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Impa_s_knife.PNGImpa's Knife67 viewsI used Shiek's knife to do hers, I saw this in my manga that I bought yesterday when I got paid and i figured pick up my order which was Vampire Knight Vo. 4 (series ended *cries*) and I figured, I'll be done with VK by the end of the day and I was so I had something else to read. Which I'm almost done with it too :D anyway, I saw this in page..101 Impa used it against a Stalfo to cut it's head er...Skull head in half :D you guys should check out the manga sometime it's good :)

Impa by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time manga by: Akira Himekawa
USA verison by: vizkids
10 commentsAmy122
IM_A0029.JPGOracle Zelda117 viewsI wonder...could this perhaps be the garb Zelda wears between her younger and older stages we see in OoT if she had never become Shiek?1 commentszeldaiskoollink
IM_A0050.JPGYoung Zelda104 views*sigh* The innocence of youth...o wait...she has visions of the destruction of Hyrule, then dresses as a Shiekah...well, maybe this is before all that.zeldaiskoollink
invert.JPGInverted Shiek609 viewsI needed to upload something, so i got a picture of Sheik and made it look cool.17 commentsIronKnuckle
Knife.PNGShiek's Knife88 viewsHere it is finally, her knife. I know there's a lot of fights on the internet about her gender, BUT. Sakurai said 'her' so it's official that Sheik is a female. ONE, I'm sick of the fights over her gender, and SECOND. She may look male, but her voice in BOTH Melee and Brawl gives it out that she's a female. Anyway, I might try to do more details to the hilt and extend the blade more.

Shiek's Knife by: Nintendo
Zelda by: Shigeru Miyamoto
lilzeldawolder.jpgZeldas547 viewsUmmmm...well...I couldn't think of the setting for this pic, still looks cool. Credit to Nintendo for the official art. The eyes were kinda hard, on older Zelda and Shiek (did I do ok?) but other than The work of Fireworks (good program, but not as good as photoshop).17 commentsdudeofrandomness
MedliDrawingColourYAY.jpgMedli Hovering125 viewsI realised that I havn't done any WW art (except for my Handcopy of Medli that i did aaaaaaaaggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss ago) wich is silly, cause i'm a huge MedliXKomali fan, so rlly i should have done some pics of them....

ANyway moving on. I was in a bit of a state, 'cus I was bored of drawing Gerudo and I aske my aunt to pic a name from a list (it was a list of species in LoZ) originally she picked gerudo, then picked shiekah.... But i complained i couldn't draw them, so she picked Rito. And who's everyones faveourite Rito???? No, not Quill.... No not Komali either.... Medli.

So this is her all grown up!!! I was gonna draw Komali, but couldn't be bothered.

So here she is, hovering in the wind...

