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05-ll-moneyshotpsd.jpgThe Money Shot for Little Link2212 viewsSources: Scanned and Edited by Melora. I believe I found it in the Versus Books Guide (US)Melora
3links.psd.jpg3 Links881 viewscan you find Dark Link? this took a while to get it to look right. i had pencil drawings of the three links then i colored them in photoshop and put in the backgrounds.18 commentsfaerie
7th Sage.jpg
7th Sage.jpgWisdom589 viewsThis pic has prolly taken about 6 months to finally be finished cuz' it just sat around, I like it on the black, cuz' it makes the colors vibrant.7 commentsSusie Q
awesomewlevels.jpgHero of Courage, Wisdom, and Power518 viewsPhew! This took forever to do, but I'm extremely satisfied with the result. The scene is supposed to be Link receiving all three pieces of the triforce (Zelda and Ganondorf are dead or something, notice they only appear as reflections beside Link's). Lots of work, lots of lighting effects, lots of satisfaction. Whad'ya think? Note especially the lighting on Link, with the blue and red, not to mention the water...17 commentsdudeofrandomness
b-pendants.jpgPendants462 viewsSources: Image from the Link to the Past Instruction Booklet. Scanned and Edited by Melora. Notes: Blue is Wisdom, Red is Power, and Green is Courage. Only the blue one was in the booklet, I used photoshop to create the other two colors.2 commentsMelora
BossDoor.gif462 viewsIron Knuckle
BossDX_Big_Hardhat_Beetle.gif325 views
BossDX_Buzzblob.gif311 views
BossDX_Stone_Golem.gif383 views
ChibiGleeokwm.pngChibi 2 Headed Gleeok411 viewsNyan. 2 commentsMariaGemini
chsdmufe.jpgChibi Link and Dart333 viewsI needed to practice my hand at SD.7 commentsWel
Dampé'sDiary.jpg193 viewsFrom
darklink.jpgLittle Dark Link213 viewsAnother draw of Chibi Dark Link, make completely by Photoshop (without pencil or ink)2 commentsLinkgirl
diosas1.jpgPower Wisdom and Courage2323 viewsOLD pic, but I like it still, so here it is to be shared with you!30 commentsMagalink
For You.psd.jpg
For You.psd.jpgFor You806 viewsYeup. That's Link and Romani... And some cuccos for some reason. ^^; Done as a request for someone on Sheezyart.15 commentsMalon Aniku
Gown copy.jpg
Gown copy.jpgNayru422 viewsThis was a pretty basic scatch that didn't take too long, but I wanted to color it anyways. It's simple, but I think it's good.10 commentsSusie Q
komalingamma.pngRito Wisdom235 viewsKomali and what I imagine his grandmother looked like.7 commentsavroillusion
LegendOfZelda-ALinkToThePast-LightWorld-Zora_sDomain.png3110 viewsCredit for this map goes out to Ryumaster of Thanks!lord-of-shadow
LinkIsDwarfedByTheFountain.jpg214 viewsFrom
linksdream.jpg1457 viewsLink hearing Zelda's message.2 comments
linksdream_1024x768.jpgLink's Dream787 viewsSome Capcom art for the Link to the Past remake, edited down by Melora.Melora
linksdream_1200x1600.jpgLink's Dream205 viewsSome Capcom art for the Link to the Past remake, edited down by Melora.Melora
linksdream_1280x1024.jpgLink's Dream159 viewsSome Capcom art for the Link to the Past remake, edited down by Melora.Melora
linksdream_800x600.jpgLink's Dream124 viewsSome Capcom art for the Link to the Past remake, edited down by Melora. Melora
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