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a day at the Ranch.gif
a day at the Ranch.gifa day at the ranch307 viewsi did his free hand with colour pencils, it's link, Malon and the scary looking chick *points* yup her, is ment to be me.... how sad putting my-self with link and malon *shakes head*....sad2 commentsNirash
aryll.PNGAryll, kinda scary looking...122 viewsShe looks like she's possesed...FrEaKy. Drawn 100% in MS Paint.
Aryll (c) nintendo
art (c) hauu13
If you want a request I'm open to take them. But they will be drawn MS Paint so you know.
11 commentshauu13
ChaosLink and Malon.jpg
ChaosLink and Malon.jpgChaosLink and Malon262 viewsSince I never got around to doing a pic for halloween,.I drew one that might be conciderd scary,.
Also GL kinduv wanted a pic of these two anywho.
ChaosLink formaly known as FrankinLink,.changed his name cause he was more evil then just a monster,.
just a short story Iv'e been writing,.too love involved for this site though,.
but thought the pic was good.
In the story ChaosLink was supposed to kill Malon but I changed it cause I like redheads..and in the story,Chaoslink is a clone of both me and Link,.so it makes sense.
7 commentsFyrborn
happyholidays.pngHappy Holidays524 viewsWahey! It's done! 'Tis teh Five Links representing different holidays!

Red's got Christmas since he's like the little kid who loves presents and all the good cheer. Plus he's in Red

Blue is Valentines day because he's the guy who keeps trying to get all the hot chicks, but I don't think this is gonna draw them any closer though (Will draw Red closer though, heheh.. w)

Vio is teh Easter Bunny! Mainly a filler really. But I bet deep down inside he must love that costume!

Green is St Patricks day. I couldn't think of any others but he's this since it's a green day.

Shadow is Halloween since he's the evilest and scary-est. Obvious really o.o

Enjoy Children! Merry Christmas! Happy Easter! Happy Halloween! Happy St Patricks Day|! Happy Valentines Day!

All characters above (c) Akira Himekawa
Art (c) Me
Steal or claim as your own and I will eat your soul!!
2 commentsKeitii
impa.jpgSage of Shadow198 viewsA full CG of Impa. Something about it makes her look a little scary, but I can't quite place it. I've just started learing a more realistic style in photoshop, so it's still very rough with lots of errors. I think I want to draw Impa more often--she's fun to draw!1 commentscerasly
konatalink.PNGKonata Link80 views Yeah, I tried to make Link look like Konata from Lucky Star. I looked off of a BIIIIIG picture of Konata for this. Link's supposed to be resting on sand.
I can't think of anything else cause I'm so tired. I hope it doesn't look crapy...

G'night :)
4 commentsKifan12
link_y.JPGLink Y.208 viewsThis is Link Y. Link isn't his real name, but his real name is so long it's scary. He's not evil like Llednar or Fado (yes, he's evil in my fic), but he's really mean, and he insults people all the time (except for his friends and his girlfriend, Alesha)

Link Y. is an Erklon, a race usually found in Heirinne, a country close to Hyrule. Erklons usually look like Hylians, except when they're born with one eye being blue and the other eye being light brown.
3 commentsvaati_girl
purple.pngFor the Love of Pancakes...127 viewsokay so not the best of titles...I never said I did titles. This is based loosely on the end of my ficcage - I'd explain that but ...I dun wanna anymore

I drew a version of this on the indiezelda oekaki board - didn't like it so I messed with it a bit and I like it much better now

anyway - if you want to see what spawned this - nah nevermind is too scary
redead.jpgRedead612 viewsThis is actually the picture I had in mind when I decided to do stuff for this fanart page. . . this is what I meant by darkening things up a little. As you can tell, this is an OoT redead. Yes, that is a snake coming out of his neck, yes, those are maggots in his tongue, and yes, he does have dripping blisters on his eye. Heh, and you thought they weren't all that scary.
Pretty much the entire thing is PS brushwork. One gradient tool. No filters or other good stuff (can't think of a good way to work it in when I can just brush it on there). I'm content with it. Hope you guys like it.

No cutesy anime for Dan Heron.
16 commentsScipio
scary!.jpg Creepy Midna84 viewsI drew this on the computer and it looks creepy! But I kinda liked it, so I thought I should scare you guys.

I'll do requests. I promise you I wont draw them on the computer
6 commentsKifan12
scary_poe.jpgScary Poe1013 viewsMy take on a Poe, more scary.18 commentsShady Gambino
Vaati_-_good_guy_or_just_misunderstood.JPGVaati here!119 viewsI adore Vaati, and I must say that I think he was controlled by his hat... and his mind. He had no idea that he did all kinds of bad things, and I think he is innosent. (Sorry for misspelling) I also love to call Vaati 'Vevo'. It's not as scary.
Vaati: Not as scary?!?
Me: Wha-oh. I'm in trouble.
10 commentsVaati_Lover
well 1.JPG
well 1.JPGThe well157 viewsdid you know that the well in kakariko has a name? it's called the Well of Three Features. those features are: "Dark! Narrow! Scary!" (i'd have to agree with that)
well, i couldn't do a very good background. proD isn't good at textures (the grass, wall, and stones are all clouds and sky, with really weird colors). also, the wood thingy over it shouldn't be so light. but the actual well part of the well is pretty good, i think. i actually spent a few hours on this one--most of my pics take less than half an hour.
4 commentsthe_ocarina_of_time
why me.jpg
why me.jpgwhy me?410 viewsi hated having to carry ruto around in the dungeon. i can just imagine ruto strangling link at every small scary thing.5 commentsslvrwlf05
yuinafullkinda.JPG Bigger Yuina (kind of)122 views My printer is scary. I put a piece of paper in it nice and flat and then the printer sucks it up, crushes it up and doesn't spit it back out. There should be a horror movie where all of the printers in the world go bad. I'll get back on subject.

Well, Yuina is weird. I like Shadow Link and Jasmine in the back. :)

I'll take requests. I don't think were having school for the rest of the week. Happy!:D
5 commentsKifan12
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