Drawn in Pencil
Coloured in Photoshop Elements
5 commentsFaerieEpona
sayuri_zelda-shiek.jpgzelda/shiek465 viewsdone in a boring night XD8 commentsShinigami_Gtc
Sheik.jpgShiek142 viewsAlways wanted to do a piece on Shiek, zelda's alterguyego.
who always seemed to me, to be a ninja.
5 commentsFyrborn
sheik_1024x768.jpgMusic Shiek796 viewsPaper by Melora and Madlinx, featuring official art of Shiek. If you use this elsewhere on the web, please give credit and leave the information and credit on the paper intact. -ThanksMelora
sheik_1280x1024.jpgMusic Shiek248 viewsPaper by Melora and Madlinx, featuring official art of Shiek. If you use this elsewhere on the web, please give credit and leave the information and credit on the paper intact. -ThanksMelora
sheik_800x600.jpgMusic Shiek210 viewsPaper by Melora and Madlinx, featuring official art of Shiek. If you use this elsewhere on the web, please give credit and leave the information and credit on the paper intact. -ThanksMelora
Sheik_Drawing.pngShiek244 viewsShiek is soooooo cool! He/She is very mysterious which adds to his/her coolness! Srry about the (he/she, his/her) I didn't know which one to put...I beat the game, I just got confused.@_@10 commentsPrincess of Twilight
shiek.jpgSheik463 viewsThis is a major redesgn. I am a follower or the Sheik= zelda in magical disquise theroy, not the sheik = sex change theroy. So I started to create ways that zelda could hide her rather curvious features. Sheik is a very mysterious figure, so when I think mystery, I think of a shadowy apperance, a look that you cant tell if the person is good or evil at first glance. And so I drapped shiek in torn, dirty rags, and a cloak. I also gave sheik the apperance that she is fading into the air, and because the sheikia are called the shadow people, it seems to suit them well. Not only do the garmets confuse you on the gender, and make her mysterious, if you think about how she would move, and fight in battle, the wrappings would swing out, almost like wings when she uses her acrobatic movements, confusing eneimes by limiting thier sight of her body movements. Her armory consist of a long pale knife, smaller combat knifes, and numerous needle knifes, for throwing ( most likely poisioned tipped). Also on her right thigh, the handle of a whip can be seen. If you see this, please comment if you approve of the changes.6 commentsBraxis
shiek.JPGshiek as a girl148 viewsthis is what i think shiek would look like as a girl. did this dec '04. this is my first drawing EVER out of any topic. lol. i think it turned out pretty good, cept now that i look back on it, i coulda done a better job on her hair. i know irs hard to see the colors, but her hair has a slightly red tinge to white. and why are my skeches coming out so small? sorry about that guys, i mean, they look big before i upload them....
2 commentsladykatey
Shiek.JPGShiek266 viewsOkay, I kinda borrowed the cloak idea from Braxis, but i'm giving him credit for the idea, so I'm sure he won't mind too much. As you can see, she (or he, whichever you prefer) carries her (his) smash bros whip and throwing spikes. 3 commentsjiminycricketX
shiek.JPGShiek154 viewsMiss Fearsome Pirate
shiek.jpgI can see you shiek version98 viewsI really needed to let my creativity out so just did thid. This is basically 'I can see you', except I've changed it so its shiek. The colouring is pretty bad, but at least i managed to get my imagination out somehow. FaerieEpona
shiek.jpgshiek53 viewscharcter design for a male version of shiek1 commentsdarklinkbeta200
United.jpgUnited256 viewsAnother fanfic pic. I made up a band called United. They are way famous and a few of them end up sages. I used names fron the games and the mangas. Cermia(Front) is the singer, Mikau is the Zora, Rooro is the Rito, and Shiek(the drummer in the back) is, well, a Sheikah.4 commentsLinkFan
Vaati.jpgVaati222 viewsThis is just a quick skatch of what Vaati looks like in my fan fic. In my fan fic, Vaati is a shiekah sorrceror.4 commentsbounty hunter
wisdom_and_courage.JPGWisdom and Courage344 viewsIts been a long time since i did any zelda stuff. I drew this in class yesterday quite randomly and its kinda inspired me to do some more. I'll get those online soon. Hope you like it.2 commentsBraxis
Yami_Drawing.pngYami- Princess of the Shiekah284 views Yami is a character in my Fan-fic. She is a princess, and decendant of the Skiekah. Yami was created as a love interest for Vio. (Because Link has Zelda, and Blue has Tetra( Tetra is Zelda's SISTER in my fic!) Yami may look small and weak, but she knows how to use a sword!
P.S. Nami means darkness in Japanese.(I think that's what it said online)
Yami (c) Princess of Twilight
Art (c) Princess of Twilight
7 commentsPrincess of Twilight
z05newChars.jpgZ'05 new character!?752 viewsSo I was looking for better quality scans of the new screens for Z'05 and what do I happen across but new official art! The one of Link isn't new, but look at Zelda HOLDING A SWORD! What's up with that? And then there's that other guy, he looked like the bad-guy, but his skin color is too light to be Ganondorf...then again...if you look closely right under link's hat tip on that guy's cloak is a Sheikah symbol. Yeah. Fireworks for work, Zelda Universe for the source of official art. (and of course I had to add in the sun and moon from the screenshots).23 commentsdudeofrandomness
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