforestmeadow.jpg984 viewslord-of-shadow
The-Awakening.gifThe Awakening366 viewsthis is supposed to illustrate the moment when Link pulls the master sword from its resting place, and Ganondorf is allowed into the Sacred realm and steals the triforce.
NOTE: sorry about the thumbnail, it makes it look like its gonna suck, sorry!
9 commentsdude_thats_evil
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