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.gif.GIFSo... Did you Kiss Her?368 viewsA scene from a FanFic called The Legend of Zelda: The Return at

Great story... it's a winner. In fact I'm obsessed with it.
Hunter is an original character of the author. He's not mine.

(hunter is the Sheikah in case you're wondering.)
Drawing_of_Impa.pngImpa211 views This is Impa from Ocarina of Time, I think she is a cool character. Sheikahs in general are cool, i love their red eyes.XD Enjoy the pic!
P.S. There will be more pics like this, except with different characters
P.P.S. I'll try to do character requests.
2 commentsPrincess of Twilight
Impa Warrior copy.jpg
Impa Warrior copy.jpgSheikah Warrior447 viewsImpa again! I think impa's cool. Yaeh, I've had this one on the computer but took about 2 months to finish cuz' I didn't work on it for quite a while. So yes.... Fire = fun. And yeas, there is another pic with a moon in it, just for you guys!
9 commentsSusie Q
Impa Young2 copy.jpg
Impa Young2 copy.jpgImpa in the Storm489 viewsThis is another pic of Impa, she looks a little younger in this pic. 10 commentsSusie Q
Impa.jpgImpa336 viewsIt's Impa, the sage of shadow. Impa is one of my favorites. I love the way this turned out, it has a bit of a darker or gothic feel to it. *IMPA ROX!!*8 commentsSusie Q
Impaclose.jpgImpa portrait343 viewsYes, yes, I know, another Impa. and yes, Iknow this one isn't perfect either, but I like it.
7 commentsSusie Q
kenny2.jpgKenny sketch67 viewsThe details are definitely gone from this pic after I scanned it. So, it doesn't look as good as I had hoped. The collar is a little too big, but I kind of just let it go- it being my first sketch of Kenny, my original character from a fanfic of mine.
He's a Sheikah, and he plays a major role in the story. He has red eyes and black hair. I would have colored it, but it would have made the pic look worse.
Lana.jpgLana462 viewsI finally finished photoshoping Lana. It didn't really take that long, I just don't have that much time on my hands. Lana is one of Sheik's best friends growing up. The two train to be Sheikah together and, through their experiences on the battlefield, gain a strong connection. Sheik's feelings for Lana are close (if not greater) than those for his own wife, who he marries through an arranged marriage when he becomes a teenager.
6 commentsHeroftime
Linkframefinal.jpgLink183 viewsWell, here is the man of the hour. Im still practicing with photoshop, but this one actually took my about as long to do the pencil sketch as it did to color it in photoshop. I know its not absolutely symmetrical, I tried..:) By the end, my hands were hurting pretty bad, so this is it guys! Hope you like it!! I used the hylian symbol from the shield, and tried to copy some of the sheikah symbols from Zeldas shroud in the new TP official art. The sketch of Link was a quick one I did in June, found it today in an old spiral notebook. Go figure!5 commentsGirlink
sh.jpgSheikah warrior colored926 views...again....=P14 commentsMelilot
Sheik.pngSheik96 viewsQuite old, but still not that bad. XD It was drawn in Photoshop CS2. :)6 commentsWaann
sheika2.jpgSheikah warrior sketch279 viewsThe first!....oooo3 commentsMelilot
sheika3.jpgSheikah warrior381 viewsFinished lineart10 commentsMelilot
sleepy.jpggetting....sleepy907 viewsthe girl is an original character of mine. Her name is Ellekime (pronounced el-a-key-may). she is not related to link. she is a sheikah, im not sure whether or not she should be related to impa, maybe an aunt or something. i wish i could think of a fanfic where i can put her in it but i dont have the patience to write one. so you'll just see her in my drawings i guess, who knows, i just might one day find the courage to write a story! and the whole fairy thing, dont get confused i just decided to adda little fairy for the heck of it23 commentsMichelle K.
United.jpgUnited256 viewsAnother fanfic pic. I made up a band called United. They are way famous and a few of them end up sages. I used names fron the games and the mangas. Cermia(Front) is the singer, Mikau is the Zora, Rooro is the Rito, and Shiek(the drummer in the back) is, well, a Sheikah.4 commentsLinkFan
Vio_and_Yami.pngVio and Yami264 views Just a cute pic of Vio and Yami. Yami, (For those of you who don't know), is a character in my fic. She is a Sheikah princess. (She secretly likes Vio though) In this pic, Yami is holding a secret present for Vio, but she's too nervous to give it to him. (She looks smaller than Vio cuz shes behind him; and that Japanese Text next to Yami is her heartbeat.) Enjoy!
Vio (c) Akira Himekawa
Yami & Art (c) Princess of Twilight
5 commentsPrincess of Twilight
z05newChars.jpgZ'05 new character!?752 viewsSo I was looking for better quality scans of the new screens for Z'05 and what do I happen across but new official art! The one of Link isn't new, but look at Zelda HOLDING A SWORD! What's up with that? And then there's that other guy, he looked like the bad-guy, but his skin color is too light to be Ganondorf...then again...if you look closely right under link's hat tip on that guy's cloak is a Sheikah symbol. Yeah. Fireworks for work, Zelda Universe for the source of official art. (and of course I had to add in the sun and moon from the screenshots).23 commentsdudeofrandomness
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