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DSCF0159_edited.JPGIt's Link.137 viewsOkay, WHO DELETED MY TWILIGHT PRINCESS SCREENSHOTS?! >=0 I had to ge thte timing JUST RIGHT to take those pictures! My camera has a three-second delay, who knows what could happen in those three seconds?!

-Ahem- ...It's Link. SSBM Link. Because all my TP screenshots vanished. He's taunting.

...I'm ticked as heck right now.
1 commentsDarkZelda
horse_girl.jpgHorse Girl from Twighlight Princess271 viewsIn the newest screenshots there is one with a girl standing next to the horse (Epona?). I wanted to draw her. ^^2 commentscerasly
LoZ2_Fairy.jpgZelda 2 AoL Fairy Spell55 viewsLink probably had trouble getting the keys, so he's using the Fairy Spell to get through a door in the Maze Palace, in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

Sprites, official art, and screenshots were references (as well as artistic license). See "Zelda 2 AoL Shield Spell" for why the name of the spell is not in the artwork itself.
LoZ2_Fire.jpgZelda 2 AoL Fire Spell49 viewsLink shooting a fireball from his sword, courtesy of the Fire Spell, learned in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

Sprites, screenshots, and official art were references here. See "Zelda 2 AoL Shield Spell" for reason the name of the spell is not in the artwork itself.
LoZ2_Jump.jpgZelda 2 AoL Jump Spell47 viewsLink leaping onto the roof of a house, using his Jump Spell in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link (he's probably seeking one of the knights to teach him one of the two special thrusts).

Screenshots, sprites, and official art were used as reference. See "Zelda 2 AoL Shield Spell" for why the name of the spell is not in the artwork itself.
LoZ2_Life.jpgZelda 2 AoL Life Spell51 viewsLink patching up his wounds with the Life Spell in Zelda 2: Adventure of Link.

Sprites, screenshots, and official art were references. See "Zelda 2 AoL Shield Spell" for why the name of the spell is not in the artwork itself.
LoZ2_Shield.jpgZelda 2 AoL Shield Spell50 viewsThe Shield Spell from Zelda 2: Adventure of Link. Link is using it in Parapa Desert to get to the first Palace.

Now, I know that usually there should be the name of the spell here, but I forgot to put it up, and didn't realize it until I completed Jump Spell... by then, it was too late. So the spell artworks in my Zelda 2 stuff won't have the titles within the artworks themselves.

Anyway, as usual, sprites, screenshots, and official art were the references here.
LoZ2_Spell.jpgZelda 2 AoL Spell Spell184 viewsSpell Spell! Pizza Pizza! (Okay, that was a wee bit corny...)

Anyway, Link's used it to turn some tough monsters into wimpy Bots!

Sprites, screenshots, and official art were used as references. See "Zelda 2 AoL Shield Spell" for why the name of the Spell isn't in the artwork itself.
3 commentsDBoyWheeler
Midna_Collage.pngMidna Collage130 views This is just a collage of screenshots I captured, sprites I made in Paint a long time ago, and my personal fav, my anime Midna! I di this as a dedication to one of my favorite Zelda characters, Midna. I hope you all like it!
Midna (c) Nintendo
'Art' (c) Princess of Twilight
(p.S. Amy122, Akako will be up either later today or tomorrow, is that okay?)
11 commentsPrincess of Twilight
part3lmid.jpgTwilight's Run - Revamped!268 viewsI don't usually go back to things after they're 'done,' but in this case I did, due to the new screenshots from E3. I made the background more colorful, fixed some scale issues with Midna (her hand and her eye mostly), and fixed a couple other things (notice Link's right hind leg is further back now to make more movement in the picture). I also shrank the watermark...

I might make this into a wallpaper someday. When I finish all the other ones I intended, that is...:P
1 commentsSnowsilver
screenshots_035.jpgI choose you....Link? o_o;;;215 views"How the heck did you get in that pokeball?!"

So yeah. Another one of those random random uber random 'shots. It looks like he came out of the pokeball,so I paused and 'click!' ^-^
And then...there's Sheik to the left... Hence the last line...
Wait,arn't Sheik and Zelda the same person? Then how...

Edit: I just realized... that's not Link in the pokeball, IT'S MARTH. >_<;;; Gosh,I am such an idiot...
3 commentsDarkZelda
screenshots_037.jpgCurse of the Pheonix158 viewsI took this screenshot 'cause it reminded me of a roleplaying plot I came up with. ^-^
See,the pokemon thingy is supposed to represent a pheonix...
I've got a roleplaying plot where an amry of pheonixes attack Hyrule. Kind of an Apocalypic thingy going on in that plot... it's a classic among my friends.
I don't know if you can see Zelda or not....

Gah, that horrible BLACK EDGE!! My hand is so SHAKY!! >_< Blech.
I've got another shot of this from a different angel, in case you wish to see. =3
screenshots_047.jpgZelda's revenge190 views"Oh come on Ganondorf, that flower looks pretty! ^-^"

Teehee... HyruleZelda's SSBM shots reminded me I had some screenies of my own. Mine won't get as orginizaed as,ever...
See the black edge on the right side of the screen? Yeah,that's where my TV ends.
It's still pretty funny,right? xD

(And I understand this account has a pickled past. Not the same person,peoples... my friend gave it to me. She stole ideas. That 'Desteny' charicter of 'hers'? MINE. Blech.)
1 commentsDarkZelda
screenshots_048.jpg...Whoopsie. >_<207 views"...What just happened?"
"I hate you so much right now."
"I can't feel my toes..."

Okay,so this screenshot... it looks like Zelda tried to imprison Ganondork in a block of ice, but accedentally got stuck in it as well. x3

That's Zelda- 1 Ganondorf- one half of a point.

Yay,a 'shot without a big black abyss on the edge! WHOOT!
Stalfo_s_Sword.PNGStalfo's Sword47 viewsI do hope you guy's recoginze this sword :D the bottom was a bit hard to do. Other than that I had fun doing it :) Only one more secret sword to do. But I'll have to look it up on You tube since, I can't find no official art of it or screenshots of it :D

Stalfo's Sword by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
4 commentsAmy122
z05newChars.jpgZ'05 new character!?752 viewsSo I was looking for better quality scans of the new screens for Z'05 and what do I happen across but new official art! The one of Link isn't new, but look at Zelda HOLDING A SWORD! What's up with that? And then there's that other guy, he looked like the bad-guy, but his skin color is too light to be Ganondorf...then again...if you look closely right under link's hat tip on that guy's cloak is a Sheikah symbol. Yeah. Fireworks for work, Zelda Universe for the source of official art. (and of course I had to add in the sun and moon from the screenshots).23 commentsdudeofrandomness
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